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5 Reasons To Visit Austria During Your Next Trip To Europe

5 Reasons To Visit Austria During Your Next Trip To Europe

Austria is a small country in the heart of Europe. It is still underrated compared to other countries like France, the UK, Italy or Germany. But even being a tiny country compared to its neighbor countries, it has a lot to offer.

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Here are 5 reasons to visit Austria during your next trip to Europe:

Austria has a long and rich history. Impressive castles built by emperors and kings are spread all over the country.

If you like baroque art you will love Vienna, the capital of Austria. You find similar buildings in Salzburg, the home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Austria Castle

      1. The landscape

From lush forests, to turquoise and emerald lakes. You find them wherever you go. Famous are the Bodensee lake in the western part of Austria or the Green Lake in Styria. Especially around September while hiking in the forests you might be accompanied by edible and poisonous mushrooms.

Austrian mountain

      1. The food

Austrians love food, especially desserts. I am sure you heard about the Wienerschnitzel or the various dumplings like the Tiroler Knödel. They are made of old bread and stuffed with onions and bacon.

But the best are the countless desserts. Every region has it´s own specialties. This means a lot to try during a vacation. If you are in Austria be sure to try the Apfelschlangerl (apple strudel). You can find my Granny´s recipe here.

In Vienna you can enjoy crystalized violets and delicious cakes at the famous Demel café. They created the crystallized violets especially for empress Sisi.

Austrian Food

      1. The Culture

Culture and festivals play an important role in Austria. If you have the chance, attend a festival where you can enjoy local specialties, beer and even see the traditional clothing, the Dirndl and Lederhosen.

Austria Castle

      1. The Mountains

When you see pictures from the Alps they are probably taken in Switzerland or Austria. We are very proud of our mountains and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding.

ski in Austria

Austria is not a secret anymore for travelers and tourists but it is still underrated, especially compared to Switzerland. Switzerland is stunning but a lot more expensive and that´s another reason to visit the neighbor country Austria.

If you have questions about our home country feel free to ask and maybe we´ll see you soon somewhere in Austria. 😉

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