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This mega city of over seven million residents is a global hub for finance, trade, culture, and cuisine.

Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when it was turned back over to Chinese rule, although it remains an independent entity from the rest of China.

Major attractions include the Big Buddha statue, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Victoria Peak. Luxury hotels serve high tea, while street food stalls serve up tantalizing treats at all hours. 


Currency: Hong Kong dollar can be withdrawn from ATMs throughout Hong Kong, however keep in mind that smaller cities or towns may not have access to ATMs and its recommended to withdraw cash and take it with you.

Power Points: Most power points are the same as the UK power points (3 prongs). Obviously I would recommend you take a Travel Adapter.

Official Language: Chinese and English are both official languages of Hong Kong.

Health: There are a number of health concerns in Hong Kong for travellers such as air pollution, mosquito-borne illnesses (dengue and zika), hand, foot and mouth disease and avian influenza. I would recommend that you contact your doctor a few weeks before you travel as in some cases you need to start any medication a few days before your trip or you may need to get a vaccination.

Drinking Tap Water: The tap water is generally safe to drink in Hong Kong.

Visa: Most countries don’t require a visa for short stays, to visit Hong Kong.

Popular foods:
– Dim Sum (steamed dumplings wrapped in a thin, translucent skin).
– Fish Balls (classic Hong Kong snack, these are balls are made with fish meat).
– Egg Waffles (crispy exterior and soft, sweet sponge inside. Egg shaped waffles).
– Milk Tea (Ceylon black tea and evaporated or condensed milk).

When to go: The months of October through December are the ideal times to visit Hong Kong. This time of year is known for its mild temperatures and affordable hotels. Despite the colder weather, tourist increases dramatically after New Year’s, which increases accommodation costs and crowds.

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