Amazing cities around the world…. Starting with D

Amazing cities around the world…. Starting with D

Take an adventure with Travelling King through this series, showing you all the amazing cities of the world from A to Z. We have joined up with countless amazing Travel Bloggers throughout this series to come up with some great experiences about these cities. We will tell you why we love these cities, what we love doing and suggest a few places to stay. Lets continue on with cities around the world starting with D.

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Dehli (India)

Kunal, from Your Local Cousin, a travel startup that connects travelers with locals for personalized trip planning tells us about Delhi:

Contrary to what people say about Delhi and that its the most polluted or unsafe city in the world, there is something about this 2000+ year old city which is why 16 million people call it home today. A lot of the capital’s history and its remnants lay scattered amidst the urban sprawl. Yes, it is polluted and this gets worse in peak winter (December to February) and makes you wonder why you’re in this chaotic city but then every major city in the world has its pros and cons, right?

Over years the city has become a major business hub and now competes with Mumbai and Bangalore because its economy demands big and small corporations alike to establish a physical presence in the city, the infrastructure has improved (though not as fast as the growing population and number of vehicles on its roads) and the city has a lot to offer to people looking for things to do once they get out of work / on weekends and for travelers as well. Does not come as a surprise to ‘Dilliwalas’ as people native to Delhi are called that their city is a paradise for foodies.

Whether you’re craving sushi, Mexican food, Thai, New York style pizza, Indian street food or the traditional ‘butter chicken’ you’re guaranteed to find the best here. Whenever I travel, I always get advice from locals on whats hip, happening and where do local like to go eat and hang out.

So getting guidance from Dilliwalas’ on where to eat will definitely help you not get a ‘Delhi belly’. The City’s nightlife is not the greatest admittedly as compared to Mumbai’s but there are some pubs and lounges which stay open till 12:30 or 1:00AM on weekends. If you’re looking to party late you can check out the night clubs in Delhi’s best hotels which are open till later in the night.

I love living in Delhi because it is also in close proximity to several other cities on the tourist map. These destinations also serve as weekend getaways for locals and there are several affordable transportation options if you’re planning to spend a few days exploring Northern India. Besides traveling by air and taking trains, I recommend you hit the highway and see the beautiful countryside, especially in the winter months.

Keep in mind to make reservations ahead of time as tourism in India is at its peak from November to mid March. For instance Agra (Taj Mahal) is just 2.5 hours by car; Jaipur also known as the ‘Pink City’ is a 4.5 hour drive; Jim Corbett National Park which is great for wildlife and nature lovers is 5.5 hours away; Rishikesh for those looking to unwind, do yoga and indulge in Ayurvedic spa treatments is also 5.5 hours away.

Whatever you do, be sensible and stay safe just like you would when you’re traveling. Don’t let media and rumors make you not visit this city and finally if you’re not sure about anything – ask Your Local Cousin.

Weird fact and outlandish Laws about Delhi 
– The street food in Chandni Chowk (old Delhi) may not look the most appetising especially after you see how and where it’s made but I’ve never had anyone I’ve taken who fell sick after eating there.

Camel in front of Taj Mahal in sunset , Agra , India

Drake Bay (Costa Rica)

Rob from Namu Travel Group tells us about Drake Bay

Drake Bay, or Bahia Drake as it is also locally known, is located in the northern part of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Osa is the most remote region of the country, and for this reason it’s favorite among tourist who are in tune with nature and ecology. Osa, and the Corcovado National Park were said to be the most Biological Diverse Region of Earth by National Geographic. This bay was named after Sir Francis Drake, who discovered it during his voyage around the world, in the 16th Century.

With its tropical climate and outstanding flora and fauna, Drake Bay is ideal for those who love to explore an untouched jungle. There are very few experiences that surpass the joy of walking through the trails of a majestic rain forest. The sounds, the smells, the sights are unique.

The best time to visit Osa Peninsula is during the dry season, which runs from January through April, has reliable sunny weather with little to no rainfall. During the green season (May through August) afternoon showers are common but you will get the best value for your money, as lodges drop their rates significantly.

Weird fact and outlandish Laws about Drake Bay:

– It is believed to be the place where Sir Francis Drake (a British pirate) hid his treasures in the 16th century.

Beautiful beach at Drake Bay on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica

Diamante (Italy)

Marta from Homes and Villas Abroad tells us about Diamante

Diamante is a seaside resort on Calabria’s Tyrrhenian coast in southern Italy.

It is not the largest of towns — it has just over 5,000 inhabitants —but it is without doubt one of the prettiest.

As well as its long promenade,some 20 metres above sea level, and five miles of beach, it is renowned for more than 300 brightly coloured murals that decorate many of its older buildings. The largest of the murals stretches for over 50 metres and tells the story of the birth of Diamante.

Another mural, on the walls of the Chiesa dell’Im macolata Concezione church, tells the story of the history of Calabria stretching back to the discovery of ancient graffiti in a nearby cave.

Diamante is a charming mix of the old and the new. The area has been lived in since the Palaeolithic era but the town as it currently stands began to take shape in the 16th century when it was a small fishing village.

Proof that its roots stretch even further back can be seen in the ancient Roman Mausoleum, visible from the main coastal highway and dating fromthe years 1 to 3 AD.

Unsurprisingly for a coastal resort, Diamante prides itself on its fresh seafood. The best seafood restaurants are to be found on the seafront at Spiaggia Piccola.

However, an equally popular local delicacy is peperoncini, the red-hot peppers that can be seen hanging from many balconies and which are used to spice up many Calabrian dishes.

Weird fact and outlandish Laws about Diamante:
– For a week every September it hosts a peperoncini-eating contest that attracts around 100,000 visitors.

Landscape. Panoramic view of Diamante. Calabria. Italy.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Yigit from Wope tells us about Dubai

Dubai is an amazing city located in the United Arab Emirates. It is known for its modern architecture, luxurious lifestyle, and vibrant nightlife. It is also home to some of the world’s tallest buildings,including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. One of the things that makes Dubai so special is its unique culture. The city is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all over the world living and working there.

This makes it a great place to explore different cultures and experience something new.The city also offers a wide range of activities for visitors. From shopping in the world-famous Dubai Mall to exploring the desert on a dune buggy, there is something for everyone in Dubai. There are also plenty of activities for families, such as visiting the Dubai Aquarium or taking a ride on the Dubai Ferry.

When it comes to food, Dubai has something for everyone. From traditional Middle Eastern dishes to international cuisine, there is something for everyone in Dubai. The city also has a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from. One of the most interesting facts about Dubai is that it has some of the strictest laws in the world. For example, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public, and it is also illegal to kiss in public. However,these laws are rarely enforced and visitors should not be concerned about them.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of options in Dubai. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly apartments, there is something for everyone in Dubai. For those looking for a more luxurious experience, there are plenty of five-star hotels to choose from. For those on a budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly apartments available. Overall, Dubai is an amazing city with something for everyone. From its unique culture and vibrant nightlife to its luxurious lifestyle and strict laws, there is something for everyone in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience or a budget-friendly stay, there is something for everyone in this amazing city.

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Amazing panoramic view on Dubai futuristic skyline, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Natali from She’s abroad again tells us about Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, nicknamed the pearl of the Adriatic, is the most well-known city in Croatia and an absolute must-visit destination. Cobblestone streets of the Old town transport you to another era, and as you walk the city walls and admire the view, you can almost feel what it was like to live there centuries ago. You have to visit The  Old city walls, walk the main walking street Stradun and discover Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury.
There is more than just historical attractions in Dubrovnik. The city is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Banje beach is the most popular one, but to escape the crowds do as the locals do and go to the small island of Lokrum, just a 10-minute boat ride from the Old Port.
Thanks to its stunning beaches, this medieval seaside town used to be a popular upscale holiday destination before rising to fame as a filming location for the Game of Thrones series. 
Yes, if Dubrovnik looks familiar, it is because you’ve already seen it as King’s Landing!
Dubrovnik used to be a Republic under the name Republic of Ragusa. It resisted Venetians and Ottomans for centuries, keeping its independence and unique government until the early 19th century.
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful romantic old town of Dubrovnik during sunny day, Croatia,Europe.

Dublin (Ireland)

Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing tells us about Dublin

“I’ve been to Dublin twice and I have to say, I absolutely love it there! Both times I was only there for a couple of nights, so my wife and I decided to get an Airbnb in the centre of the city. We didn’t really explore the outskirts but there’s likely to be lower cost options outside of the main city centre. 

I absolutely love the Guinness Storehouse Factory – it’s probably the most popular tourist attraction in all of Ireland. If drinking isn’t for you, then there are plenty of other things to do in the city – from cathedrals, to Dublin Castle, to museums, and zoos. It depends on what you like. We spent some time walking around Trinity College and exploring the grounds there.

Even if you don’t want to do anything serious, the centre has lots of shops, bars, and restaurants, and if you’re only there for a couple of days, you can just spend your time walking around. 

Weird facts and laws about Dublin

– If you’re a student at Trinity College, you have the right to demand a glass of wine during an exam
– Up until 1964, the punishment, if you attempted suicide, was death by hanging”

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Dublin, Ireland. Night view of famous illuminated Ha Penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland at sunset

Dallas (Texas)

Joshua Haley from Moving Astute to tell us about Dallas

Dallas, Texas is an exciting and vibrant city located in the United States of America. It is the fourth most populous city in the country, with nearly 1.3 million people living in its urban area. Dallas boasts a strong economy and a diverse cultural landscape that makes it one of the most attractive cities to live in. The “Big D” as it’s often called, is home to multiple professional sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, as well as several renowned performing arts centers such as The Dallas Theater Center and Meyerson Symphony Center. There are also countless museums, galleries, entertainment districts and parks that provide plenty of activities for visitors and locals alike. Dallas has a thriving business sector with some of the biggest companies in the world including AT&T, 7-Eleven, Southwest Airlines and Texas Instruments having their headquarters here. The city also boasts great educational opportunities by boasting numerous schools like University of Texas at Dallas and Southern Methodist University along with many other prestigious institutions. If you’re looking for outdoor recreation then Dallas has plenty to offer! The city is home to two beautiful lakes—White Rock Lake Park and Bachman Lake Park—that provide recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing and hiking trails throughout the year. There are a few golf courses nearby too if you want to practice your swings outdoors! For food lovers there are tons of options available ranging from high-end restaurants to casual eateries offering authentic Texan cuisine. Some popular spots include Pecan Lodge BBQ Joint which serves up award-winning barbecue dishes; Bellagreen which offers fresh salads made with local ingredients; La Duni Latin Café with its delicious Latin-inspired fare; or Oddfellows for those craving something sweet like ice cream plus coffee drinks served from morning till night! No matter what you’re looking for – outdoor adventures or culinary delights – Dallas will have something for everyone!
Dallas, Texas, USA downtown city skyline in the afternoon.

Dunedin New Zealand

Allie from to Parched Around the World tell us about Dunedin

When you think of South Island, New Zealand, chances are that images of breathtaking landscapes, lush green forests, and snow-covered mountains are the first things that come to mind. But nestled within the majestic natural beauty of South Island are a few cities that can’t be missed, one of which is Dunedin (pronounced doo-NEE-din). 

Located at the top of the Otago Harbor on the South Island’s southeast coast, Dunedin is known as the wildlife capital of New Zealand and one of the best-preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Dubbed the “Edinburgh of the South” thanks to its Scottish heritage, it’s a city rich in both culture and beauty. From stunning beaches to rolling green hills to a super fun downtown vibe with a noteworthy local food scene, Dunedin is a place where nature and city intersect in the very best of ways. 

But one of the things that I love most about it is that it’s unexpectedly full of amazing graffiti art! From Māori iconography to murals of native New Zealand birds to works by renowned street artists like Phlegm from Wales and Roa from Belgium, there are incredible pieces of art to be found at every turn. I highly recommend downloading a street art map and setting aside plenty of time explore the city and see it all! Just make sure you have plenty of room on your camera roll because the city and the street art make for a photographer’s paradise. 

There are heaps of places to stay in Dunedin, but the accommodation you choose all depends on the experience you’re after. For a modern hotel in the city center, Ebb-Dunedin is a great choice. For a more historic experience, the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross is an excellent option. 

Other things not to miss in Dunedin: a photo stop at the grandiose Dunedin Railway Station; a visit to the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum; a short hike through an excavated tunnel to Tunnel Beach; a beer and a snack at Emerson’s Brewery; and a drive out to the Otago Peninsula to see fur seals, little blue penguins, and northern royal albatross.  

Weird facts about Dunedin:

– The steepest street in the world – Baldwin Street – is located in Dunedin.
– Dunedin is home to Larnach Castle, the only historic castle in the entire country of New Zealand.
– The Royal Albatross Center in Dunedin is the only mainland location in the world where northern royal albatross can be viewed in their natural habitat.

Dunedin town and bay as seen from the hills above, South Island, New Zealand

Da Lat (Vietnam)

Karla from Colourful Journeys to tell us about Da Lat
Located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the city of Da Lat is a popular tourist destination. The average temperature of about 20°C makes for a great escape of the heat in Vietnam. Therefore Da Lat is especially sought-after under local tourist. 
A perfect day in Da Lat would include getting up early to see the sunrise from one of the many viewpoints. As the city is located up in the mountains, you’re often able to spot blankets of clouds covering the area. After you’re done “cloud-hunting”, head to one of the many coffee shops. The city is well-known for its bustling coffee-scene and picturesque coffee shops can be found all over town and provide you with breath-taking views, too!
Da Lat is also home to some of the best strawberries in the country. Strawberries thrive in this region due to the colder climate and the colder soil that comes with it. Head out to one of the many farms and fill your own basket of strawberries.
Facts about Dalat: 
– In 2021, the city’s first traffic light was installed.
– It is home to Indochina’s first and only nuclear reactor. 
– Dalat is home to Vietnam’s tallest pagoda bell tower.
– Dalat is known among locals as the “heartbreak city” because many couples break up after visiting.
Dalat or Da Lat city aerial panoramic view in Vietnam

Doha (Qatar)

Adeel Khan from to tell us about Doha

Doha is an amazing city for many reasons. One reason is its rich cultural heritage and history, which is evident in the city’s many cultural and historical sites, such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the Souq Waqif.I love Doha for is its modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city is home to a number of iconic skyscrapers and other modern buildings, as well as a thriving arts and entertainment scene. There are many activities to enjoy in Doha, including visiting the city’s beaches and parks, exploring the Qatar desert on a safari, and attending cultural events and festivals.Here are five weird facts and laws about Doha:

1- Doha has a ban on chewing gum, which is strictly enforced.
2- Public displays of affection are punishable by law in Doha.
3- The city is home to the world’s first indoor ski slope, located in the Mall of Qatar.
4- Doha is home to the world’s largest pearl sculpture, located in the West Bay area.
5- The city is home to the world’s largest Ferris wheel, called the Doha Eye, which is located at the Pearl-Qatar development.

As for recommendations of where to stay in Doha, there are many luxurious hotels and resorts in Doha to choose from, including the Four Seasons Hotel Doha, the Ritz-Carlton Doha, and the St. Regis Doha. These hotels offer a range of amenities and are located in convenient areas of the city, making them an ideal base for exploring all that Doha has to offer.

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Doha, Qatar - Marina corniche promenade in Porto Arabia at the Pearl-Qatar, Doha, with residential towers and luxury boats and yachts in Persian Gulf, Middle East. Sunny blue sky.

Denver (Colorado, USA)

Abby Price from Trekking Price’s to tell us about Denver
Denver is an incredible city because of its diversity, culture, endless things to do, and incredible weather. Denver has countless things to do whether you love art, sports, or outdoor recreation. It has a handful of galleries and museums for art enthusiasts, professional basketball, football, baseball, and hockey teams, for sports fans, and it has endless hiking trails, rock climbing facilities, biking paths for outdoor recreational activities and so much more. Denver truly has it all! Additionally, there is more than 300 days of sunshine in Denver, Colorado making it one of the sunniest states in the United States.
For recommendations on where to stay, be sure to check out The Westin Denver Downtown. The location is incredible and walking distance to countless restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.
Denver, Colorado, USA downtown city skyline at dawn.

Da Nang (Vietnam)

Nga Nguyen from Fine Asian Escapes tells us about Da Nang
If I have to pick one city in Vietnam that has it all, it has to be Da Nang. Think beautiful beaches, historical relics, fantastic street food, the scenic Hai Van pass, the majestic Golden Bridge and most importantly the proximity to Hoi An & Hue, both World Heritage Sites. Da Nang is also home to some of the country’s most luxurious resorts and you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to picking where to stay!
One of my favourite things to do in Da Nang is to take a walk along My Khe beach early in the morning, have breakfast at a local restaurant then hike around Marble Mountain which is 20 minute south of the city. From there you can easily take a day trip to the beautiful town of Hoi An. 
Weird facts about Danang 
– Everyone loves to slurp a bowl of seafood noodle soup for breakfast! Danang is actually a heaven for seafood lovers with seafront eateries and street food stalls.  
– Everyone loves to have their selfie taken at the famous Golden Bridge!
Recommendations of where to stay:
– Top places to stay in Danang are Four Seasons the Nam Hai & Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resorts. 
Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is maybe the most stunning resort in Da Nang area. The resort is located within a pristine rainforest with 700m private beach and designed by the star architect Bill Bensley, with one of the restaurants led by the three-star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire. All accommodation has a panoramic sea view and if you ever get bored of it, Hoi An town is only half an hour away!
Four Seasons the Nam Hai, with its sandy beach and prime location for Hoi An town, is one of our favourite resorts in Hoi An – Danang area. We love how intimate it feels the moment you set foot in the resort, yet to be blown away moments later by how impressive the villas are. Couples usually go for the private pool villas, set within a green garden dotted with palm trees, with the beach just a few steps away and delicious in-villa dining available 24/7, it is tropical life at best. 
BA NA HILLS, VIETNAM - Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, a resort located in the Truong Son Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam

Destin (Florida)

Val Streif from GetMyBoat tells us about Destin

One great city to consider adding to your list for travelers is Destin, Florida. Destin sits on Florida’s Emerald Coast and is home to white, sugar-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and great boating and water recreation opportunities.. You can see dolphins swim past you, go on a fishing charter, explore the Crab Island sandbar, and enjoy amazing waterfront dining. The waters are known for being shallow and calm, perfect for families with children or anyone wanting to kick back and relax. 
The best part is it’s an affordable beachfront destination where you don’t have to blow the bank to enjoy a tropical vacation. It’s a relatively small city that you can get around easily on foot or taxi, and by renting a car you can explore nearby panhandle cities, including Fort Walton Beach, Panama City Beach, and more. 
Large fishing troller heading out at sunset on the Gulf of Mexico in Destin, located in the Panhandle of Florida.

Delft (Netherlands)

Robyn from Two Empty Passports tells us about Delft

My husband and I visited Delft a few years ago, and it remains one of our favorite places in Europe! Although it has a population of over 100,000, Delft has a quaint, small-town feel. Think of it like a mini-Amsterdam, but without the hordes of tourists.

Delft is incredibly picturesque, with gorgeous tree-lined canals, baskets of pink flowers, and traditional Dutch architecture. It almost felt too adorable to be real! And despite visiting in July, the streets were surprisingly quiet, like we had the whole town to ourselves.

Grab a cappuccino and start wandering the beautiful canal streets. Make sure to visit the Old Church (Oude Kerk) with its beautiful stained-glass windows, and the New Church(Nieuwe Kerk), with its impressive sky-high steeple, and strong connection to the Dutch Royal Family. Both churches are in the historic center, and worth a visit on any visit to Delft.

Then head to the main square, known as the Markt in Delft, home to the iconic City Hall. The square is full of boutique shops, and a variety of restaurants and little cafes.

Lastly,Delft is the place to visit for art lovers. Not only is it the birth place of the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, who painted the famous Girl with The Pearl Earring in 1665, but it is also home to the famous Delft Blue Ceramics. There are several artist studios and shops around town showcasing the beautiful blue ceramics.

We would recommend staying at the Hotel de Plataan Delft Centrum, located in the historic center.

Weird Facts & Outlandish Laws in Delft:

– Members of the Royal Family are buried in New Church.
– The first bible, consisting of1300 pages of the New Testament, was printed in Delft.
– If a burglar breaks into your home, it is illegal to trap them in the bathroom.
– It is illegal to ride your bicycle without lights and a bell.

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Panoramic aerial view of Delft in a beautiful summer day, The Netherlands

Dehradun (India)

Axel Hernborg from Tripplo to tell us about Dehradun

Dehradun, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a place that I would definitely recommend people and travel lovers explore. It is a mesmerizing place surrounded by snowy mountains and beautiful waterfalls. The place is situated at the Himalayas’ foothills, making it even more touristy.

Not only because the location is a gateway for many hill stations, but also because Dehradun is known for its pilgrimage sites. The positive vibe and scenic surroundings of the city make people put their negative thoughts and stress aside and fall in love.

Along with these, Dehradun is a comparatively cheaper place to visit. A fun fact about the place is that it produces the sweetest litchis and the finest basmati rice in the world. Also, Dehradun is famous for being a preferred shooting site for Bollywood films, as the place features a number of prestigious, large, and serene schools and colleges. 

RISHIKESH, INDIA - The main view to Ganga river, bridge and temple

Dundee (Scotland)

Mike from Secret Scotland to tell about Dundee

10 years ago, Dundee was a City that I considered depressing, downtrodden and dismal. Today, it is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Scotland and is very much on the up. I love the city as it oozes a new found self-belief.

The city’s fortunes were built on the industries of Jute, Jam and Journalism. Those industries have now been replaced by high-tech firms specializing in Computer Games and Medical Research. So it is with good reason that Dundee brands itself as the “City of Discovery”.

The “City of Discovery” title is also a reference to the beautifully restored sailing ship RRS Discovery which is the centerpiece of the excellent Discovery Point Museum. This is a genuinely fascinating exhibition about Polar Exploration. The highlight for me is when you step on board the 120-year-old ship that carried the famous explorers Scott and Shackleton to Antarctica.

Dominating the waterfront of Dundee, is the stunning structure of the new V&A Museum of Design. The V&A is to Dundee, what the Opera House is to Sydney. The building appears to be made from stratified layers of rock and its architect, Kengo Kuma, claims he took inspiration for its design from cliff landscapes of Northern Scotland.

The city isn’t all about the new though. Dundee has some beautiful old building and one of the prettiest castles in Scotland,Claypotts, is found in the city’s eastern suburbs.

If you’ve got the budget, stay in the Malmaison Hotel which is not far from the waterfront of Dundee. For something central but a bit cheaper, there is the stylishly modern Sleeperz Hotel beside the train station and a stone throw from the V&A museum.

Weird fact and outlandish Laws about Dundee: 


  • in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, Dundee was the most pro-Independence city with 57.4% voting for a new Scotland.
  • Dundee has traditionally been a Matriarchal society. Its key industries predominantly employed women, so the menfolk stayed home and looked after the children.
  • The computer game “Grand Theft Auto” was created in Dundee.


  • It’s illegal to be drunk in charge of a cow.
View over City of Dundee in Scotland

Derby, United Kingdom

Melanie Musson from to tell us about Derby

Derby provides visitors with the English experience they’re looking for. There are excellent local pubs where you’ll be welcomed like an old friend and markets selling everything from trinkets to antiques. 

The beautiful countryside surrounding the city begs travelers to explore, even if just by car. And the River Derwent flows through the heart of the city and features walking trails and many spots of picturesque beauty. 

The Derby Cathedral boasts stunning architecture and rich history. The Perpendicular Gothic tower was built in the early 1500s and holds the oldest ring of ten bells in the world. The Derby Arboretum was a key inspiration for Central Park in New York City. Derby is a ghost-seeker destination with legends abounding. 

The Coach House Darley Abbey is a great place to stay. The house was once gentlemen’s quarters and maintains the original hunting lodge features with upgrades to make guests feel comfortable. The gardens are exquisite, and guests are welcome to explore them.

DERBY, UNITED KINGDOM - The Cathedral of All Saints with a bike shop and cafe to the left hand side Derby Derbyshire England UK Western EuropeDurban (South Africa)

Rehana from Rehana Mahomed to tell us about Durban

Durban (Kwazulu Natal) is a coastal region in South Africa. It has the best swimming and surfing beaches in South Africa.  
I love visiting Durban because it has many family friendly hotels/accommodations located right on the beach. The beaches have soft sand and warm water. And the city does not experience much of a winter making the weather is great all year round. 
Facts about Durban : 
– The “bunny chow” is a popular item on Durban menus. It is a loaf of bread filled with a meat/vegetarian curry.
– It is the busiest container port in Africa.
– There are many safari parks located close to Durban. 
UMHLANGA DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA - Many unknown visitors and promenade on beachfront against coastal commercial and residential city skyline in Umhlanga Durban South Africa

Den Haag / The Hague (Netherlands)

Emily from The Female Abroad to tell us about The Hague

Not far from the city of Delf is Den Haag which is one of my favourite cities to walk around. It is a very walkable city with Gothic-style buildings that make you feel like you are stepping back in time. Hotel Residenz was the boutique hotel we stayed in and I cannot say enough good things about it so make sure to check them out!

  1. While Amsterdam is the capital, the seat of government is found in Den Haag along with Palace Huis ten Bosch which is the formal home to the Royal Dutch family. The palace was originally a brothel then a prison before becoming a royal home. 
  2. The city has more trees than people
  3. Europe’s first traffic light was installed in this city near the Peace Palace
  4. Weird Law: Bikes have the right of way over cars and pedestrians.
The Hague, Netherlands. Binnenhof castle (Dutch Parliament) in downtown Hague at sunset.

Denizli (Turkey)

Kimberly from The Art of Living in Turkey to tell us about Denizli

Denizli is located in southwest part of Turkey in the Aegean Region. Denizli is both a city name and a province name so sometimes it can be confusing. That being said, Denizli province is home to some incredible sites within a short drive from the city. 

Most people know Denizli because it is home to Pamukkale and Laodicea, one of the 7 churches of Revelation. Having been to a couple of the ancient sites in the area, Laodicea is one of my favorites. The restoration of the ancient church is the best I have ever seen. Also, there are extensive ruins that you can wander through. 

Denizli has a Mediterranean climate meaning it is hot/dry during the summer and cool/wet in the winter. The further inland you go the more drastic the weather becomes. Temperatures range from 57-97°F (14-36°C) in the summer and 40-68°F (4-20°C) in the winter months.

Weird Facts & Laws in Turkey


  • It is against the law to insult Turkey, the government, Ataturk, etc. If you do so, it could land you in prison for up to 5 years. 
  • It is illegal for anything older than 100 years to be removed from the country. If you go antique shopping, you must be very careful. They are very serious about their antiquities laws. 
  • It is illegal to not carry identification. Police do random checks and you should have it with you. 


  • Though Turkey is a Muslim country, the legend of Santa Claus is based on a monk named St. Nicholas who was born in Patara, Türkiye.

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Beautiful natural travertine pools and terraces view from Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey. Cotton castle at sunny bright day.

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