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Hello! I’m Samantha (Sam), one of the many passionate and experienced voices behind Travelling King. I have travelled extensively during my life, exploring a bunch countries and living in a few different continents. I have the most amazing team of humans who help me run Travelling King, from my main tech man to the amazing writers who help fill in content gaps and provide their own experiences and my amazing voice over artists!

Travelling King started as a hobby in 2012 to record my travels, sort of like an online scrap book. All of a sudden, I started getting people reading my articles and emailing me asking questions. This was the point where I started looking into what blogging was all about.

Travel has always been in my blood, I was always hopping on a plane to see family as a child while living in Zimbabwe and the urge to keep travelling grew as I got older.

I did the “adult thing” and got a job as a corporate banker for 7 years, one day I walked into work and I was handed a redundancy package; I’m sure a lot of people can relate to how much that sucks! In a way though, it was the push I needed to try blogging full time, while travelling and living in other countries around the world. I’m forever grateful for that redundancy because I’ve been able to live my life to it’s fullest (corny, I know!!!).

A look Into My Life on a personal level

  • Salt and vinegar chips are my kryptonite and I don’t mind a bit of red wine from time to time – although I don’t drink very much anymore.
  • I’ve transitioned from loving everything black to embracing all things pink – although, I still mostly wear a lot of black or dark blue.
  • I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe but raised in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve also lived in England, Canada and the USA; each for a few months to a year at a time, exploring the different cities as I went.
  • I love swimming but only in pools, growing up in Australia, I have a very healthy fear of Sharks! They can attack in knee high water!!! If I can’t see the bottom, I’m not getting in (haha!)
  • I personally prefer luxury travel over backpacking. I’m sure the backpackers would be grateful, I snore like a train.
  • I have both ADHD and PTSD, which sometimes make travelling challenging. ADHD can make focusing hard most of the time and the PTSD element comes with a lot of anxiety and unrealistic fears.

Professional Development and Recognition

I try to continuously add to my expertise through workshops and conferences like Tbex and Problogger, staying up to date of the latest travel trends. My blog has gained some recognition:

While my life revolves around travel, I’m also an imperfect human with real life issues. I’ve also been featured in the Daily Mail UK, Mirror UK, Cosmopolitan UK & Refinery29, talking about important life issues. They aren’t necessarily related to travel, however, I have 35 years of life experience. I’ve always been someone that will stand up and talk for people who are too shy or too scared to speak or share their issues/experiences. At the end of the day, life is full of different challenges, phobias and, stresses. If putting myself out to share an uncomfortable story, helps to make one person feel like they aren’t alone in their experience I’m all for it!

Partnerships and Press Trips

Travelling King as a brand, has collaborated with plenty of cool brands like Singapore Airlines, Shangri-La hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Palazzo Versace, Canon, Nikon, and many more over the years. I have had plenty of successful partnerships with tourism boards, including repeated invitations from Japan Tourism, which shows my ability to deliver exceptional content and build lasting relationships. I always try to go above and beyond for anyone who takes a chance on working with me because being a blogger is usually looked down upon, comapred to our counterparts; professional journalists.

Community Engagement

I try my best to dedicate a little bit of time everyday to engage in travel communities on Facebook, Reddit, and Quora. I always offer advice and support on what I’ve learned with blogging and of course offering travel tips and suggestions. The hard work of the team at Travelling King, has placed a number of articles on Google’s first page, reflecting over a decade of travel experiences.

Ethical and Transparent Approach

Sponsorships and partnerships are clearly disclosed in articles, I pride myself on being open, honest and always disclosing. I provide honest reviews, acknowledging that constructive feedback benefits both readers and brands – I do not and will not ever promote products that myself or my team haven’t personally used and tested. Affiliate links are used throughout Travelling King, to support the blog and “keep the lights on”, while offering free travel guides and tips, at absolutely no cost to our readers.

Diverse and Updated Content

At Travelling King, the team works together to make sure to make content is regularly updated to ensure the latest travel trends and advice are available and up to date. Although, please keep in mind, we have over 1,500 articles so these updates can take time, if you ever have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The amazing team at Travelling King, cover a wide range of travel styles and budgets, from budget-friendly to luxury travel and covering family-friendly, eco-friendly, and accessibility-focused travel needs. We do our best to promote ethical experiences and try to help people learn from our experiences and mistakes, after all no one is perfect.

Our content is original and written by humans, we do our best to avoid using any fully AI generated content and provide our readers with real life experiences and information they can actually use (because we have done it!).

Accessible and Personalized Advice

If you ever have any questions, I’m always reachable for travel advice through this website and social media accounts. While I don’t provide personalised itineraries (as there is a dedicated and well researched section of itineraries), I’m dedicated to answering your questions and guiding you to relevant resources. The contact page and social media inbox is always open to my readers.

What Makes Travelling King Unique

Travelling King caters to the part-time or casual traveller looking for experiences without a hefty price tag. My main goal is to help you make the most of your limited vacation time, offering cost-effective yet somewhat luxurious travel options. The experiences mentioned in articles on Travelling King have been experienced by Sam or one of the amazing team members.

Travelling King aims to provide personal recommendations through some storytelling but mainly focusing on informational articles. I’m sure most people aren’t that interested in how much butter I put on my croissants while I was in Paris.

Navigating Travelling King

I have worked hard to make Travelling king as user-friendly as possible, with the Destinations tab categorising each country and city, leading to relevant articles and tips. This website is dedicated to simplifying your travel planning. If there is something we can do better or to make it more user-friendly, please get in touch! 🙂

Partnering and Advertising

For collaboration or advertising inquiries, visit our Partner With Us page.