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The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

The Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures is not only home to the only Zipline in Victoria; it is also home to an elevated canopy walk through the Otway rainforest call “The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk”.

The start of the 600m long elevated forest walk takes you on a short walk along the forest floor, through the forest “giants” and ferns to the start of the tree top walk. The elevated walk gradually climbs into the treetops, getting higher and higher, up to a height of 25 metres through the crown of the rainforest.

Scattered at various locations throughout the treetop walk are numbered placards, using these numbers and referring to your map (which you can pick up at the start of the walk from the tourist centre) you will find information about each stop, describing certain things about the walk and the forest, its educational fun!

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The Otway Fly and Treetop walk

Once you reach the middle of the walk you have a chance to climb the lookout which can be quite a challenge if you are scared of heights as the tower reaches up 45 metres. To access the lookout you need to make your way up a spiral staircase, which can make you a little dizzy if you decided to run up it.

Once you reach the top it is well worth the effort. It’s so peaceful and relaxing being up in the treetops, with the bird songs around you and the gentle cool breeze in your face. From this vantage point, you are up in the crown (the top of the trees) of the rainforest overlooking the Myrtle Beech, Blackwood and Mountain Ash trees and many many other species of trees that are ideally suited to the cool temperate rainforest of Otway.

Up in the lookout tower, your mind (well mine did at least) is taken back to being a child in your own tree house (just a bigger, better on) It’s a pity that you have to make your way back down into the “real world”.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

Once you make your way back down from the heavens, you head out onto the counter lever platform, a 25m long platform that is suspended by large cables from the previous platforms pillar. It is quite exhilarating hanging out directly over the beautiful flowing stream and height above some of the surrounding trees.

This platform was actually designed to hold the weight of 40 elephants, who knows why 40 elephants would be out there anyway! The entire walk is the longest and highest walk of its kind in the world but has been constructed to withstand winds of up to 280km/h.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

While walking along you see a lot of gum trees that look like they are shedding their bark. Our guide from the Zip Line tour told us that the trees malt bark to encourage bushfires to go up the tree to the pods at the top so the pods fall down to the ground and break, this then encourages new growth.

As you descend from the walk it feels like you have stepped back millions of years into the tthe dinosaursnosaurs. You walk amongst large fern trees and the crystal clear stream running through the forest, you almost feel too scared to turn the next corner as you might come face to face with a T-rex standing there licking his (or her) lips!

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

When you go on this walk, make sure you rug up as even in summer the floor of the rainforest remains very shaded and cool. Also, make sure to take some water with you, it’s not a hard walk by any means, but you still get thirsty and you don’t want to rush through the walk just so you can get back to the café for a drink. The centre suggests the walk should take approx. 1 hour, although obviously, you can do it quicker (or in our case a lot slower) depends on how long you want to spend stopping and admiring the views and taking photos.

 About Otway –

Location – Otway Fly Treetop Adventures site, 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproinah VIC 3237, which is 2.5 hours away from Melbourne (via Princes Hwy inland route) and 1.5 hours from Geelong (via Princes Hwy). Ideal for a day trip or a stop off while travelling along the Great Ocean Road.

Opening hours – Everyday 9.00am – 5.00pm (with the last walk at 4pm-4:30pm)

Cost – Prices are in AUD

$22.50 adult

$9.00 child

To find out more about this wonderful place, please check out Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

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  1. Steph

    Awesome. I’m doing the Great Ocean Road next weekend and really looking forward to doing this walk 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    I love zip lining! My favorite ones have been in the Caribbean.

  3. Travelling King

    Hey Steph,
    that’s awesome – How long are you going for? If you have time, do a zip line tour at Otway Fly Its such a rush!

  4. Travelling King

    Hey Jennifer!
    Would love to see the article, please send it through!

  5. Steph

    We’re going for 2 days, I love the look of the zip line tour and I’ve never done one before but it slightly out of budget for this trip!

  6. Travelling King

    Awesome Steph! It is a little pricey (make check out the prices online they give a good discount)

  7. Heather

    I’ve tried ziplining, but I’ve never been on a canopy walk through dinosaur-land! The photos make it look like you had the place all to yourself which is awesome. Plus, what kid doesn’t dream of living in a crazy treehouse like this? That’s it, I need to go.

  8. Travelling King

    hey Heather,

    We did pretty much had it to ourselves, not many people around during the week.
    The ziplining was awesome!

    Keep your eyes out for the Photo blog coming up on the Otway walk

  9. Ariana

    Oh I can’t imagine being on the top but I would love the adventure! I can picture out the amazing scene with the birds around you and that gentle breeze in my face. Isn’t it fantastic?

  10. Travelling King

    hey Ariana,
    It is exhilarating, and excellent for conquering fears of heights! You have described it down to the T, its so peaceful!

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