Content & Affiliate Guidelines

Our writers, editors and everyone involved in Travelling King are always on the look out for what’s new and exciting in the world of travel, from budget to luxury travel, to share with. Our team of content creators takes pride in their work and strives hard to produce unique, practical, and thoroughly researched content that is devoid of conflicts, ethical issues, and misleading information. Below are out content guidelines:

Originality & AI

All content on Travelling King is original and not plagiarised. The writers provide original perspectives when it comes to travel experiences and advice.

Our writers make every effort to provide value by sharing their own personal stories, advice, and views on the destinations the have personally travelled to. The writers on the team do not write AI generated content, we are humans, writing for humans.

Photography used in articles

We have a mix of personal photos, photos from our lovely writers and stock imagery. While personal photos are ideal, they don’t always come out as clear or as high quality as we would like. We aim to show off a destination we write about with high quality images.

Fact Checking & Sourcing

As part of the editorial process, our commitment is to provide accurate and reliable travel information. Writers are required to fact check and verify all information using reputable sources, including official travel sites, expert interviews, and firsthand experiences.

Any statistical information will be sourced from credible research or official statistics and citations provided. All information that is not firsthand experience will be properly sourced (directly from an expert). This includes quotations, data, statistics, and third-party images.

Updating Content

The travel industry is every changing, hotels open and close, destinations change in popularity based on season and so on. Our team regularly reviews and updates content to ensure it remains current and accurate – we aim to review content every 3-6 months. Updates will be noted at the top of the article with the “updated” article date.

Product Reviews & Affiliates

Reviews of products are based on the author’s honest opinion and experience with the actual product. As required by FTC requirements, all sponsored content and relationships will be clearly disclosed. Our intention is to help our readers make informed decisions by offering our honest opinions.

Affiliate disclosures are clear, noticeable and are placed in close proximity of any affiliate links. Affiliate links provide us with a means of support for the operations of our website. We might receive a small commission if you use these affiliate links to make a purchase. I do want to point out that the price you pay for any good or service is not impacted by the commission we receive – I like to describe it like a “referral fee”.

Diversity Pledge

Travelling King is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our content. This includes showcasing a range of cultures, destinations, and travel experiences accessible to all types of travellers. We aim to include diverse voices and perspectives in our articles and imagery. We are committed to amplifying BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices within our writers, content and expert sources.

Corrections & Contact Us

We strive for accuracy but accept and acknowledge that mistakes happen – we are all human’s after all. We encourage you to report any inaccuracies you find in our content via our Contact Us page or via our email below. Corrections will be made promptly and transparently.

  • For corrections, feedback or complaints:
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