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Located in East Africa between Kenya and Mozambique, Tanzania has been luring travelers for decades.

Kilimanjaro National Park is home to the continent’s largest peak, which draws about 30,000 hikers each year.

The Serengeti is another famous destination in Tanzania, and wildlife safaris are extremely popular throughout the country. Tanzania also includes the off-shore island of Zanzibar. 


Currency: Tanzanian shilling can be withdrawn from ATMs throughout Tanzania, however keep in mind that smaller cities or towns may not have access to ATMs and its recommended to withdraw cash and take it with you.

Power Points: Tanzania generally uses a standard three pronged UK plug. I would recommend you take a Travel Adapter.

Official Language: The official languages of Tanzania is Swahili and English.

Health: There are a number major health concerns in Tanzania for travellers. I would recommend that you contact your doctor a few weeks before you travel as in some cases you need to start any medication a few days before your trip or you may need to get a vaccination.

Drinking Tap Water: The tap water is generally not safe to drink, its recommended to have bottled water only.

Visa: You need a visa to enter Tanzania. Tanzania has introduced an online visa application form that must be submitted and approved online ahead of travel. It is also possible to get some single-entry visas on arrival in Tanzania at the main points of entry if you meet all the requirements for entry.

Popular foods:
Ugali (Soup with veggies, beans and fish).
Wali wa Nazi (rice dish cooked in coconut milk and water).
Sukuma Wiki (collared greens with spices).
Kuku wa Mchuzi (chicken fried with onions and tomatoes).

When to go: The long dry season, which lasts from July through September, is the ideal time to visit Tanzania. The Great Migration, treks, safaris, and Zanzibar beach vacations are all at their best during these months. Of course, this time of year is prime travel time.

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