Why Just About Anyone Can Have A G’Day In Perth

To a lot of people, the appeals of Australia are already obvious. It’s one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas, for one. But others still think of it as a hot, wild and even dangerous place to be.

No doubt, it has its fair share of places you wouldn’t want to be stuck. But Perth is by no means anywhere on that list. Instead, it can make for one of the best roaming holidays or city breaks you could ask for.

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The must-see beaches

Let’s not beat around the bush (no pun intended). A lot of travellers want to at least spend some of their time looking out on a gorgeous sea surrounded by prime relaxation territory.

Well, Perth is absolutely littered with gorgeous beaches. If you want a seaside base of operations you can set off from, some of them have excellent accommodation.

If you book at Hillarys accommodation, you got a place to keep your car when you’re not exploring all Perth has to offer. After all, you won’t want to spend all your time at the beach when you’ve read the following points.

The sunniest shopping experience you’ll find

Shopping abroad can always be one of the aspects of a holiday most confusing and fraught with danger. In a lot of tourist destinations, there seem to be people who want to rip you off at every corner.

Or at least you would know that if you better understood market values. In Perth, everything’s in plain English and there are plenty of regular retail centres so it’s smooth sailing all the way through.


A different kind of resting place

There are a few famous cemeteries worth visiting around the world. Some people have a morbid curiosity. Others like to see the resting places of idols like Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise in Paris. Then in Australia, some like to see kangaroos.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park is more than a gorgeous final resting place with lakes and trees. It’s also chock-full of wildlife. Only native species of Australia fill the country’s most environmentally responsible cemetery.

So if you want to see what wildlife the country has to offer, it’s not the most obvious choice but it’s one of the best.

Catching some Aussie rules

If you want to experience a country, it’s important to experience a bit of their culture. In Australia, that can only mean one thing. Going to see a bit of Aussie rules football.

The country is obviously mad about the game. Catch any match and you can just as easily feel the excitement seated amongst the fans.

In Perth, it’s the West Coast Eagles you want to go see. Just like any other good stadium, it’s in walking distance of a few lively sports bars, too.


A taste of Australia

Getting a taste of the cuisine is just as important as getting a taste of the sport, as well. In Perth, that means you have to go taste some wine. Anyone who’s even a casual fan of the drink knows how prestigious Australian wine is.

The vineyards and wineries of Perth Hills are a must-see for their beauty as well as the many vintages you can taste on a wine tour. Then you have arts centres, historical landmarks and more to distract you along the way.

Sunken treasure

Indeed, Australia has plenty of history to enjoy. Some of the coolest exhibitions of it are on offer in Perth. In particular, we’re talking about seeing some true sunken treasure. The Shipwreck Galleries of the Western Australian Museum is more than a collection of old boats.

The history of the treacherous coast itself is on display. There’s the Batavia, an imposing 24-gun ship of the Dutch East India Company.

Then there’s the SS Xantho from the age where steam-power was changing the whole world. If you’re a fan of history, ships or cool stuff in general, you need to stop here.

Perth has just about everything you could want and all within driving distance. Great shopping and food? Check. Fantastic beaches? Check.

A gorgeous cemetery that also serves as a wildlife sanctuary? Check and check. We hope we’ve convinced you of why you need to head down under. Everything you want in a holiday and all in some of the best weather a holiday-goer could ask for.



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