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The Republic of Bulgaria is one of the lesser-visited nations of the Balkan region. Aside from the capital city of Sofia, few Western travelers venture to Bulgaria.

Sofia is an ancient city with roots going back to the 1st century, reflected in many monuments and sights around town. Elsewhere in Bulgaria, you’ll find mountains, lakes, and Black Sea beaches to explore. 


Currency: Bulgarian Lev can be withdrawn from ATMs throughout Bulgaria, however keep in mind that smaller cities or towns may not have access to ATMs and its recommended to withdraw cash and take it with you.

Power Points: Most power points are the same as most other European power points (2 circular prongs). Obviously I would recommend you take a Travel Adapter especially for non Europeans.

Official Language: The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian.

Health: There are number of waterborne, foodborne and other infectious diseases, as well as rabies in Bulgaria mainly in rural areas. I would recommend that you contact your doctor a few weeks before you travel as in some cases you need to start any medication a few days before your trip or you may need to get a vaccination.

Drinking Tap Water: The tap water is generally safe to drink, however, it doesn’t always taste the best so bottled water might be the best options.

Visa: Most countries don’t require a visa for short stays, to visit Bulgaria.

Popular foods:
Banitsa (pastry made by layering a combination of beaten eggs and bits of cheese amongst filo pastry).
Meshana Skara (Mixed grill including kebapche, kyufte, pork steaks and skewers of pork meat).
Sarmi (cabbage or vine leaves stuffed with a tasty mixture of rice, spices and mince).
Tarator (cold soup of fresh cucumbers, walnuts, garlic, Bulgarian yoghurt, dill, herbs and vinegar or lemon).

When to go: Bulgaria should be visited in the spring. April through June are the best months. Due to the temperate and the climate, Bulgaria has both cold and warm winters. The best time to go hiking and visit the Black Sea coastline is in the summer.

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