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My name’s Samantha (Sam), I’ve been travelling since I was a little girl and I am not a normal travel blogger! I didn’t wake up one day having caught the “travel bug” (it has always been in my blood), start blogging and quit my job. I still have a full time job in finance, with a mortgage, bills and responsibilities but still have a huge passion for travel and helping others. I write about how to travel for the part time or casual traveler and how to travel in luxury without breaking the bank (or taking out a loan!).

My aim is to give detailed accounts of my travels in order to help you (the reader) plan your travels. I will provide tips, suggestions and guides where I can. In the end I want this to be about YOU the reader not me the traveler.

Travelling King is no longer just about travel. As life evolves so does this blog, it’s all about travel, food, luxury, fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

A few quick silly facts about me!

  1. I used to shut my feet and hands in doors as a kid; apparently I haven’t grown out of it as I recently slammed my foot in the door and had a large nasty bruise for weeks…
  2. Salt and vinegar chips are my life! (and wine of course!)
  3. Once I tried to dress my cat up in a little t-shirt, he didn’t appreciate it, he tried “acting dead” in the hopes that I will take it off and go away…yes, I’m also a crazy cat lady (minus the throwing of cats)!
  4. I love everything Pink, which is strange because I used to hate everything colourful!
  5. I was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and moved to Adelaide Australia in 2000. I don’t speak a different language, although I wish I did because everyone always says “say a word in Zimbabwean”… which firstly it’s actually called “Ndebele” pronounced as “In-da-bell-e” and secondly I can say one word: “In-ja” it means dog, not many people are that impressed, I can’t say I blame them.
  6. I love swimming and generally being in the water! In saying that I’m terrified of the ocean, well not the ocean itself but I am convinced if I go in deeper than my knees, sharks will attack me and I refuse to be eaten alive. This fear is probably given from living in Australia where we have a lot of sharks (apparently).
  7. I sleep talk all the time! Once I said “there is a hole in the wall and the public are getting in!”. This is apparently very entertaining for my past and current partners.
  8. I’m a bit of a princess (understatement!); I love luxury travel and expensive champagne. I prefer comfort and luxury hotels over backpacking and hostels.

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