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Get Paid For Blogging About Your Passion

The beauty of doing freelance work is you can do it from anywhere in the world. With the advancements in technology, you can travel through Europe and still earn an income by blogging about your adventures.

If you want to pursue a career in blogging, the most important step is deciding what topic you are going to blog about. The best way to choose your subject matter is to let your passion be your guide. If you have always had an interest in long haul trucking, you can blog your travels through Europe comparing and contrasting how different the vehicles are abroad as opposed to in America. Researching big rigs for sale, you can describe the differences between the semis depending on what country you’re in and what you want to transport. 

A successful blog is one that focuses on a specific category. You will attract an audience and increase traffic which will, in turn, provide an income. A reader who has an interest in what you are writing about will quickly lose interest if your subject matter isn’t consistent. Whatever topic you choose to write about, make sure that is the focus of your blog. If you decide a subject change is needed, start a new blog, don’t confuse your audience by jumping from subject to subject. 

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Choosing Your Platform

Once you know what you want to write about, you have to decide which platform you want to use to get your work out there. There are a multitude of platforms available to choose from.

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging sites available and the best of it is, it’s free to use. WordPress is a good place to start your blogging for several reasons:

  • It is user-friendly. You don’t have to be an internet genius to get started.
  • They offer user support in case you do find yourself stuck.
  • There are countless templates at your disposal so you can choose a theme or layout that fits the personality of your writing style and/or subject.
  • It’s an interactive platform. Users can respond to what you post and you can get immediate feedback on your work. 
  • You can look like an expert blogger from the start because of the website’s functionality. 


While using a free platform does have plenty of appeal and is a great way to start your blogging career, you don’t usually own the domain (website) so you will face certain limitations. Because you are using a website owned by someone else, if they choose to delete your blog, there is nothing you can do; the owner makes the ultimate decision about the content. Also, there will be limitations about the number of videos and photographs you can upload. If you aren’t worried about losing countless hours of your work or restricted by the content you can upload, then you may be very happy sticking with using a free site.

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Track Activity 

One of the most exciting parts after designing and posting your blog is seeing the activity it generates. The easiest way to do so is by using a free service such as Google Analytics. Once you install Google Analytics on your blog, it begins to store your data. Down the road, you will appreciate that you have data from day 1. It is one of the best ways to track your website traffic. Moreover, seeing people visiting your blog, especially in the beginning, will give you a huge boost in motivation and drive. The best part of using Google Analytics is how user-friendly it is.

Starting your own blog is rewarding in a way you can’t fathom before you do it. The ability to attract an audience based on the merit of your content is unrivaled satisfaction. 

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