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Jordan is one of the best destinations in the Middle East. It has managed to avoid much of the conflict of the surrounding nations, and is best known for the ancient ruins of Petra, as well as the Wadi Rum desert preserve.

The capital city of Amman is rich with culture and cuisine, while Beouin nomads roam the countryside, very much unchanged by modern technology. 


Currency: Jordanian dinar can be withdrawn from ATMs throughout Jordan, however keep in mind that smaller cities or towns may not have access to ATMs and its recommended to withdraw cash and take it with you.

Power Points: There are a number of different types of plugs used in Jordan, I would recommend you take a Travel Adapter.

Official Language: The official language of Jordan is Arabic.

Health: There are a number or waterborne, foodborne, insect-borne and other infectious diseases as well as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Jordan for travellers. I would recommend that you contact your doctor a few weeks before you travel as in some cases you need to start any medication a few days before your trip or you may need to get a vaccination.

Drinking Tap Water: The tap water is generally safe to drink, however, it’s recommended to stick to bottled water just in case.

Visa: You need a visa to visit Jordan. Entry and exit conditions can change at short notice. You should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Jordan for the latest details.
You must register online before you travel to Jordan on the Gateway2Jordan.

Popular foods:
Mansaf (tender meat layered with paper-thin flatbread and rice).
Falafel (spiced, ground chickpeas; enjoyed as street food).
Kunafa (popular dessert of pastry threads tops tangy cheese or cream).
Zaarb (marinated meat mixed with chunks of vegetables).

When to go: Jordan is more enjoyable to explore in the spring (March to May) or the fall (September to November). Since the weather is more agreeable, you may visit famous locations like Petra or the Wadi Rum without getting burned by the sun.

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