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Auckland SkyJump – to be scared or not to be scared….


So Ben and I recent did a world wind trip to Auckland with one of Bens bucket list items being the Auckland Sky Jump, so I thought what the heck let’s try it out! (says the person deathly afraid of heights!).

I spent the week leading up to our Auckland trip, psyching myself up in preparation for the jump or basically trying not to think about it!

But the day finally arrived, we check into the jump centre at 9am, went through the weighing process (im claiming a large breakfast beforehand haha!) and then met our jump master who took us through to get “suited up” in the very attractive multicolored jump suit along with our full body harness.

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Game Face On!

After getting suited up, we took the glass-bottomed elevator up to 60th floor and waited in the waiting room for our turn. I of course insisted on going first to “get it over and done with” (aka so I don’t chicken out!). I was brought through the glass doors to the chilly outdoors, trying hard not to look out and “enjoy the beautiful views”.

The lovely Jump masters (who’s names I didn’t get because I was too busy keeping my shit together..) were double checking the magical machine that keeps us safe.

One of the jump masters came over to check over my harness, take some photos and strap a camera onto my wrist, all while trying to have a chat.

Although I’m not too sure if I was making much sense, I was trying really hard not to pee my pants haha! Once he had done all his checks the other jump master came over and triple checked my harness (safety first is these guys’ priority) – which provided me with some sense reassurance that I wasn’t going to fall out.


The Moment of Truth!

We walked out onto the platform, where my jump master turned on my camera, had a little chat about Auckland and showed everyone at home (via the camera) the beautiful Auckland views. We walked further out to the platform where he clipped me into the machine that would take me safely to the ground.

**Note** the SkyJump is NOT a bungy jump, it is a group of six wire-tethered 1.2m-wide track which you are attached to as you free fall at 85km hour! This is a cable controlled jump. The brakes are applied shortly before you land. It is not a sudden stop but a fairly fast deceleration.

It was time…. He double checked the connects and said to me im going to give you a count down and all you have to do is let go with your hands and step out it’s easy….”here goes Sam in 3…2..1.. GO!!! I did what he said, let go of the poles I was holding onto and stepped off! It was terrifying and such a rush!!!

I pretty much screamed the whole way down, (video below) initially in pure terror and after a few seconds I realized how cool it was and by that stage I was pretty much on the ground! (note for girls… wear a hair the, you’re hair will go everywhere!!!)

Ben’s experience was similar to mine, just less screaming and his landing was a little harder as he is a big boy!


The Verdict:

I wish I had done it again!! It was such a rush! It went really quick.

Ben’s Skyjump (cool, calm and collected):

Sam’s Skyjump (screaming the whole way down…)

There are 2 options at the Auckland Sky Tower:

The SkyJump and the SkyWalk (for those who are way too scared to do the jump… or for those who want to enjoy the views).

SkyJump is open from 10.00am to 5.15pm.

If it’s blowing a gale out there (over 70km/hr) or other extreme weather, then SkyJump does not operate. Fortunately this doesn’t happen often and a little wind is great for those wanting to add a little more thrill to the experience.

For the scared cats, try out the Sky Walk:

SkyWalk is open 10.00am to 4.30pm.

SkyWalk adventures depart througout the day, with a maximum of six SkyWalkers each trip.

SkyWalk is exposed at the top of the Sky Tower, so we have very strict cut-off limits for wind. We also have a minimum weight restriction of 45kgs in winds over 40 km/h.

Including safety briefings, the Skyjump experience takes a total of about 30 minutes, and Skywalk, 75 minutes.

Facts about the Auckland SkyJump

  • Perfect for young and old, minimum age of 10, and no maximum age!
  • SkyJump is OSH approved and completely safe.
  • Do it all over again for only $75!
  • 85km (50mph) speed.
  • The elevators travel at 18km per hour and the ride takes only 40 seconds.
  • On a clear day you can see approximately 82 kilometres (51 miles) from Sky Tower.
  • The Sky Tower is 328m tall (including the spire)
  • Height of the SkyJump is 192m

What you Should Wear?

All you need is comfortable clothing and lace up shoes. You will be fitted for the extremely sexy SkyJump flying suit and full body harness. You are not allowed to wear any loose-fitting footwear, however if you do happen to forget your lace up shoes they have some spare shoes you can borrow. Nappies are also optional! haha!

What Proof do you get of your Heroic Fall I mean Jump….

SkyJump offers a photo and video USB package available for purchase after your jump.As mentioned above the SkyJump Masters will attach a camera to your wrist before heading out on the SkyJump platform.

This records your jump from start to finish. The video comes with sound so maybe keep that in mind if you want children to relive the SkyJump with you!

The photos consist of a shot on the platform of you with your best super fake confident grin, and one photo of you mid-air at the beginning of your jump.

The price for the USB package is $65 (all digital photos and movie file on the USB plus the two printed photos). If you just wish to purchase the two printed photos this will cost $30.

Can you take your own camera?

Sadly not, SkyJump have modified the equipment to make it safe for the SkyJump activity, and for this reason you are unable to use your own camera equipment.


Skyway prices are $145 NZD = $138 AUD for adults and $115 NZD = $110 AUD for children (aged 10-15) and student/backpacker concession (ID required) $125 NZD = $119 AUD

SkyJump prices are $225 NZD = $215 AUD for adults and $175 NZD = $167 AUD for children (aged 10-15) and student/backpacker concession (ID required) $195 NZD = $186 AUD

(Skyjump and SkyWalk package) Look and Leap Package – $290 NZD = $277 AUD for adults, children and concessions.

**prices as of 4th of December 2016**

Get the best price for the Skywalk and Skyjump here

** Important note: Travel insurance is particularly important when you are completing risky activities, while you may not plan to getting hurt and do everything to ensure your safety, accidents can happen while you travel. We recommend Southern Cross Travel Insurance, which is an Australia based Travel Insurance company, you must be Australian citizens or permanent resident. SCTI paid over 10 million dollars in claims last year and recently won an award for most comprehensive cover.


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