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French Polynesia is comprised of 121 islands and atolls of which 75 were inhabited. The archipelagoes of French Polynesia are the Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, and Tubuai Islands.

The capital, Papeete, is on Tahiti. One of the most famous islands is Bora Bora which is a honeymoon destination (similar to the Maldives).


Currency: French Polynesia uses the CFP franc as their currency which can be withdrawn from ATMs throughout Germany, however keep in mind that smaller cities or towns may not have access to ATMs and its recommended to withdraw cash and take it with you.

Power Points: Depending where you are in French Polynesia, there are different types of poer points/plugs used so I would recommend you take a Travel Adapter.

Official Language: The official language of French Polynesia is Tahitian and English.

Health: There are some health concerns in French Polynesia for travellers, such as Dengue-type epidemics, Leptospirosis as well as other health concerns. I would recommend that you contact your doctor a few weeks before you travel as in some cases you need to start any medication a few days before your trip or you may need to get a vaccination.

Drinking Tap Water: The tap water is generally safe to drink in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora in the resort areas, otherwise I would suggest using bottled water or boiling water before consumption.

Visa: Most countries don’t require a visa for short stays, to visit French Polynesia.

Popular foods:
– Pahua taioro (made of either snails or clams).
– Poulet fafa (Chicken dish with onion, garlic, and ginger).
– Firi firi (Tahitian fried dough infused with coconut milk).
– Poʻe (Tahitian fruit pudding; banana purée mixed with brown sugar and arrowroot).

When to go: The months of May through October are the best times of year to visit French Polynesia. French Polynesia has warm, year-round temperatures, however the winter months are less humid. Typically, the rainy season lasts from November through April. Summer showers, higher temperatures, and typically light rain are characteristics of this season. Budget visitors will benefit from the rainy season because accommodation is less expensive, but the rain may have an impact on your trip.

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