The first timer’s guide to Bali: 5 insider tips for your Balinese adventure

The first timer's guide to Bali: 5 insider tips for your Balinese adventure

Bali has a bit of a bad rap as far as being a tourist hot spot is concerned – and while this tourist-magnet is not without its fair share of singlet-wearing Brits-abroad, it’s still a stunning place to go and visit.

After you have put all of the excessive drinking and the crazy tourist behaviour behind you – there’s still a lot to see here in the way of scenery, temples, culture and excitement. If you’re thinking about heading to the shores of this island nation.

While it’s exciting to plan your next vacation – there are a few things that you need to know in order to keep your wits about you.

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The Balinese will know that it’s your first time here

If you’re a pale, mawkish looking individual wandering the streets of Kuta, the vendors will be on to you like nothing else.

They’ll chase you down the street, try to sell you everything under the sun and will try to get you to agree to something to buy through the sheer will of pester power.

You’re going to get all sweaty

There’s a reason why everyone wants to go to Bali on holidays – it’s hot pretty much all year round. You might want to consider living in your togs if that’s possible for you.

Don’t even think about packing jeans – you want to be living in floaty open fabrics and plenty of sandals. Make sure you’re always within cooee of a pool as well if you want to ensure maximum comfort!

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The beaches aren’t as awesome as the ones in Australia

We all know that the beaches in Australia are among the best in the world. That much goes without saying. That said, the first time you take a plunge in the beaches in Bali, you might be a bit disappointed about the clearness of the water.

Clearness of the water aside, there are plenty of places that are incredible, and the surfing is amazing as well.

The first timer's guide to Bali: 5 insider tips for your Balinese adventure

You need to make sure you have a sarong if you want to visit temples

It’s part of the deal when you are travelling around and looking to go to Bali that you need to make sure you are covering up. It’s a sign of respect and a religious thing – and it applies to both men and women.

The sarong should cover your legs below the knee and you should have a sash around your waist. The sash is optional, but the sarong is definitely a necessity.

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You’ll enjoy a cocktail or two

The drinks of choice here revolve around beer or cocktails – and both are pretty great. With an abundance of fresh fruits available, it’s no surprise that you can enjoy a range of lychee martinis, mango daiquiris and a range of other fresh and fruity delights.

Wine, on the other hand, is pretty expensive and you’ll find that it’s far better to just enjoy a cocktail than it is to splurge on wine.

Vicki from Make Time to See the World wrote an awesome post about the Best Places to eat in Seminyak Bali, check it out! Or heres a list of 15 Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Ubud.

You need to haggle hard

The Balinese people have been dealing with tourists for a while. As a result, the prices for things aren’t the bargain they once were, as they’re used to people paying top dollar (and these people don’t usually know much better!).

There are lots of incredibly sophisticated shopping centres in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Legian – so if you’re after homewares, you’ll be delighted.

Stay safe and have a great time on your next Indonesian adventure!

The first timer's guide to Bali: 5 insider tips for your Balinese adventure


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  1. Hey Samantha,

    Have to agree with you, the beaches are nicer in Australia. Bali is barely keeping up with its rubbish pollution problem as it is. I hope people consider checking out other islands long term such as Sulawesi.

    In terms of getting used to wearing togs, readers (males), please respect the culture and wear a singlet or t-shirt away from the beach, Time and place.

    Just discovered a winery exists in Bali, definitely checking it out next time!
    Cheers, Jub

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