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Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo in Sydney is located in Mosman, you can take a scenic 12 minute ferry trip from Sydney city to Taronga zoo. Tickets can be purchased the main entrance and start your day at the world famous Taronga Zoo!

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At first we found it a little confusing, wandering around, trying to get our bearings, working out where we were and where we should go first.. I think that we may have missed a few sections most likely because I can’t read a map.

We started at Reptile World, which we somehow accidentally went through backwards (no idea how!!) as we were going against the flow of traffic but didnt think anything of it until we exited the entry door.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Then it was across to Africa for a safari, the Big Cats are my favourite animals or are the elephants my favourite? With the big cats I found the lion enclosure to be a little small but I’m not sure if they went off to a bigger enclosure overnight.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Then it was off to the rainforest trail where we saw the cutest little baby elephant (well not that little but cute none the less) and then onto the Seal walk.

The seals were all being pretty boring as they were all hiding or sleeping. This is where we exited the zoo to catch the ferry back to the city, as we had run out of time.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

We decided to have a quick ride in the cable car as the zoo was closing up for the day, it was like being up at Mt Buller in the snow.

Except it wasn’t freezing and we didn’t have wind blowing in our eyes. It’s a cool little ride and if you have time we recommend it. The cable car takes you over the top of some of the animal enclosures for a bit of a different view. You can also see some amazing views of the Sydney harbour.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney
Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

If you get a chance make sure to check out one of the keeper talks, different talks they run throughout the day. Or try out one of the animal encounters.

I would highly recommend the Wild Australian experience if you are travelling form overseas; it’s a good way to get up an close with some of our favourite Aussie animals and maybe learn a thing or 2.

After hours of walking around you do work up a pretty big hunger! We took food with us because we thought we would plan ahead, but we ate it all and we were still hungry.

There are a  in different areas around the zoo. We recommend stopping off at the ‘Cafe Harbourside” to relax, fill your tanks and take in the great views.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney
Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney
Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney
Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Something we missed out this time (but really wanted to do) was the Roar and Snore program, it is a “glamping” (glamour camping) experience.  

You tour the zoo with keepers in a small group for a few hours in the evening you then get to sleep at the zoo and get to hear all of the animals (including the lion roaring!) while you sleep then the next morning you do another tour, including feeding the giraffes, playing with the sea lion, meeting reptiles and a bunch of other crazy animals.

At the Taronga Zoo the animals are not the only thing that tourists go to see, from certain parts of the zoo you have one of the most amazing views of Sydney skyline including the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Bridge. It’s worth a trip just for these views.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Ticket prices: 

Purchase at the gate $46 on arrival (its cheaper to purchase tickets online)

Admission to Taronga Zoo with a return ferry ticket to Circular Quay – $52

Opening Hours:

9.30am – 4.30pm (May – Aug)
9.30am – 5.00pm (Sept – Apr)
9.30am – 4.00pm (New Years Eve)

Open everyday of the year including Christmas Day.

Hanging around at the Taronga Zoo Sydney




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  1. Taronga Zoo is a blast! Agree – it’s pretty big and easy to get lost. I remember taking the cable car down to the ferry to get back to the city 🙂

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