Meet the Travelling King Team!

Welcome to Travelling King, a leading destination for insightful and reliable travel advice, crafted by a team of skilled and passionate travel experts.

Initially founded as a solo venture, Travelling King has evolved into a thriving collective of experienced travelers and experts. Our diverse team, who come from various corners of the globe, brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to every piece of content we create.

Our expertise spans an impressive array of travel niches. Whether you’re seeking deep cultural immersion, breathtaking natural landscapes, luxurious getaways, or budget-friendly adventures, or a solo trip, we have you covered. Our team’s dedication to providing comprehensive and authentic travel information ensures that your next journey will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

At Travelling King, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, accuracy, and the pursuit of travel excellence. Our goal is to inspire and assist you in crafting unforgettable travel experiences, backed by expert knowledge and a genuine love for exploration.


Samantha King

Sam, with her extensive global experience, is a recognized authority in the travel industry. She has lived on four continents and visited over 49 countries, infusing her insights with a blend of curiosity and adventure.

Her blog, Travelling King, reflects over a decade of expertise in travel planning. It has become a go-to resource for thousands, offering tailor-made itineraries, tour and hotel guides, and more, ensuring travelers enjoy seamless and enriching experiences.

Known for her engaging and insightful approach, Sam has become a leading figure in global travel circles. While she relishes her global adventures, she cherishes returning to her home in Adelaide and spending time with her dog, Odin.

Sam is an travel expert in:

  • Luxury Travel: Providing upscale travel experiences.
  • Fast Travel: Maximizing experiences in minimal time.
  • Hotels and Destination Guides: Offering detailed insights on accommodations and locales.
  • Odin: Sharing the joy of travel with her beloved dog.

Angelica Peralta

Angelica is a dynamic and inspiring travel expert who, at the age of 22, left her corporate career in the legal field to follow her passion for travel and writing. Her journey from a legal professional to a successful full-time writer and digital nomad stands as a testament to her determination and skill.

She is dedicated to demonstrating that a sustainable travel lifestyle is attainable, regardless of obstacles. Angelica’s travels have taken her extensively through Asia and Europe, where she immerses herself in local cultures and experiences.

With a commitment to sustainable travel, Angelica shares her knowledge of exceptional tours through her writing, aiming to inspire others to pursue their own travel dreams. Her insights offer valuable guidance for those looking to explore the world in a responsible and enriching way.

Angelica is an travel expert in:

  • Digital Nomad Travel: Embracing and managing a traveling lifestyle while working remotely.
  • Itineraries: Crafting detailed and engaging travel plans.
  • Best Tour Guides: Selecting and evaluating the finest tour guides.
  • Asia, The Americas, and Europe: Providing in-depth travel knowledge and tips for these regions.
  • Sustainable Travel: Guides on how to travel sustainably


Alice, hailing from the scenic countryside of Derbyshire, is a versatile and adventurous travel expert who seamlessly blends her career as a freelance marketing consultant with her passion for global exploration. Her travels have taken her far and wide, seeking out the world’s hidden treasures, with recent trips to Singapore, Croatia, Thailand, and Bulgaria.

Balancing a busy career in marketing, Alice skilfully finds time for luxurious getaways with her partner, immersing herself in diverse cultures, sightseeing, and culinary delights. Her unique writing style and proactive approach offer readers an engaging and insightful perspective into the world of travel.

Alice is an travel expert in:

  • Luxury Travel: Experiencing the world’s finest and most exclusive destinations.
  • Couples Travel: Crafting romantic and memorable travel experiences for couples.
  • Itineraries: Developing detailed and engaging travel plans.
  • Tour Guides & Beach Guides: Offering expert advice on selecting the best tour experiences and beach destinations.

Amanda Finn (She/They)

Amanda from Chicago has always loved travel. Since they learned to walk, they’ve been looking for adventure from the stage to faraway scenes from storybooks. So far, they have been to 20 countries and 27 states. Anytime someone asks them what destinations are on their bucket list, Amanda says, “there isn’t really a place on Earth I wouldn’t love to see one day.” Suffice it to say Amanda doesn’t really do bucket lists.

They have been professional arts, travel, and lifestyle journalist for a decade. Their work has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, Ms. Magazine, Yahoo, Best Life, Explore, ViaTravelers, the Chicago Reader, and American Theatre Magazine. Some of their favorite places so far include the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, and Nevis.

Although Amanda frequently travels to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, they are still a child at heart. One of their favorite things to do is visit Disney Parks around the world. So far, they have been to Disneyland, Disney World (they’re an Annual Passholder), Disneyland Hong Kong, and Disneyland Paris.

Amanda is a travel expert in:

  • LGBTQIA+ Travel: Helping the community feel safe and validated.
  • Theme Parks: Providing guidance for the best vacation ever.
  • Itineraries: Giving a focused look at what makes a place special.
  • Traveling with Pets: Lending insight into the complicated world of pet-friendly travel thanks to their best pal, Puggsley.
  • Purposeful Travel: Guiding travelers into traveling with purpose and not just for clout.

Cait Kontalis

Cait is a Chicago-based Greek-American but spends most of her year floating around the globe. She holds a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Nonprofit Management. 

Her favorite destinations include visiting her homeland in Greece, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and wherever her partner is stationed abroad. Cait is also a powderhound, taking to ski slopes in the Rocky Mountains and throughout the U.S.

Cait is a travel expert in:

  • Ski Trips: Where to go and what to do in the world’s best ski destinations.
  • Greece travel: Going beyond the Greek Islands from a Greek-American perspective.
  • Central Europe Travel: A semi-local perspective that provides tips for exploring Central Europe.
  • Outdoor Adventure: The best spots for mountain climbing, hiking, and winter sports.

Catherine Divaris (Voice Over extraordinaire)

Catherine Divaris has over 15 years in the radio/voice over industry and has lent her voice to a variety of projects including commercials, e-learning, animated characters and YouTube videos. 

She absolutely loves finding beautiful places to vacation where she can sit absolutely still and enjoy the view. 

Catherine has offered her voice as “sacrifice” for our YouTube videos. Here are a few videos she has helped with:

Chris (The Tech Genius!)

Chris is a dedicated and knowledgeable SEO expert, whose passion for travel and technology has shaped his professional path. Fifteen years ago, he embarked on a life-changing backpacking adventure across Europe, a journey that eventually led him to settle in the sunny climes of Western Australia.

His love for the beach is matched by his enthusiasm for experiencing travel through the blogs of his clients, whom he assists with his tech expertise. Chris has skilfully transformed his blogging passion into a thriving tech-support business, specializing in aiding fellow bloggers in creating valuable websites and reaching their digital aspirations.

An advocate for exploration and discovery, Chris encourages everyone to seize opportunities to travel, emphasizing the enriching and transformative power of such experiences.

Chris’s expertise encompasses a comprehensive package of services for bloggers, including:

  • Detailed SEO guidance to maximize online visibility and reach.
  • Personalized training to equip bloggers with essential skills.
  • Day-to-day support for WordPress, ensuring smooth website operations.
  • Custom website development tailored to individual blogging needs.

Past Team Members:

Genevieve Horchler (Gen)

Genevieve is a spirited and intrepid traveler, combining her expertise in travel marketing with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Her journey, which began in the United States and led her to Italy and then London, is characterized by a blend of professional growth and personal exploration.

Her travels are marked by a preference for adventure over comfort, whether it’s hitting the open road with friends or enjoying romantic journeys across Europe with her partner. Her experiences are richly varied, from a solo 5-month exploration in South America to unforgettable trips like trekking to Machu Picchu and sailing on a catamaran through Cartagena and Panama City.

Genevieve’s adventures epitomize the essence of a true explorer, and her dedication to experiencing the depth of each culture she encounters makes her insights uniquely valuable.

Genevieve is an travel expert in:

  • Couples Travel: Sharing journeys that deepen bonds and create memories.
  • Europe and The UK: Offering in-depth knowledge and travel tips for these regions.
  • The Americas: Providing insights into diverse cultures and destinations.
  • Hiking and Outdoorsy Travel: Emphasizing active, nature-focused adventures.
  • Experiential Travel: Crafting journeys that are rich in cultural immersion and unique experiences.

Christina Germano Danczuk

Christina is a vibrant and worldly traveler whose passion for adventure takes her from the busy streets of New York City to the charming piazzas of Italy, where she sips in her favorite limoncello spritz.

With an impressive tally of 30 countries explored across the US, Europe, and Canada, Christina’s journey is marked by her rich background in journalism and corporate communication, augmented by a three-year residence in Germany.

In addition to her globetrotting adventures, Christina is a devoted wife and mother, cherishing the joys of parenthood with her beautiful baby. Despite the demands of motherhood, she ensures to carve out time for romantic trips with her husband, celebrating the joys of life’s little moments.

Beyond her travels, Christina has a love for home-baking and Pilates, adding layers of culinary and wellness pursuits to her dynamic lifestyle. Her boundless enthusiasm permeates every aspect of her life, making her experiences deeply engaging and relatable.

Christina is an travel expert in:

  • Family Travel: Navigating the world with little ones in tow.
  • Couples Travel: Crafting romantic and memorable getaways.
  • Travel in The Americas and Europe: Offering rich insights and tips for these regions.
  • Limoncello: Embracing the joy of Italy’s famed citrusy delight in her travels.

Ayla Stobie

Ayla is an intrepid and curious freelance writer and fiber artist, whose global travels reflect her adventurous spirit and a deep-seated love for exploration. Originally from Australia, she has not only traversed three states within her home country but also embarked on extensive journeys across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Her boundless enthusiasm for discovery shines through in her appreciation of local architecture, culinary explorations of exotic dishes, and a heartfelt connection with the animals she meets along the way, particularly the street cats and dogs that capture her affection during her travels.

Currently based in Southeast Asia, splitting her time between Thailand and Cambodia, Ayla has found a balance between her nomadic inclinations and a settled lifestyle. Her creative energy and open-minded approach to life keep her constantly on the lookout for new destinations to explore.

Ayla is an travel expert in:

  • Solo Travel: Navigating and enjoying the journey as an individual explorer.
  • Budget Travel: Maximizing experiences while managing travel costs effectively.
  • Asia, Europe, and the Americas: Offering in-depth knowledge and tips for these regions.
  • Animal-Friendly Travel: Sharing experiences and advice for interacting with furry friends across the globe.

Katherine Barker (katie) – Content Manager

Katie is a vivacious and spirited travel expert, combining her talents in photography with a boundless enthusiasm for exploration. Her diverse experiences, living in places like Cape Town and traveling across continents, have enriched her perspective, making her an authentic voice in travel and lifestyle blogging.

Her life is a vibrant mix of adventures, from swimming in oceans to developing websites, writing engaging blogs, and crafting social media strategies. Katie is not only passionate about discovering the world herself but also keen on inspiring and assisting others to explore its wonders.

Katie has lived across several countries, including South Africa, Grand Cayman, Zanzibar, Portugal, Italy, Panama, Thailand, the USA, Mexico, and the UK, each adding to her expansive understanding of global cultures.

Katies is an travel expert in:

  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Navigating and thriving in a nomadic working life.
  • Travelling Off the Beaten Track: Exploring less-trodden paths for unique experiences.
  • Budget Travel: Providing tips for affordable yet enriching travel.
  • Travel Planning: Crafting detailed itineraries for diverse destinations.
  • Solo Female Travel: Offering advice and insights for women traveling alone.
  • And much more, reflecting her wide-ranging experiences and knowledge in travel.