Where to stay in Caloundra

Aerial panoramic image of ocean waves on a Kings beach, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

Planning a trip to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland? With so many beautiful beaches along the coast and resorts in every direction, it can be hard to decide where to stay in Caloundra.

Using our guide to Caloundra hotels, we can help you find the best places to stay in Caloundra and the perfect hotel for your travel style, whether you are looking for cheap hotels in Caloundra or luxury accommodation in Caloundra, QLD.

We will cover off all types of Caloundra accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Caloundra hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Caloundra 2023.

Thie guide shows off the the best Caloundra hotels, best places in Caloundra to visit, the best places to stay in Caloundra, hotels near Caloundra attractions, Caloundra neighborhood guide and many more.

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Bulcock Beach – Where to stay in Caloundra for tourists

One of the many beautiful beaches of Caloundra, Bulcock Beach enjoys a central location on a protected cove. With no large waves to speak of and many tide pools to explore, this is a very family-friendly beach where little ones can splash around.

The boardwalk above the beach is a lovely place for a stroll, and there’s a nearby park and playground when you need a change of scenery from the beach.

With a wide assortment of Caloundra waterfront accommodation to choose from, this is the best area for tourists visiting the Sunshine Coast for the first time. For longer stays, consider some of the self-contained accommodation in Caloundra’s Bulcock Beach. 

Best places to stay in Bulcock Beach

Budget accommodation in Bulcock Beach

Mid range accommodation in Bulcock Beach

Family Friendly accommodation in Bulcock Beach

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Bulcock Beach

Caloundra, Australia - Fallen tree in the park. People having fun at Bulcock beach. View from Happy Valley Park (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia).

Golden Beach – Where to stay in Caloundra for nightlife

Just south of Bulcock Beach, this area extends from Leach Park in the north to Jensen Park in the south.

Nearly all of the waterfront along Golden Beach is protected by an offshore peninsula, making these great relaxing beaches for visitors. The clear water is perfect for snorkeling or paddleboarding.

The coastal boardwalk meanders through Golden Beach, passing various parks and playgrounds along the way.

In addition to restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, there are many hotel choices along Golden Beach, from budget-friendly caravan parks to waterfront accommodation. 

Best places to stay in Golden Beach

Budget accommodation in Golden Beach

Mid range accommodation in Golden Beach

Family Friendly accommodation in Golden Beach

Aerial drone view of Pumicestone Passage, Bribie Island and Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Caloundra Golf Course – Where to stay in Caloundra on a budget

If you prefer to stay inland a bit, the area around Caloundra Golf Course is a great area. Just a ten-minute drive from nearby beaches, this residential area is the perfect place to find self-contained family-friendly accommodation.

You will also get more for your money than if you were to choose waterfront accommodation in the other areas.

The drawback of this area is that you will find fewer tourists services here, as it’s geared more towards residents, but if you are renting an apartment and not looking for nightlife in Caloundra, this won’t be a problem. 

Best places to stay in Caloundra Golf Course

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Caloundra Golf Course

Budget accommodation in Caloundra Golf Course

Mid range accommodation in Caloundra Golf Course

Family Friendly accommodation in Caloundra Golf Course

man about to putt at golf course in australia queensland

Kings Beach – Where to stay in Caloundra with family

Just north of Bulcock Beach, you’ll find Kings Beach, a gorgeous area on the open ocean. Popular with surfers and families, there are tons of activities and services along Kings Beach.

Visit the Kings Beach saltwater pool, perched on a cliff above the crashing waves, or visit the Caloundra Surf Club for food, beverages, entertainment and a local shuttle for members.

Kings Beach also has a fun splash pad for kids and young-at-heart adults and an amphitheater that hosts live music and festivals.

Make sure you visit the Caloundra Lighthouses, which offer guided tours of two historic lighthouses. If you want to be in the heart of the action on your Caloundra vacation, then Kings Beach is a great place to stay. 

Best places to stay in Kings Beach

Budget accommodation in Kings Beach

Mid range accommodation in Kings Beach

Family Friendly accommodation in Kings Beach

CALOUNDRA, AUS - Hot sunny day at Kings Beach Calundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dicky Beach – Where to stay in Caloundra with kids

Perhaps the most family-friendly of all the beaches in Caloundra, Dicky Beach is further north as you continue along the coast from Kings Beach.

The beach has a lagoon and the Family Holiday Park includes accommodation, swimming pool, BBQs, and playgrounds.

The area also has a skate park and a Surf Club, plus several restaurants and cafes. Until just a few years ago, the remains of the shipwreck for which the beach got its name were left on the beach, but sadly, they have since been removed. It’s still fun to read about the history of the SS Dicky. 

Best places to stay in Dicky Beach

Budget accommodation in Dicky Beach

Mid range accommodation in Dicky Beach

Family Friendly accommodation in Dicky Beach

Aerial panoramic images of Dicky Beach, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

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Where to stay in Caloundra
Where to stay in Caloundra
Where to stay in Caloundra

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