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The Great Ocean road from a Drivers Perspective

As a passenger on the Great Ocean road there is constantly beautiful scenery to look at and photos to take, I know this because as a passenger Sam always has her camera plastered to the window taking hundreds of photos (probably so that I would be able to look at what I missed out during the drive).

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Our Top 10 things to see and do on the Great Ocean Road (mostly free!)
The trouble with being the driver along the Great Ocean road is that all you really see is the bitumen roads and white lines flying past. You need to keep your eyes on the road as this road can be fairly dangerous, there are lot of blind bends and large signs telling you to pay attention. We went in the low season (winter) and there was still a lot of traffic on the road, I imagine that during the peak time (summer) this road would be nuts.
Our Top 10 things to see and do on the Great Ocean Road (mostly free!)

 There are plenty of places to pull over and admire the view, so you don’t miss out on too much, It is called the Great Ocean road for a reason! There is actually so much to see and so many places to pull over and go for a walk or just stand and admire the view that you do not get a whole lot of driving done each day. It took us 4 days to go the Great Ocean road (from Melbourne to Adelaide) but we could have spent a lot longer doing it, I look back at it now and wish that we had more time to do it as 4 days seemed a little rushed.

Our Top 10 things to see and do on the Great Ocean Road (mostly free!)

 The Great Ocean Road is very well signposted and markings are clear, there are plenty of signs marking upcoming tourist areas or points of interest and there was no shortage of signs reminding people that here in “Drive on the left in Australia”. Obviously the longer you take to do the road the easier the drive will be and if you have more than one driver this will also be an advantage. All in all its a very straightforward and simple drive however always make sure you are alert and careful of other drivers and hazards on the road and also make sure to take every opportunity to pull over or you will miss all the natural beauty the Great Ocean Road has to offer, I can only assume that is why you are driving the GOR to start with.

Australia | The Great Ocean Road Tour

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The Great Ocean road from a Drivers Perspective The Great Ocean road from a Drivers Perspective The Great Ocean road from a Drivers Perspective

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  1. Jennifer

    Looks gorgeous! We seemed like we stopped every couple of miles in Iceland when we drove the Ring Road because there are just so many scenic spots to stop. We’d definitely need several days for the Great Ocean Road too.

  2. Travelling King

    Hey Jennifer!
    Would love to do the Ring Road!!!
    You really do need atleast 4-5 days along the GOR, longer the better.

  3. Caro @Breathing Travel

    Hi you two, I am wanting to visit the Great Ocean Road at the start of May and still tossing and turning if I should drive it myself or do a 3 day tour thingy so I am able to really enjoy the views and take all the photos 😉 do you have any suggestion?

  4. Travelling King

    Hey Caro
    Sorry for the delay.
    I personally would say Drive yourself, that way you can stop where you want and do what you want along the way rather than being stuck to a certain itinerary

  5. Coral

    We did a 3 day tour from Melbourne to Adelaide. Great tour guide, great group. It is spectacular. But, I would have liked to linger longer at some of the towns and beaches. If I go again, and hope to do so, I would do a slow, self drive. We packed a lot in and ended up in The Grampians. Loved it but accommodation was pretty dire, as tours seem to choose very budget hostels, so check that out before you go. In the summer (we travelled early January) the stops were packed with similar tours and as it is the school holidays I suspect the cost of accommodation soars. Have fun! It is worth it.

  6. Samantha Duffield - Travelling King

    I agree o love the GOR – I cant wait to do it again another time – mayeb stop off at a few places we didnt stop off last time.
    While its colder in winter i think its worth it – cheaper accom and less tourists

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