23 Reasons Why Australia Is Worth The Long Ass Flight

Australia is a beautiful continent known for its amazing scenery and lovely beaches. It is a well known tourist spot and welcomes thousands annually. Amongst all of its cities, the most popular are; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. There are plenty of things to know before visiting Australia.

Although this beautiful location is perfect for having fun and unwinding, getting there takes a lot of your time. A lot of people are skeptical about visiting Australia, due to all the “”deadly animals”, however, you might want to reconsider, it’s not that scary! Here are 23 reasons why Australia is worth travelling for and it could be a great country to immigrate to;

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Crystal Clear Water

Australia is famous for having some of the clearest water in the world. It’s perfect for scuba diving and taking a few beautiful pictures.

Happy family - mother with baby girl dive underwater with fun in sea pool. Healthy lifestyle active parent people water sport outdoor adventure swimming lessons on beach summer holidays with child

Best Wine

If you’re a lover of wine, then a trip to Margaret River in Australia should top your list of things to do. Australia is packed with several vineyards and you can have the opportunity of tasting some of the best wine. Or Adelaide where you can enjoy some of the worlds best wines!

Australian vineyard. Carefree blonde woman with open arms among the rows of grapes, enjoys the harvest in Margaret River known as the wine region in Western Australia.

Excellent Food

Australia is also known for having delicious cuisines and meals. From vegan diets to regular “junk” whatever pleases your palate. What’s also great is the coffee!! You can literally get coffee in almost any store.

Australian mini pavlovas and flags in red, white and blue for Australia Day or national holiday party food treats.

Beautiful Food Markets

A distinct fact about Australia is their amazing food markets. Apart from the fact that every ingredient is readily available, what is unique about them is the view. Most food markets in Australia come with a lovely view of the beach or a sunset. Absolutely breath taking!

Adelaide, Australia - People shopping at Adelaide Central Market on a weekend. It is a popular tourist attraction in the CBD area and the most visited place in South Australia.

Deserted Beaches

This amazing continent is filled with different beautiful beaches to choose from. However, there are some that are deserted. These beaches are perfect for spending quality time with your significant other, or enjoying a decent sun bath.

Western Australia - rough costline with stairway to the beach

Pink Lakes

Ever seen a lake like bubble gum? If you haven’t, then you should take a trip down here. Lake Hillier, Lake Retba, and Hutt Lagoon are the most popular pink lakes in Australia.  They are an amazing phenomenon and has been the cause of many tourists traveling down over the years.

Aerial view of Pink lake and coastline of Rottnest Island in Australia. Scenic flight over famous tourist destination of Western Australia. Rottnest Island is located near Fremantle and Perth.

More Kangaroos Than You Can Imagine

Australia is home to a lot of kangaroos!! As a matter of fact, there are more kangaroos than humans. In 2016, there were over 44 million kangaroos and 24 million humans, and the number has since gone up. If you’re a lover of these creatures, then you would love to visit.

Close-up of kangaroo on white sand of Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance in WA. Lucky Bay is one of Australia's most well-known beaches. On blurred background the turquoise water

Scenic Drives

Australia is a vast continent and filled with scenic routes that would leave you in awe. Some of the best scenic drives in the country are; Sydney to Melbourne, Nullarbor Plain, Loop around Tasmania, and the Great Ocean Road. All of these roads are surrounded by mountains, flowing rivers, beaches, and icebergs.

Sunset over the Sea cliff bridge along Australian Pacific ocean coast near Sydney, Australia.

The Aboriginal Culture

Australia is filled with aboriginal tribes and the culture is beautiful. Fascinating music, history, clothings, and language. You could learn their language and taste their amazing food, or try out a few dance moves.

Portrait of one Yugambeh Aboriginal warrior man preform Aboriginal culture martial art during cultural show in Queensland Australia.

The National Gallery Of Victoria

This amazing location was created in 1861 and is the oldest museum in Australia. You can find with ancient aboriginal artworks and artifacts. They are absolutely stunning and enlightening as well.

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA - people visit National Gallery of Victoria. National Gallery of Victoria know as NGV is the oldest art museum in Australia founded in 1863

Fun Theme Parks

Australia is incomplete without its theme parks. Amongst all of these, the most popular is Dreamworld, Gold Coast which is the largest of all theme parks in Australia. It boasts of nine thrill rides, family friendly rides, and a tiger island. You have the opportunity to pet and view several species of tigers, plus, it’s extremely safe.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - Luna park the iconic amusement park of Melbourne, Australia.

Glass House Mountains

Located in Queensland, the glass house mountains are beautiful and a natural wonder. It is properly laced with tracks for hiking and has an amazing view at the top.

Panoramic view of Glass House Mountains at sunset visible from Wild Horse Mountain Lookout, Australia

Claustral Canyon, Blue Mountain Parks

The claustral canyon is a within the dark blue mountain. It stretches far with rays of light reflecting within in specific areas. It is surrounded by waterfalls, lakes, and other bodies of water. It is fun to climb up the rocks, however, it is no stroll in the park. You have to be physically fit to take up the challenge.

The Three Sisters Katoomba Blue Mountains Sydney Australia. Taken just after sunset. You can see why they're called the Blue Mountains!

Lord Howe Island

Australia is filled with different islands, however, one of the most popular is Lord Howe Island. Located in the Tasman sea, east of Port Macquarie, this extraordinary island is characterized by subtropical forests, clear waters in amazing beaches, and rich aquatic life. It is a beautiful sight to explore.

View south over Lord Howe Island, Australia from Malabar peak

Flinders Ranges

Located in the Southern part of Australia, Flinders Ranges has a lot of activities like horse riding, and playing around with endemic species of animals. You can also walk through a park with fossils as old as 600 years, watch stars in the sky that appear really close, and wild flowers.

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Treasure Hunting On Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located in Eastern Queensland. It’s filled with nice beaches, lakes, and freshwater pools. What’s also fun is pretending to hunt for treasure on the island. There are several corporations that put activities like this together.

Rainbow Beach, QLD, Australia- 4wd vehicles at Rainbow Beach, a popular tourist destination and a gateway to Fraser Island, its name derives from the rainbow-coloured sand dunes.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most famous reefs. You can dive in the reef and get an experience to remember with its splendid and captivating sea life.

Great barrier reef


On the East Coast of Australia, there are a number of beaches such as the Bondi beach where you can enjoy surfing both as a professional surfer or a learner.

Young active girl wearing bikini in action - surfer with surf board dive underwater under big ocean wave. Family lifestyle people water sport adventure camp and beach extreme swim on summer vacation.


Australia has tropical rain forests with healthy, lush green trees, swimming holes and a beautiful variety of birds which makes hiking perfect.

People hiking on a hot day along a track in the Pilbara region in North Western Australia, Australia.


Sydney in its own right is definitely a place to see in Australia. In the city you can visit its famous opera house and the Sydney harbor, eat great food and experience its beautiful culture.

Sydney. Cityscape image of Sydney, Australia with Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline during sunset.


Almost every public place in Australia has a pit for barbecues. The budget friendly barbecues will have you coming back for more.

Delicious Australia Day BBQ. Boneless leg pieces of Australian marinated lamb cooked on grill

Road Trips

Road trips are great in Australia. You get to explore the wonderful country with adventures to remember.

An Australian Outback touring camper on the road in the Nullarbor Plain.


If you are a lover of sunsets, Australia has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world which you must see.

Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Australia bathed in pink light during sunset golden hour

Buy that flight ticket and explore Australia today!

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