Where to stay in Athens [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, and a great destination for visitors from all over the world. Evidence of civilization in Athens dates back to the 13th century BC, and with ruins like the Acropolis alongside Greek beaches and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll definitely want to stay in Athens for a while.

The capital city is also a financial hub and the largest passenger port in Europe, so you will have your choice of places to stay in Athens. We’ve researched the best neighborhoods and most interesting areas to help you decide where to stay in Athens.

Wondering where to stay in Athens Greece? We will cover off all types of Athens accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Athens hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Athens, the best Athens hotels.

Old city Plaka Athens view with mount Lycabettus during summer sunny day

This guide shows off the best places in Athens, the best places to stay in Athens, best neighborhoods to stay in Athens Greece, hotels near Athens attractions and many more.

All of the areas we have suggested below are safe areas to stay in Athens, I would suggest that you avoid areas in Athens like Omonia and Metaxourgio square.

We will cover off all types of Athens accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Athens hotels, if you want to stay in Athens for a weekend or a week, as well as how to decide where to stay in Athens 2024.

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Plaka – Ideal close to attractions

The Plaka is the oldest area of Athens, sitting under the Acropolis. This quiet, cobblestone hillside neighborhood is lined with cafes, boutiques and tavernas. 

Many tourists pass through Plaka en route to the Acropolis, but despite a concentration of tourists, Plaka still has a “Greek village” authenticity and is a great place to enjoy a bite to eat or a cocktail.

Most streets are closed to traffic, which adds to the village feel of this neighborhood. Platia is a small square in Plaka that is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, and a nice place to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying delicious Greek food and people watching. 

Plaka has the best hotels in Athens as its the best part of Athens to stay in.

Why Stay in Plaka Athens

Do you like to be near the main hub but not in it when travelling? Plaka has that small village vibe with cobblestone pedestrian-only streets to browse the many shops along its path. Still not far from the main attractions of Athens, with even a few of their own.

This small village neighbourhood is the oldest in Athens, so touring medieval churches and ancient landmarks is just steps away.

Have a nice relaxing dinner at a small family-run sidewalk restaurant after a day of touring the nearby major attractions. Staying in Plaka gives you a little bit of calm in a very busy city.

Things To Do in Plaka

  • Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum opens your mind to the culture and the history of the world around you. Plaka has no shortage of interesting and diverse museums to visit. The Athens University History Museum, where you can see old photographs and learn the long history of the University.

One of the oldest museums in Greece is located in Plaka. The Museum of Modern Greek Culture opened in 1918 and is still welcoming the public to this day, showcasing its cultural exhibits.

Stroll through musical history at the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, and tour the oldest house in Athens, The Benizelos Mansion. A visit to a museum or two is a wonderful day spent in Plaka. 

  • Take a Walk Back in Time

Wandering the streets of Plaka is like waking in a time machine, sending you way back to the time when Greek Gods such as Zues and Apollo roamed the earth.

Plaka is best area to stay in Athens, here you can visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus. This impressive temple built in the 2nd century is dedicated to the ‘father of all gods’ stands tall in modern-day Athens. Tour the Temple of Hephaestus, built in 449 B.C.

Dedicated to the God of Fire, Hephaestus and the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, it is a step into the ancient world of the Greek Gods.

Walk through Hadrian’s Arch and imagine being entertained in the Theatre of Dionysus. Time well spent walking through an ancient time. 

  • Shop and Dine in Plaka

Plaka is known for its cobblestone walkways and shop-lined streets. Get the perfect souvenir at Forget Me Not or the Travelling Owl.

Find beautiful handmade pottery at The Attic Black Shop or purchase some exquisite paintings at Pandora Art Gallery. Whatever you are looking for and a few things that you were not, you will find shopping in Plaka.

Dining in Plaka is just as diverse as shopping. Pull up a barrel and have a drink at Brettos, or a classic Greek dinner at Platanos Taverna.

Enjoy homemade baked goods and coffee sitting at the sidewalk cafe of Yiasemi or some seafood at Barbounaki. Shopping and dining were never more than when you are in Plaka. 

Places to stay in Plaka Athens

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Athens, Greece - Flowering beautiful bush of bougainvillea on a famous street in Plaka, an old historical neighborhood of Athens

Syntagma Square – Ideal for first time visitors.

Syntagma Square is the central square of Athens and is said to be the most popular places to stay in Athens for first timers as it’s easy to get from Syntagma to pretty much anywhere else in Athens.

The square is named after the Constitution that the first King of Greece (Otto) grant after a military uprising in 1843. It is located right in front of the the Old Royal Palace. This area has significant political history. 

This is the place I would suggest where to stay in Athens for 2 nights as it might very well be best place to stay Athens.

Why Stay in Syntagma Square Athens

Centrally located, Syntagama Square is the best place for first-time visitors to stay. Easy access to major attractions with one of the most important historical and political places in Athens can be found near Syntagma Square.

Watch the changing of the guards at the Greek Parliament building next to the square. Take a tour of the parliament buildings for free if you are a foreign visitor. Take a moment at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to remember the true cost of freedom.

Relax in the National Garden of Athens and breathe in the beauty of over 15 hectares of flowers and foliage. Staying in Syntagma Square is one of the best areas to stay in Athens for the first time. 

Things To Do in Syntagma Square

  • Tour the Greek Parliament Building

Tour the Greek Parliament Building where history was made, and Modern Greece was born. Walk through the halls where historic moments were the norm and visit the many exhibits that are offered.

Visit the Eleftheriou Venizelos Hall, one of the few halls remaining after a devastating fire in 1909. Take in the grandness of the plenary where Kings and Queens would speak to their subjects.

Enjoy a historical tour of a parliamentary building that started as a royal palace and is still in use today. 

  • Watch the Changing of the Presidential Guards

The Changing of the Guards of the Greek Parliament takes place every hour. Standing perfectly still, these guards do not move until it is time for them to give the next soldier their turn at guarding the Greek Parliament.

Every Sunday morning at 11 am, you can watch the ceremonial changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Accompanied by a military band, “The Evzones” march to their positions, relieving the soldiers of their task. This has become a very popular tourist attraction in Athens. 

  • Get Back to Nature in the National Garden of Athens

An oasis of city life sits in the Syntagama Square area. The National Garden of Athens was commissioned by Queen Amalia in 1838 and was then called the Royal Garden.

Among the eucalyptus trees and bright foliage are ancient ruins for you to explore. Visit the conservatory, library and enjoy a coffee at the small cafe on the grounds.

Bring a blanket and have a picnic lunch to relax from the hustle and bustle that is only steps away. 

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View of Syntagma Square in the sunset. The square is a popular landmark and meeting point of the city.

Gazi – Ideal for nightlife

Gazi is a neighborhood in Athens, that surrounds Athens old gasworks precinct. Now a days it is an industrial museum and exhibition space called “Technopolis”, next to Keramikos and close to the Acropolis. 

Gazi is a fairly “new” place in Athens, especially for tourists however it is full of restaurants, cafes and music palours. Looking for the best area in athens to stay for nightlife, Gazi also has some of Athens coolest nightspots.

Why Stay in Gazi

Gazi is Greek for gas. This makes sense since a large gasworks factory once stood in the middle of it. What once was a factory neighbourhood is now the new hotspot for nightlife in Athens.

Even the old gasworks building is illuminated with colour to get the party started in Gazi. Sit and sip a craft beer or two at one of the local breweries or party until dawn at one of the local clubs.

During the day, stroll through the streets and view the street art, stopping at the many little cafes scattered throughout the neighbourhood for coffee and some wonderful Greek desserts.

When you want to be near the party for your holiday, Gazi is a great place to stay. 

Things To Do in Gazi

  • View the Street Art

Along the streets of Gazi is an Art Gallery of street art. Large murals on the side of buildings created by local artists will almost seem like they are coming out to greet you.

Walking along Pireos Street and take in the visual artistry of notables such as INO and Borondo. These exquisite paintings will have you in awe of their talent. 

  • Tour the Gasworks Factory and Museum

The Gasworks Factory operated from 1857 to 1984. What started as a small plant in 1857 owned by businessman Franiskos Feraldis rapidly expanded into a large complex.

Lighting gas lamps and providing the city of Athens with natural gas for over 100 years. Now the factory hosts tours of the factory and have a comprehensive museum. Holding culture and seasonal events, it has become the place to go in Gazi. 

  • Enjoy the Nightlife in Gazi

When the sun goes down, the vibe goes up in Gazi. The variety of nightlife you can experience in Gazi will have you dancing from club to club.

Looking for a little Rock’n Roll stop into the Intrepid Fox. Different nights have different kinds of rock styles, and make sure you check the schedule for the many live bands appearing there.

Have a blast dancing to the DJ at The Blast, or do the hustle at Makeup Live Disco.

Looking for something a little different? Laugh the night away at Premise Comedy Club. You can find entertainment for all in Gazi. 

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ATHENS, GREECE - Main square in the Gazi neighbourhood of Athens

Makrigianni – Ideal on a budget

Makrigianni is an Athens neighborhoods, where you’ll find the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis Metro Station. 

While there are not many tourist attractions in Makrigianni, the central location makes it a the attractions great place to stay, and you will feel more like a local than a tourist in this green leafy neighborhood.

The lack of vehicle traffic makes this a great neighborhood for walking, jogging or bicycling. Makrianni Street has many small jewelry shops, as well as restaurants with outdoor seating. 

The nearby metro station means you can easily get around Athens to see all the popular sites such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which is in walking distance. I would recommend that this is where to stay in Athens for one night.

Why Stay in Makrigianni

The warm, wonderful atmosphere of the Makrigianni neighbourhood, with many budget-friendly accommodation options available, makes this the perfect place to stay while touring Athens on a budget.

Add in the archaeological beauty of the area with attractions such as the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and the Parthenon, all within walking distance.

Stroll down Dionysiou Areopagito, a tree-lined pedestrian street where you can watch buskers perform and peruse the shops in the area. With the Acropolis Metro Station just steps away, all of Athens is at your fingertips. 

Things To Do in Makrygianni

  • Visit the Incredible Acropolis

Sitting high above the city of Athens is The Acropolis. This ancient citadel dates back to 429 BC and is the most visited attraction in Greece. With its impressive columns and massive size, you can see this citadel from almost all parts of Athens.

Inside the citadel is The Parthenon. The temple was built in the 5th century and dedicated to the goddess Athena.

As you walk around this ancient structure you will see designs and statues throughout the citadel. Walking in the temple of the Gods is an experience you will never forget. 

  • Acropolis Museum

This intriguing museum holds the artifacts found in the Acropolis. Opening in Makrygianni in 2009, The Acropolis Museum moved from its original location on ‘the Rock,’ it has had over 4 million visitors.

Enjoy a walk through history, viewing three floors of ancient statues and sculptures, objects used by the gods in everyday life found in the temples.

Sit in the restaurant and enjoy an authentic Greek dinner while you take in the site of the Acropolis. Enjoy the many activities offered at the museum while you explore the most important museum in Athens. 

  • Dionysiou Areopagitou

After a wonderful visit to the Acropolis Museum, walk down one of the most popular pedestrian-only streets in Athens.

With beautiful views of the Acropolis as your backdrop, shop the many boutiques and shops along its lane. Watch the buskers perform and stop for coffee and balaclava in one of the many cafes.

There are many historical sites to visit on this tree-lined avenue as well, so put your walking shoes on and go for a stroll along Dionysiou Areopagitou. 

Places to Stay in Makrygianni

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stairs of Kolonaki area in Athens Greece

Koukaki Athens- Best neighborhood to stay in Athens

Adjacent to Makrianni is the trendy residential neighborhood of Koukaki. 

Drakou Street is one of the main thoroughfares, which is lined with outdoor cafes and leads to the Syngrou-Fix metro station, where you can access the metro to travel all over the city of Athens.

Koukaki has a real “village” feel and you’ll feel like a local if you stay in Koukaki, which many people do. 

This is one of Airbnb’s top five most interesting neighborhoods in the world. If you are looking for quieter place to stay in Athens, check out Koukaki.

Why Stay in Koukaki

This charming neighbourhood in Athens is often overlooked by tourists but is one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Athens. Sitting in the shadow of the Acropolis this diverse neighbourhood takes you away from the city and into a village.

While not having many tourist attractions, it does have interesting souvenir shops to shop, small bars and sidewalk cafes to unwind and have a relaxing evening.

The best place for this is Georgaki Olympiou Street. Where fairy lights light your way down the tree-lined street.

This neighbourhood was inspired by artists, and is home to the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Koukaki is the place to stay in Athens for that authentic Greek village vibe.

Things To Do in Koukaki

  • National Museum of Contemporary Art

This eclectic collection of contemporary art is displayed beautifully in the newly completed National Museum of Contemporary Art.

A comprehensive collection of contemporary Greek and international art showcased for you to enjoy. The view of the modern side of Greece in an ancient city. 

  • Walk the Tree Lined Streets of Koukaki

In a busy city like Athens, it is nice to find a quiet street to stroll. As you stroll the streets of Koukaki and take in the diverse architecture, make sure to hit Drakou and Georgaki Olympiou for its shops and charming cafes.

At night the harsh lights of the city are replaced with Fairy lights and lanterns to soften the glow within these tree-lined streets. A relaxing and wonderful experience that will last long after you get home. 

Places to Stay in Koukaki

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ATHENS, GREECE - Street in the center of the city of Athens. Koukaki district. Greece, Europe

Thissio – Ideal for nightlife

Thissio is a central neighborhood and if you are looking for nightlife, Thissio is the best place to stay in Athens. 

Thissio has incredible views of the Acropolis lit up at night, but this area is best known for the sheer number of cafes, bars and nightclubs.

Easily accessed by the metro, and close to the Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods, Thissio also has an open-air cinema, which is a fun way to spend a summer evening in Athens. 

On nearby Phillipapou Hill, there are miles of trails winding through pine forests that you can explore on foot. With the unique combination of nature and nightlife, Thissio is a great place to stay in Athens.

Why Stay in Thissio

Gaining popularity with the younger crowd over the last few years with its introduction of bars, restaurants and cafes to the area. There are many attractions to choose from as well in Thissio.

Get in a little nature at Phillipapou Hill and visit the archaeological site of Kerameikos and learn some Greek mythology at the Temple of Hephaestus.

See the stars at the National Observatory of Athens and have dinner in a cozy rooftop restaurant, taking in Athens at night. With so many things to see and do and its rising popularity, Thissio is a great place to stay while visiting Athens. 

Things to Do in Thissio

  • National Observatory of Athens

The National Observatory of Athens was the first research center of its kind in Greece and all of Europe. Watching the stars since 1842, the observatory sits on the Hill of Nymphs in Thissio.

Walk through the visitor center and get a glimpse of Astronomy through the ages. Tour the library, which includes many historical books, as well as admire the first telescope of Greece. Look up to the sky the way Greece has been doing it for over 180 years. 

  • Visit an Archeological Site

Walking back in time to a land so far away is what you feel when you roam the archaeological sites of Thissio. Be intrigued by the Kerameikos site and the extensive museum that goes along with it.

Learn some Greek mythology at the Temple of Hephaestus. Dedicated to Hephaestus, the ancient god of fire and Athena, the goddess of pottery and crafts, this temple was constructed around 450 BC.

Inside you will find bronze statues of the dedicated gods along with many other sculptures and depictions. An excellent day spent in ancient times in Thissio.

  • Enjoy the nightlife of Thissio

The fun does not stop in Thissio when the sun goes down. Take in the views of the Acropolis at night while sipping on fine wine. Sample each and every vineyard wine in Greece at the Wine Station or sing some Karaoke at the Ghosthouse.

Looking for a real late-night dance stop-in at Lohan Athens Nightclub that does not open until 12 am. A great night’s entertainment can be found in Thissio.

Places to Stay in Thissio

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Athens, Greece - Coffee shops and bars in Thissio neighbourhood of Athens, Greece.

Monastiraki – Ideal for sightseeing

Monastiraki is best known for the Monastiraki Flea Market. Monastiraki is actually one of Athen’s premiere shopping districts, selling typical tourist souvenirs, jewelry and home goods, in addition to the usual flea market fare on Sundays.

This neighborhood is also known for famous landmarks like the Ancient Agora and Hadrian’s Library. 

Monastiraki is slightly less expensive than other popular areas like Plaka, but is a great place to stay in Athens. Nearby access to the metro means you can easily explore all of Athens from a home base in Monastiraki.

Why Stay in Monastiraki

With a plethora of things to see and do in Monastiraki, it is easy to see why sightseers prefer to stay here.

Ancient ruins such as Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora, and the Alter of Zeus are just a start in this historic neighbourhood of Athens.

Monasiraki Flea Market will keep you shopping with its diverse and interesting selection of goods at the many stalls at the market.

With easy access to public transportation and an abundance of things to see and do, Monastiraki is the perfect place to stay while in Athens. 

Things To Do in Monastiraki

  • Visit the Ancient Ruins in Monastiraki 

Monastiraki has its fair share of ancient and historic buildings in Athens. Hadrian’s Library was constructed by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 132 AD to store the literary works of the time as well as other legal documents.

It would play host to lecturers and philosophers speaking to both students and those that would hold an audience with them. Ancient Agora is a fine representation of an ancient Greek central meeting space.

There is also a museum there to learn about its fascinating history and view some artifacts of ancient times.

Representing the battle of the giants, the Alter of Zeus shows the grand battle with the use of sculptures and pictography. Ancient history is all around you in Monastiraki. 

  • Shop at the Monastiraki Flea Market 

Even if you do not know what you are looking for, you will find it at the Monastiraki Flea Market. With a mixture of small shops, vendors and sidewalk cafes, this shopping experience will be one you remember.

You can wander around on your own, or you can find a guide that will lead you to the perfect gift you were looking for. There is something for everyone at Monasiraki Flea Market. 

Places to Stay in Monastiraki

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ATHENS, GREECE - View of Acropolis from a roof-top coffee shop in Monastiraki square, Athens.

Kolonaki  – Ideal with family

Kolonaki is an Athens neighborhood known for upscale shopping, designer boutiques and trendy cafes. You can also find fine dining with global cuisines in Kolonaki. 

While this is more upscale and modern than more traditional areas of Athens, such as the Plaka, if you are looking to experience the finer side of Athens, Kolonaki is a great place to stay.

With a large concentration of office buildings, Kolonaki can feel a bit like a business district, but you’ll still find bustling streets lined with sidewalk cafes. 

Located next to Lycabettus hill, you can catch a funicular in Kolonaki and explore the summit for 360-degree views of Athens. There are also two metro stations in Kolonaki which will whisk you away to other parts of the city.

Why Stay in Kolonaki

When travelling with family it makes it a much smoother trip when you have all the amenities at hand. Staying in Kolonaki will give you that a little more.

With fine dining restaurants that offer international cuisine and upscale boutiques to browse through this is not your typical Athens neighbourhood.

Housing a host of museums with ancient artifacts such as The Benaki Museum and the Museum of the History of Greek Costume there is something for everyone in the family.

The kids will have a blast riding the funicular to the top of Lycabettus Hill for a 360 degree view of Athens. With a wonderful mix of ancient and modern, Kolonaki is the perfect place to stay with family. 

Things To Do in Kolonaki

  • Ride the Funicular

The kids and you will love this fun ride up Mount Lycabettus. This cable car that travels up the side of Mount Lycabettus has been in operation since 1965.

The cable car slowly takes you up to the top of the mountain where you can gaze upon all of Athens.

Dine at the restaurant that is at the top and tour the church of Agios Georgios built in 1870. It is a fun attraction that will have the family buzzing about long after your trip to Athens. 

  • Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

There are many museums to choose from in Kolonaki. Benaki Museum has four floors of unique historical art in many forms.

The Museum of Cycladic Art has an impressive collection of ancient art and artifacts and delight in the ornate surroundings of B & M Theocharakis.

Take in the contemporary art of Greek Artists at the Skoufa Gallery or the artistic flavor of Evripides Art Gallery. You are guaranteed an interesting day when touring the museums and Art Galleries of Kolonaki. 

  • Shop and Dine in Kolonaki

This upscale neighbourhood offers a wide range of shopping experiences. With hip boutiques offering trending and famous designers such as Gucci and Armani and quaint coffee shops for a well deserved break from your shopping excursion its the perfect place to find what you need.

Offering a variety of authentic greek cooking and international tastes Kolonaki is a wonderful choice for people with an ever expanding palate. Try some octopus at Dexameni Restaurant or fresh italian pizza at Capanna.

Stop for a cocktail at Minnie the Moocher have a specialty drink at Mai Tai. Shopping and dining was never so fine as in Kolonaki. 

Places to Stay in Kolonaki

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Athens, Greece - A young boy and a young girl sit side by side in the neighbourhood  of Kolonaki, under mount Lycabettus.

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