The Most Beautiful Architectural Buildings of the World That Are Worth Seeing

Whether you’re an architectural student or are simply interested in some of the most famous buildings with great architecture, you may have a hard time looking for them. With so many examples of fantastic architecture around the world, it is difficult to decide which one is the most amazing. So, call in a favor for homework help and other household chores (someone must be able to give you help with homework, right?), book a ticket, and get ready to see one-of-a-kind buildings.

Taj Mahal

Perhaps one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal is undoubtedly well-known construction in India. This beautiful, white marble building was architecture by Shah Jahan. It was intended to be a tomb for the Mughal emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Seen as a testament to their love, the grounds are splendid. A large reflecting pool leads up to the large, beautifully-rounded dome, with its distinctive spire. Exquisite gardens surround the structure itself, adding to the impressive construction. This is perhaps the most beautiful yet saddest, building in the world.

Camel in front of Taj Mahal in sunset , Agra , India

The Guggenheim

If you’re in New York City, you can’t miss seeing the world-famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum! More colloquially known as the Guggenheim, it is named after its founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim. This house is mostly the representation of modern impressionist art taking inspiration from the sleek appearance of the building itself. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect, the cylindrical construction is distinctive as it grows wider from the base to the top. Easily seen from Fifth Avenue, this isn’t something you want to miss.

Château Frontenac

You wouldn’t expect to find a beautiful castle in Canada, but that’s just what this looks like. Château Frontenac is located in Quebec. Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, it resembles a French château. From the steep roofs to the rounded towers, this beautiful, but imposing, the structure is a must-see for anyone visiting this Canadian province. It’s a hotel, as well, giving you the opportunity to stay in this work of art.

The Colosseum

There’s a good chance you’ve been asked to do a homework assignment, and to write a homework essay, in particular, about this magnificent building. The Colosseum has been drawing in people getting them to pay for the privilege of seeing it for literally thousands of years. Located in what was once the heart of the Roman Empire, this is an excellent example of Roman architecture. Though you might be begging friends to “do my homework for me” at this point to get time to travel. It’s worth it to see the breathtaking edifice. It’s certainly worth whatever money you have to spend for traveling or paying for “my homework help” services.

Colosseum at sunrise, Rome, Italy, Europe. Rome ancient arena of gladiator fights. Rome Colosseum is the best known landmark of Rome and Italy

The Lotus Temple

This relatively new building is one of the most beautiful houses of worship on the globe. Found in Delhi, the capital of India, everyone is welcome regardless of their faith. As its name suggests, the sweeping lines give it the shape of a blooming lotus. This inspired take on the flower is something that everyone should see. The freestanding petals, clad in white marble, bring to mind the old religious houses of India, but with a new twist. It’s awe-inspiring, all-inclusive, and a must-see.

Lincoln Center

Anyone interested in the arts likely recognizes the name, but for those that don’t:  The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, located in New York City, covers just over 16 acres. No one architect designed this masterpiece. Instead, many buildings were designed by many architects. All of which are absolutely worth seeing for their sheer beauty. Showcasing everything from classical orchestras, ballets, and operas, this truly is the United States’ center of performing arts. If you’re in New York, it’s definitely something that you don’t want to miss.

One World Trade Center

Built in memory of the Twin Towers, which fell on September 11, 2001, the new One World Trade Center is more than just a business building or memorial. It stands as an architectural masterpiece. The glass tower rises over Lower Manhattan in a fantastic show of resilience. The slight twist to the traditional tower shape gives it a more interesting appearance, turning it into a real piece of artwork. As with many of the other buildings on this list, it’s in New York, one of the best hubs of architecture in the world.

NEW YORK CITY - Memorial at World Trade Center Ground Zero The memorial was dedicated on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Musée du Louvre

Better known as the Louvre Museum to English speakers, this is probably the most famous museum in the entire world. The home of Mona Lisa, the most distinguishing feature of the museum is the giant glass pyramid stationed at the front center. However, if you want something that is more old-fashioned, but still beautiful, you can find that here, as well. The palace housing the magnificent artworks started life as a fortress in the 12th century. Eventually, it became a royal residence for the French royal family, all the way through the Bourbons. The Renaissance influences are clearly put on display here.

Paris, France - Louvre Paris Museum at night in Paris, France

Architecture can be as beautiful as any other artwork that humans have created. If you’re willing to travel, you can see some of the most inspiring creations ever designed. Spanning the centuries, and even the millennia, this list has some of the best buildings in the world to offer.

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