Travelling King began as a one-woman show, but as it has developed into a massive website of travel advice, I have had to grow and add to the team!

We are able to cover a wide range of locations because everyone on the team is from a different part of the world.

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing group of people who work with Travelling King to bring you the most incredible advice on travel from all over the world!


Hey I’m Sam! I’ve been travelling since I was a kid and have lived on 4 different continents – exploring over 49 countries in the process. Even as a full-time traveller, nothing beats being at home in Adelaide.

I originally started Travelling King as a personal journal, and soon enough I had readers asking me for travel advice. This was a little over ten years ago, and today we assist thousands of visitors with their own travels, every day!


I’m Angelica! At 22, I quit my corporate job in the legal world to follow my passion – travelling and writing. Today, I am a full-time writer (and digital nomad!) who aims to share with you how it is possible to create a sustainable travel lifestyle, no matter what the odds are! Although I’ve travelled over the world, Asia is where my heart truly belongs.


Just your everyday, passionate photographer, with a love for film and an extensive travel history that borders on ridiculous. This brought upon my appreciation for writing travel and lifestyle blogs, that once upon a time helped me get to where I am today.

Originally from Cape Town, I have lived and experienced beautiful places all around the world and don’t plan on stopping now.

If you can’t find me outside – especially in the ocean – I will be developing websites, writing blogs, creating social media plans and working on my own businesses. I love inspiring and helping others, through my experiences and personal knowledge, about the world and everything it has to offer.


Hi my name is Alice, I am a Freelance Marketing Consultant based in the picturesque countryside of Derbyshire, UK.

One of my creative talents and passions is writing content for Travelling King. I love researching and writing about travel and the hidden gems that can be explored around the world.

I have an extensive list of countries that I would love to visit including Italy, South Africa and Japan. I have recently visited Singapore, Croatia, Thailand and Bulgaria. My partner and I indulge in luxurious couples trip that are packed full of adventures, culture and food!


I’m Ayla, a freelance writer and fibre artist. Originally from Australia, I have lived all over the country in 3 different states but am now based in Southeast Asia, often jumping between Thailand and Cambodia! I love exploring new cultures, admiring local architecture, eating new foods, and of course, petting all of the street cats and dogs along the way.


Christina Germano Danczuk is an avid traveler, Pilates lover, and amateur home baker/chef living just outside of New York City. But mentally, she’s always in a piazza in Italy, sipping on a limoncello spritz. Christina has a background in journalism and corporate communications. She lived in Germany for three years and has visited nearly 30 countries. 


Genevieve is a passionate writer who lives and breathes all things adventure! After growing up and finishing college in the USA, she moved to Italy and then London, where she spends her weekdays working in travel marketing and her weekends and holidays travelling across Europe.

Most recently, she spent 5 months traveling solo in South America, including unforgettable experiences like visiting Macchu Picchu and spending a week on a catamaran crossing from Cartagena to Panama City.

On her more regular getaways, she can be found travelling with her partner or friends, enjoying the food and culture of new places with her favorite people by her side.

Chris – The Tech Genius!

I got into blogging almost 15 years ago after quitting my IT job and heading off to backpack around Europe and, as all Aussies do, undertake a working holiday in the UK.

I recommend anybody who has the option to live abroad to do it. It is such a rewarding experience that will stay with you forever.

That adventure turned me into a travel blogger, but I soon learned that my skills were better suited to IT work than they were as a writer. So I set up a tech support business aimed at helping bloggers grow their sites into profitable businesses and have never looked back. 

It’s also allowed me to travel vicariously through my client’s blogs now that I’m living the good life in Western Australia by the beach with my fabulous family.