Best Route to take along the Great Ocean Road – Victoria Australia

When most people think of the Great Ocean Road in Australia they only think of the 12 Apostles.. or is it the 7 apostles now.

They often think that this is all this road has to offer as well as a little bit of nice scenery, they are missing out on so much! Let us take you along the Great Ocean road like it should be seen.

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Our Top 10 things to see and do on the Great Ocean Road (mostly free!)

Let’s start at the start – Torquay -> Anglesea  -> Lorne -> Apollo Bay -> Great Otway National Park -> Port Campbell (The 12 apostles are only a short drive from Port Campbell, this is a good area to be used as a base if you plan to stay in the area)

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Port Campbell -> Peterborough -> Warrnambool -> Port Fairy -> Portland -> Nelson -> Mt Gambier -> Robe -> Adelaide

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What are the main attractions along the Great Ocean Road?

Gibson Steps (here you can walk down onto the beach) -> Twelve Apostles -> Loch Ard Gorge (here you can walk on the beach) -> Thunder Cave -> Port Campbell town lookout -> The Arch -> London Bridge -> The Grotto ->Bay of Martyrs -> Bay of Islands -> Warrnambool

While the Great Ocean road is a beautiful road with some incredible scenery it’s not the only thing to see or do in this wonderful section of the country. Spend a day in Otway national park go for a walk through the rainforest or zip line through the trees.

Eat and drink your way through the 12 Apostles gourmet trail. Visit Australia’s most significant Lighthouse  or go for a bush walk to find Victoria’s most beautiful waterfalls.

If you are going to travel along the Great Ocean Road, give yourself some time and don’t rush through it in 1 or 2 days, spend 5 days or a week or longer, there is so much to see and do.

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Best Route to take along the Great Ocean Road - Victoria Australia

Best Route to take along the Great Ocean Road - Victoria Australia



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  1. I remember this very well. My husband and I stood in front of this for a photo and the sign in the background!!! Loved the great ocean road – can’t wait to get back!

  2. Hey Judy!!
    We didnt stop as it started bucketing down straight after I took this photo. Can’t agree more, loved the GOR! Woudl love to go back and spend a little more time exploring the area, we missed too much.

  3. I wish I’d read something like this before I travelled the ‘GOO’ a few years back. I made the monstrous mistake of heading up to Horsham as it’s the name of my home town in England. Turns out Horsham, Australia is pretty shit…. I think I need to go back and take this correct route next time!! 🙂

  4. Hi Hayley!
    HAHAH ! how did you end up in Horsham, thats terrible! It’s not a bad little place, not really touristy though.. we drivig through it moat years on the way to the snow in Victoria.
    The GOR can be a little confusing there are so many different paths to take!

  5. Ah, Great Ocean Road! One of the best trips in the world! We did it in 3 days but would love to go back and spend longer

  6. You definitely need at least a few days to explore all there is to see on the Great Ocean Road. We actually enjoyed the Port Campbell section – London Bridge, Lord Ard Gorge etc – the most, so saving time for that is really key! We also thought the Lighthouse was totally overpriced and overrated, but still take the drive down there if you want to spot some koalas – they were so many in the trees it was great!

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