Where to stay in Havana

Havana, Cuba downtown skyline.

Havana is Cuba’s largest city and with U.S. restrictions on travel loosening up, it’s becoming more popular each day. Until 2016, Americans were largely restricted from visiting Cuba, and a lack of American imported products meant Cuba remained somewhat frozen in time. Most notably, seeing and renting vintage vehicles was a popular activity in Havana. While U.S. laws have been fluctuating recently, citizens of other countries have been enjoying travel to Cuba for years.

Havana is most likely where you will enter and leave the country, and you will want to spend a few days there before exploring the rest of the country. In addition to a growing number of hotels available, a popular way to stay in Cuba is to stay in a “casa particular” or a private home.  you’re planning a visit to Cuba’s capital, we’ve got some tips on where to stay in Havana.

We will cover off all types of Havana accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Havana hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Havana 2023, the best Havana hotels, best places in Havana to visit, the best places to stay in Havana, hotels near Havana attractions, Havana neighborhood guide and many more.

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Habana Vieja (Old Havana) – Where to stay in Havana for tourists

Habana Vieja, or Old Havana, is the historic heart of the city. The central location makes this a great place to stay in Havana, however bars and restaurants close down earlier than other areas of the city, so Cuban tourists looking for nightlife may want to stay elsewhere. Whether or not you stay in Habana Vieja, you will likely spend a lot of time here, as many of the most interesting attractions in Havana are found in this neighborhood. Habana Vieja contains four main plazas, or squares, surrounded by colonial streets, historic churches, shops, restaurants and museums. Definitely plan at least one evening of eating, drinking and people watching in Plaza Vieja.

Best Places to Stay in Habana Vieja

Cheapest Hostels in Habana Vieja:
Hostel Casa de Ania
Casa Particular de la Dra Flora Roca

Budget Hotels in Habana Vieja:
Hotel Plaza
Hotel Deauville
Sercotel Lido
Hotel Saint John’s

Mid-Range Hotels in Habana Vieja:
Habana Riviera by Iberostar
NH Capri La Habana
Hotel Mercure Sevilla Havane
Casa Vana Cuba

Family Friendly Hotels in Habana Vieja:
Hotel Sercotel Paseo Habana
NH Collection Victoria La Habana
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Iberostar Parque Central

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Habana Vieja:
Saratoga Hotel
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Melia Cohiba

 Havana, Cuba on . - View of the Placa Vieja in the historic center of Havana, Cuba.

Vedado – Where to stay in Havana for nightlife

Vedado is a more upscale neighborhood of Havana, with many guesthouses and hotels to choose from. If you are into culture and/or nightlife, Vedado is a great choice for your trip to Havana. Vedado was once full of stately mansions, many of which have been transformed into chic restaurants, nightclubs, and even hotels. There’s also an interesting gangster history in Vedado, as several U.S. mobsters ran casinos here in the 1950’s, when Cuba was a popular escape for Hollywood’s elite. If you just need a quiet place to retreat to after a day of touring Havana’s sights, you’ll love the leafy tree-lined streets of Vedado.

Best Places to Stay in Vedado

Cheapest Hostels in Vedado:
Hostal Licet y Pepe
Casa El Mirador
Hostal La Lupe

Budget Hotels in Vedado:
Chateau Miramar by Be Live
Be Live Havana City Copacabana

Mid-Range Hotels in Vedado:
Hotel Roc Presidente
Tryp Habana Libre
Hotel Neptuno-Triton

Family Friendly Hotels in Vedado:
NH Capri La Habana
NH Collection Victoria La Habana
Four Points by Sheraton Havana

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Vedado:
Melia Habana
Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Cristobal colon catholic cemetery chapel, with road and alley in the foreground, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Miramar – Where to stay in Havana with family

For a quieter, more residential experience than the previous three neighborhoods, consider Miramar. Connected to Havana by the Malecon, Miramar has a lovely seafront. As tourism to Cuba increases, Miramar is growing as an alternative to Vedado, with upscale clubs and restaurants expanding out of the main downtown area. Miramar is also home to some of the modern business development, with office towers and upscale hotels and resorts being built in the area. Not coincidentally, Miramar is also a neighborhood where you will find most expat populations, and the different cultures that come along with that.

Best Places to Stay in Miramar

Budget Hotels in Miramar:
Casa Guevara Alba B&B
Villa Florez

Mid-Range Hotels in Miramar:
Habana Riviera by Iberostar
Oleo Habana
Hotel Palco

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Miramar:
Boutique Vedado 5TAY8
Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel
Melia Habana

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Where to Stay in Havana
Where to Stay in Havana
Where to Stay in Havana

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