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9 of the craziest water slides from around the world!

With temperatures soaring, it’s not surprising that we’re all thinking about ice-creams, cold drinks, swimming pools and water slides. Water parks are always hugely popular in the summer holidays, and there are some absolutely amazing ones both here in the UK and at popular holiday destinations.

  1. Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers, Staffordshire


The Congo River Rapids must be experienced at least once. An incredible 50,000 litres of water courses around the park, with thrilling flows, spins, turns and flumes. It also manages to hold up to 1,800 riders every hour as they course through the rapids.

  1. Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain in Florida


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This is one of the biggest flume rides in the world and has a massive five-storey drop which goes at 45mph and ends in a 45-degree drop. It’s all enjoyed on log riders, and everyone gets soaked in the process, with three massive dips and the five-storey waterfall at the end. Don’t eat a big lunch beforehand!

  1. The Verruckt Schlitterbahn in Kansas City


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Looking for the world’s tallest waterslide? Then head to the Guinness Book of World Record’s approved number one – the Verruckt, which is over 168 feet in height. Check out videos on YouTube to get a sense of the scale and excitement that the riders experience when going over the edge.

  1. Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park Ride, California


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Spielberg himself opened this ride, which took a whopping six years to construct and a budget of more than $110 million – twice as much as the actual cost of the film it’s named for. It incorporates a dizzying array of waterfalls, plunges and drops, including a terrifying 84-foot plunge. It carries 3,000 riders every hour and no one comes out dry.

  1. The Scorpion’s Tail, Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin


Image Source: Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Why is it that America has so many of the world’s best water parks? The Scorpion ride is no exception, and it feels as deadly as the biter it’s named for. The entire course takes just 5-7 seconds, and includes a 400ft loop and a ten-storey plummet at the end – all ‘enjoyed’ in a clear waterborne capsule which is toppled over the edge in a whirling frenzy.

  1. Twister and Speedy at Austria’s Sonnetherme Lutzmannsburg Spa


Forget peaceful thermal European spas – this one is home to no fewer than two terrifying waterslides. The Twister is a flume ride that covers a 660-foot drop, and the Speedy hurls riders down by 460 feet at top speeds. Absolute heaven for daredevils!

  1. Germany’s Faser Ride at Galaxy Erding


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For German engineering at its pinnacle, and a clean bullet-style ride that achieves speeds of more than 45mph at certain points, this is pure adrenaline at its best.

  1. The Insano at Brazil’s Beach Park


This was a former Guinness Book of World Record’s holder. It’s a towering waterslide that manages to drop its riders down by 14 storeys – with just seconds needed to fly through the water at speeds that reach 65mph.

  1. The Aqualoop in Slovenia’s Terme 3000 Adventure Pool Slovenia


This ride is one of Europe’s five quickest waterslides but is also a trailblazer for offering a jaw-dropping 360-degree loop in the process.


The only remaining question is: which daredevil water park experience will you go to now?

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