The best college student travel programs 2023

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND - Queens University. The university was chartered in 1845, and opened in 1849 as Queen's College, Belfast.
Summer travel programs are popular among college and university students. They have significant differences, and everyone can find the right offers. Students have the best summer holidays and discover the opportunity to improve their language skills, make friends, get a unique experience and become a volunteer. There is a selection of travel programs that guarantee an excellent academic foundation, exploring new horizons, and comfortable accommodations.

USAC: Interacting with the community

One of the student travel programs lasts for 5 to 10 weeks. It is designed for students who study history, journalism, and other disciplines. When choosing a summer trip, there is an immersion in the Italian environment. However, not all courses are available during this period, and the interaction with university students is somewhat limited.

Participants of the study programs go to Viterbo. This small town is different from the usual tourist areas of Italy. Numerous excursions are planned here, which are successfully diluted with the acquaintance with the local mountain beauties, horseback riding, and sailing. Everyone will be able to try on the role of a volunteer.

Caroline Smith, one of the participants of the 2022 course, said: “I always wanted to study abroad, so I went to Viterbo. The medieval city, the vibrant acquaintances, and the information that is important for my specialty – it has everything I need. Of course, it is important to write essays and do other work. To avoid being distracted from getting acquainted with unique locations you can always choose getting your assignment done with PapersOwl. This will give you free time for interesting excursions and collaborative activities with the volunteer groups.”

Oxford Royale Academy: Short-term Courses for College Students and Pupils at School

Students college groups participants can choose a two-week course abroad at Oxford Royale Academy. It stands out from all programs because it is designed for participants from 8 to 25 years old. But you will have to pay a significant amount of money to take part. This is due to the large volume of information each college student receives in a short time. It focuses on different directions: engineering, chemistry, creativity, and archaeology. Entertainment and volunteer activities are offered to dilute the work process.

SAI Study: Huge Support for College Students Abroad

There is such a well-developed community service that students receive round-the-clock support during their stay abroad. A volunteer is assigned to help them with their applications, visa, and health insurance and organizes airport pick, accommodation, and excursions.

Participants are offered a 3-6 week “Italian for Survival” course. In addition, there are a number of subjects to choose from: art, creativity and literature, and natural sciences. Various activities are provided to keep the participants busy and familiarize them with Florence. Many of them are organized with the help of a volunteer.

Oxford / UK - View of the High Street with the University Church of St Mary the Virgin and All Saints Church, now the library of Lincoln College.

CYA: Practice and Fieldwork

The four-week training is based on experience. The content course takes place in Athens. Visiting Greece in summer 2023, participants will immerse themselves in the country’s rich history, go to archaeological sites and see various islands. But it should be kept in mind that Athens is hilly. If there are problems with the movement, it will be quite difficult for the participant. Even volunteer help is not always relevant in such cases.

Information is provided in a short time. After completing the outlined plan, everyone can do their personal activities. For example, go on tours in unique areas, enjoy the Greek landscapes, or interact with volunteer movements.

World Campus, Japan: Cultural Immersion

You can choose from courses lasting for 3, 6, or 9 weeks, which include a huge number of cultural and educational activities. The information load is intense, so participants should be prepared to be exhausted. The International program is available to everyone in 15 countries around the world.

The organizers offer an immersion in the local community. For this purpose, the participants are placed with a volunteer (in one of the Japanese families) for the duration of the course. Such an approach allows faster interaction in terms of culture, politics, and society.

Seamester: an Unusual Adventure

The program of 2 to 4 weeks will be the most vivid adventure. Participants who have completed the course in 2022 confirm this. Life on the ship will be interesting but quite challenging. You will have to cover 360 miles in 20 days, visit different locations from the Virgin Islands to Antigua, become a volunteer and take part in turtle conservation. As a result, you will have unique skills and a scuba diver’s certificate.

CET Greater China: Extraordinary Opportunities for Every College Student

Participants will share a room with their Chinese neighbors for eight weeks. This provides maximum immersion in the environment and promotes the development of speaking and writing skills.

The organizers offer small classes, intensive courses, and exciting activities. This is necessary to get to know the culture, art, and traditions. At the same time, participants will improve their speaking skills and have a chance to talk to native speakers of the Asian dialect (a volunteer is usually involved).


All the offered projects are interesting and unusual. They are full of positive emotions and offer many opportunities to expand horizons and gain valuable experience. Thanks to the diversity of choices, every student at college and university will certainly find the right option. Time abroad gives you access to unique information that will be an excellent basis for improving your knowledge. In many projects, all the participants have the possibility to interact with a volunteer or help the environment, nature, and animals. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and each program is a real treasure. It is quite an adventure- spending your free time on a college program abroad.

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