Where to stay in Graz [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Graz Austria is the second largest city in Austria, and capital of Styria province. As you are planning a visit to Graz, deciding where to stay is an important part of your Austria itinerary.

Much of the beauty of Graz is in the architecture, which can be found throughout the city. In fact, Graz was the European Capital of Culture in 2003 and named a City of Design just a few years later.

Map of Graz & Locations to stay in

Rather than a bustling capital city to be checked off a list, Graz is a city to savor, a place to stay for as long as you can.

With our guide to Graz accommodation, we can help you pinpoint the best area for tourists, with Graz hotels to fit every budget. 

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Graz

❤️ Best Area first timersGraz City Centre
💸 Best Luxury HotelParkhotel Graz – Traditional Luxury
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesHotel Alter Telegraf
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelHotel Feichtinger Graz
🛏️ Best Budget HotelBest Western Hotel Strasser
✨ Best Hostela&o Graz Hauptbahnhof

We will cover off all types of Graz accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Graz hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Graz 2024.

Here we will feature the best Graz hotels, best places in Graz to visit, the best places to stay in Graz, hotels near Graz attractions, Graz neighborhood guide and many more. Check out our below guide on where to stay in Graz Austria.

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Discover the best places to stay in Graz in this informative video! Whether you’re looking for luxury, budget-friendly options, unique local experiences, or you’re unsure what neighborhood to stay in Graz, our guide covers it all.

Dive into Graz neighborhoods and find your perfect home away from home. Watch now for insider tips and make your trip unforgettable!

City Centre – Where to stay in Graz for tourists

Nearly every European city has a historic city center, or Old Town, that is the hub of most tourist attractions and historic sites.

Sometimes called the Innere Stadt, many of the Graz’s best attractions are within walking distance of the city centre hotels. Making the city the best places to stay in Austria for first timers.

In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Center, Old Town is also a gathering place for locals, students and tourists at the many sidewalk cafes and shops.

Old Town is surrounded by gardens and the fortified hill atop which sits the 1,000-year-old Schlossberg castle, with a convenient funicular to help you reach the top.  

Map of Graz City Centre

Best places to stay in Graz City Centre

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Graz City Centre

Budget accommodation in Graz City Centre

Mid range accommodation in Graz City Centre

Family Friendly accommodation in Graz City Centre

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Graz City Centre

Graz, Austria - view of the historic city center and rooftops of Graz in southeastern Austria

Lend – Where to stay in Graz for travellers with a car

Across the Mur River from Old Town is the area of Lend. Once a working-class neighborhood that has undergone a bit of gentrification, Lend is still a great place to find budget-friendly accommodation in Graz.

For travelers arriving by train, Graz Central Station is located in Graz, with some hotel options within a five-minute-walk of the station, which is convenient for taking day trips from Graz.

Likewise, for travelers with a car, parking is a bit more plentiful in Lend than what you would find at the Old Town Hotels.

Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions of Lend is the Kunsthaus, a museum built in a modern architecture style that is in stark contrast to the surrounding architecture styles.

Lend has a handful of bars and restaurants, and the city center is within walking distance if you want more choices. 

Map of Lend

Best places to stay in Lend

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Lend

Budget accommodation in Lend

Mid range accommodation in Lend

Family Friendly accommodation in Lend

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Lend

The Kunsthaus Museum in Graz. This gigantic building affectionately called the "Friendly Alien" by its creators Peter Cook and Colin Fournier.

Gries – Where to stay in Graz on a budget

South of Lend and southwest of the city center is the neighborhood of Gries. Also very convenient to Graz Central Station, and a tram can have you in the city center in under 10 minutes.

While Gries is the location of Graz’s red-light district, it’s a large area with some nice accommodation options.

Of course, this also means budget-friendly lodging can be found, too. CityPark is a large-format shopping center, which also has many restaurants and entertainment options surrounding it. 

Map of Gries

Best places to stay in Gries

Budget accommodation in Gries

Mid range accommodation in Gries

Family Friendly accommodation in Gries

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Gries

GRAZ AUSTRIA - Architecture of the downtown in Graz Austria. Graz is the capital of federal state of Styria and the second largest city in Austria

Geidorf – Where to stay in Graz with family

Northwest of the city center is the area known as Geidorf, at the foot of the Schlossberg Hill.

While some areas of Geidorf are only a ten-minute walk to the Old Town, there’s a decidedly more local feel to the neighborhood, making this a great family-friendly place to stay in Graz.

Geidorf is also the home to the University of Graz, so the student population gives it a lively atmosphere, with lots of budget eats and shopping to be found. 

Map of Geidorf

Best places to stay in Geidorf

Budget accommodation in Geidorf

Mid range accommodation in Geidorf

Family Friendly accommodation in Geidorf

GRAZ, AUSTRIA - Urban landscape, city view of Graz, Austria from Schlossberg (English: Castle Hill)

St Leonhard – Where to stay in Graz with kids

Just east of the city center is the area of St. Leonhard, a lively area with a fun atmosphere. Much of the history of Old Town seems to spill right over into St Leonhard, with historic and cultural attractions throughout the area.

The residential nature of the area allows for several apartment rentals, perfect for those seeking a long-term stay in Graz, or a family-friendly place to stay.

The University is also in walking distance, so by staying in St. Leonhard you have easy access to several unique neighborhoods for your daily activities. 

Map of St Leonhard

Best places to stay in St Leonhard

Budget accommodation in St Leonhard

Mid range accommodation in St Leonhard

Family Friendly accommodation in St Leonhard

Affordable Luxury accommodation in St Leonhard

The Herz-Jesu-Kirche (English: Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is the largest church in Graz, Austria. It was designed down to the last detail by architect Georg Hauberrisser and constructed from 1881 to 1887.

Mariatrost – Where to stay in Graz for foodies

Continuing northeast past Geidorf is the neighborhood of Mariatrost, named for the Mariatrost Basilica. An important pilgrimage destination of Styria, the basilica was commissioned in 1714 and has been welcoming pilgrims ever since.

The area sits on a hill overlooking Graz, and there is a lot of natural space surrounding, with hiking and running trails throughout.

Additionally a few pubs and restaurants are dotted throughout the area. For families renting a home, there are grocery stores nearby where you can stock up. This area is best for travelers with a car, as the trams are not as frequent here. 

Map of Mariatrost

Best places to stay in Mariatrost

Budget accommodation in Mariatrost

Mid range accommodation in Mariatrost

Family Friendly accommodation in Mariatrost

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Mariatrost

Aerial panoram of Baroque Mariatrost Basilica on top of the Purberg hill in Mariatrost, a district of Graz. Travel destination, famous turist spot

Wolfsberg – Where to stay near Graz for outdoor travellers

If you want to stay in the Graz area, but are open to staying in other towns, consider Wolfsberg. About an hour from Graz, Wolfsberg is a popular holiday destination, especially for folks traveling to nearby ski resorts like Kloster.

Wolfsberg is ideal for outdoor adventure travelers, as it is perfectly positioned for day trips into the nearby mountain ranges, or even over the border into Slovenia. 

Map of Wolfsberg

Best places to stay in Wolfsberg

Budget accommodation in Wolfsberg

Mid range accommodation in Wolfsberg

Family Friendly accommodation in Wolfsberg

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Wolfsberg

Schloss Wiesenau view in Lavanttal landmark in Carinthia Austria

Stubenberg – Where to stay near Graz for mountain getaway

Another resort destination near Graz is Stubenberg am See, roughly 50 kilometers from Graz.

The large mountain lake is surrounded by parks, walking paths and beaches. There are snack shops at the lake, as well as boat and bike rentals.

For overnight accommodations, there is everything from campgrounds to luxury retreats, making this a lovely mountain getaway, especially for those seeking a family-friendly outdoors vacation. 

Map of Stubenberg

Best places to stay in Stubenberg

Budget accommodation in Stubenberg

Mid range accommodation in Stubenberg

Family Friendly accommodation in Stubenberg

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Stubenberg

Stubenberg am See, Styria - Austria.  Herberstein palace in Europe. Gardens, Tourist spot travel destination.

Bad Blumau – Where to stay near Graz for relaxation

For a spa getaway, consider the town of Bad Blumau. Just 60 kilometers northeast of Graz, Bad Blumau has spring-fed pools for spa and relaxation, as well as interesting architecture around town.

This is a place to come and relax, as there aren’t many activities around other than soaking in the springs and enjoying the surrounding nature.

Map of Bad Blumau

Best places to stay in Bad Blumau

Budget accommodation in Bad Blumau

Mid range accommodation in Bad Blumau

Family Friendly accommodation in Bad Blumau

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Bad Blumau

Alpina hotel, Saalbach. Austria. . Amazing SPA terrace interior design with mountain view. Comfortable chairs and sofas. Ski resort luxury hotel SPA.

Bad Gleichenberg – Where to stay near Graz for hot springs

Another spa destination, 65 kilometers from Graz, is Bad Gleichenberg. Not far from the Slovenia border, the springs are set amidst rolling hills and vineyards.

Several natural springs feed the baths, and these relaxing waters draw many tourists from all over. Spa treatments are a common activity, and the town itself is fairly laid back as far as holiday destinations go.

Not to worry, though, several hotels and restaurants are available to serve travelers visiting the springs.  

Map of Bad Gleichenberg

Best places to stay in Bad Gleichenberg

Budget accommodation in Bad Gleichenberg

Mid range accommodation in Bad Gleichenberg

Family Friendly accommodation in Bad Gleichenberg

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Bad Gleichenberg

Famous Heart shaped wine road in Slovenia - Austria in summer, Heart form - Herzerl Strasse, vineyards in summer, Spicnik tourist spot

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