Amazing cities around the world…. Starting with A

Amazing cities around the world…. Starting with A

Take an adventure with Travelling King through this series, showing you all the wonderful cities of the world from A to Z. We have joined up with countless amazing Travel Bloggers throughout this series to come up with some great experiences about these cities. We will tell you why we love these cities, what we love doing and suggest a few places to stay! Lets start this party off with the cities around the world starting with A.

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Adelaide (Australia)

Adelaide is my home town and while most people from Australia thinks it’s a boring sleepy city its actually a beautiful place to travel to (and live in!). If you travel approx. 45mins -1 hour out of the city you will hit the wine heartland, South Australia produces some of the best wines in the world! If you travel an hour or 2 in the other direction you can visit Kangaroo Island, home to some cute Kangaroos (as the name suggests) and some very cute seals sunning on the beach.

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Adelaide Australia People walking along the Rundle Mall in Adelaide CBD at sunset viewing towards West. Rundle Mall is the premier shopping area of South Australia

Athens (Greece)

Travelling to Athens is like travelling back in time to a time, surrounded by ancient buildings and a city full of rich history, that changed the world we live in today, Athens can be dated back to 3000BC, that’s a lot of history! While in Athens you have to visit the Acropolis, which is an ancient citadel located on a extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. If you’re brave enough, climb up the never ending steps to the top of Lykavittos, don’t worry the views of Athens are worth it!

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Athens, Greece - Night image with Athens from above, Monastiraki Square and ancient Acropolis.

Anchorage (Alaska):

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is in the south-central part of the state on the Cook Inlet. The city is also a gateway to nearby mountains (including the Chugach, Kenai and Talkeetna) and vast wilderness. There is no shortage of fun activities to do in Anchorage from eco bike tours to dog sledding, wildlife sighting (moose, bears, eagles and whales), Glacier cruising, helicopter tours and so so much more!

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, USA. Alaska cruise travel view of snow capped mountains at sunset. Amazing glacial landscape view from cruiseship vacation showing snowy mountain peaks.

Auckland (New Zealand)

New Zealand is on a lot of people’s bucket list and for good reason, everything you need for the perfect holiday is at your doorstep in Auckland from world class shopping, restaurants, bars and galleries to sensational wine regions, stunning beaches and a pristine rainforest all within a short drive from one another.

New Zealand is apart of the “ring of fire” where a large portion of the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur, Auckland is surrounded by 48 mostly inactive volcanoes, you can tours some which are situated a few minutes out of the city. Take a short drive to Muriwai beach to view the beautiful black sand beach and the impressive colonies of gannets.

If you’re feeling brave you can head up to the Skytower at leap off the tower with “SkyJump” where you fall 192 meters (don’t worry you wired on). However if you aren’t as brave you can always do the Skywalk instead, this doesn’t require jumping off the building.

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Auckland. Cityscape image of Auckland skyline, New Zealand taken from Mt. Eden at sunset.

Aachen (Germany)

Aachen, also known as Bad Aachen, is a spa and border town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (don’t worry its not actually a bad city!).

Make sure to visit the Aachen Cathedral which is dated back to 798AD, It is the coronation church of more than 30 German kings, burial site of Charlemagne. It was also the first German building to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Also check out gothic Town Hall which was originally a palace.

While in Aachen you have to try the “rice cake” it can only be bought in this region. What is a rice cake? A light base of yeast dough baked in a flat baking tin, filled with creamy sweet rice, is eventually baked in the oven until it is golden-yellow. With its unique taste it slowly melts on the tongue and appeals everyone who tastes it.

Huge gothic cathedral in Aachen Germany during autumn with yellow trees at Katschhof against blue sky in the background

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Welcome to the city that doesn’t stand still!

There is an endless list of things to see and do and Abu Dhabi from 4×4 driving and camel riding in the dessert to camping overnight in the dessert to checking out the observation deck at 300 (birds eye view of Abu Dhabi) to hanging out at one of the watermarks or at Ferrari world (every guys dream!) or take a day-trip to the desserts forts and museums and evening diving off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi the capital city of United Arab Emirates

Albuquerque (New Mexico)

Albuquerque in located in New Mexico and sits in the high desert. It has a long history for the Native Americas with several shops selling Native American handicrafts. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center traces the area’s tribal history. Albuquerque is lucky to see approx. 310 sunny days per year making this the perfect area to travel to without having to worry about raining days ruining your trip.

Albuquerque prides its self as the Hot Air Ballooning capital of the world – this might be a bit of a big claim but its certainly a beautiful areas for it! The view of the Rio Grande Valley from the air is amazing and the soft push of the hot air balloon makes taking in the view so calm and peaceful.

Otherwise if you’re a gold fan Albuquerque offers 14 golf courses to choose from! You can also go mountain biking in the Sandia Mountains or hiking among dormant volcanoes or horseback riding along the river or strolling through Old Town.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA downtown cityscape at twilight.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Everything that I’ve been told about Amsterdam makes me think it’s the cannabis/sex capital of the Netherlands but I assure you it has a less seedy path, Amsterdam is more about Tulips, Windmills, Cheese ands famous canals.

Amsterdam is a city that’s rich in history and sights for all tourists. From ancient churches to museums, secret courtyards to quaint cobbled streets, and, of course, the city’s world-famous canal houses, waterways and bridges, there’s an overwhelming amount of things to see and do in Amsterdam. You could even visit Anne Franks House!

If you are in Amsterdam in the spring make sure to check out the Keukenhof and its beautiful tulip displays.

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Amsterdam sunset city skyline at canal waterfront Amsterdam Netherlands

Avalon (California)

Tamara from Postcards and Passports tells us about Avalon

I love the quaint little city of Avalon on Catalina Island (southern California). Closed to vehicle traffic, it is a sleepy little town in winter, and a popular tourist attraction in the summer. I love to walk along the waterfront and go snorkeling in Lovers’ Cove where you can see orange Garibaldi.

I’m partial to the eclectic, family-friendly “Hermosa Hotel” with lots of room options, including some with kitchens. You can dine in a top-notch restaurant or buy food in the tiny grocery store and prepare it in your room. Later, you can stroll down to the green Pleasure Pier, take a tour of the famous art deco Casino, or take an evening cruise to see flying fish by spotlight. Avalon makes a great day trip or weekend getaway!

Panorama on Catalina Island off California at sunset with harbor at Avalon

Austin (Texas)

Megan from Traveling nine to five tells us about Austin.

Ever since I first visited Austin, Texas it’s been one of my favorite cities. Whether it’s chowing down on delicious BBQ at Salt Lick, trying the tacos at Taco Deli or watching a concert at one of the hundreds of live venues it’s always a great time. Staying right downtown is a blast to explore 6th Street, South Congress and Rainey Street for bars, shops, concerts and delicious food.

Stop in for a drink or even stay the night at the Driscoll Hotel where you can take in a little history. Hop on a music pub crawl or food tour for a fun evening. Or even get a little out of town and take a dip in Barton Spring a massive swimming hole.

If you’re a history buff stop by the State Capitol and take one of the public tours. It’s a beautiful building and you’ll learn a little too. There are countless things to do around the city especially for music lovers and foodies. Just make sure I’m your trip you “Keep Austin Weird”.

Austin, Texas, USA downtown skyline over the Colorado River at dawn.

Ambon (Indonesia)

Helena from Through an Aussie’s Eyes tells us about Ambon

Ambon is a part of the Maluku Islands in Indonesia and it really is a little hidden gem. Unspoiled by a lot of the Western world, it has a lot to offer in the way of traditional Indonesia. Ambon is a beautiful little island city with the statue of the teenage Indonesian heroine, Martha Christina Tiahahu , watching over the city.

A visit out to Namalatu Beach will give you the opportunity to see a traditional dance the Sahureka-reka or out to Liang Beach to see the Bamboo Gila Dance. I would also recommend taking a day trip to one of the neighbouring islands, like Saparua, by speed boat. You could spend the morning at the markets and then head out to Fort Duurstede for a good history lesson and views of the island. No matter where you are, snorkelling is a must.

The ocean is beautifully warm and abundant with sea life.
In regards to accommodation, I would highly recommend stay at The Natsepa. They have an infinity like pool with a swim up bar that overlooks the ocean, what can get much better than that? Should I mention the other private pool out by some of the hotel rooms? Or about the foot reflexology you could get as you look out over the ocean? Bliss. As soon as you step foot into Ambon you feel welcome. Ambon really is a yet to be truly discovered part of Indonesia, so don’t miss it.

Pintu Kota, Ambon Island. Maluku, East Indonesia.

Asheville (North Carolina)

Amy & Nathan from Two Drifters tell us about Asheville

I used to think that Asheville, NC was a hidden gem of the south, but now I realize that it is well known as an awesome mountain city. Whenever I mention that we’ve lived in Asheville for the past year and a half, I hear “I love Asheville!” “that city is the best” “oh my gosh, you’re so lucky!”

It seems like AVL is not a well-kept secret anymore, and for good reason.

Asheville is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, so it is the perfect place to visit if you’re into nature. With hundreds of hikes, countless waterfalls, and lakes, rivers, and mountain vistas, it really is a beautiful scenic area. We recommend driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and taking in a few hikes or viewpoints.

Downtown and West Asheville are full of art and culture. Hip galleries are found on every corner, with an abundance of local crafts as well. Strolling downtown is an activity unto itself, with plenty of talented street performers to keep you entertained. While you’re here, pop into one of many craft breweries (we have a massive amount of delicious beer). You can also see historic Asheville on a trolley tour or a unique comedy bus tour.

And for the crowning achievement, make sure to head over to the Biltmore Estate, America’s largest private home. It’s grand inside with a beautiful garden, lawn, and winery on site.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA downtown skyline.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this article 🙂

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Amazing cities around the world... Starting with A


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  1. Thanks for letting us contribute! Asheville is very special to us as we’ve lived here for over a year (and are about to say goodbye!) and we love sharing this awesome place.

    I’d love to visit other A cities including Albequerque and Avalon, CA, which I’d never heard about. We also really loved Adelaide in South Australia. A great list! 🙂

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