Where to Stay in Vienna [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Vienna, Austria. Cityscape image of Vienna with the Vienna State Opera during sunset.

Austria’s capital city, Vienna, is a wonderful place to visit with loads of art, architecture and history waiting to entertain you.

With the Austrian Alps not far away, many travelers choose to combine the two and make a quick stop in Vienna before setting of on mountain adventures.

I hear a lot of people asking if is Vienna safe, of course it is, as is anywhere in the world. You need to apply common sense, no matter where you are in the world. Don’t little silly fears stop you from visiting this beautiful city.

Whether you’re staying in Vienna one night or a few nights, there are plenty of hotels in Vienna, just make sure you choose the ideal location, which is an important first step in planning your trip.

Neighborhoods in Vienna are called Bezirke and there are a total of 23. This Whaere to stay guide will cover off 6 of the Vienna Neighborhoods so not to overwhlem you with too many options.

Generally, the numbering system starts with the 1st district at the center and the numbers go higher the further you are from the city center.

Fortunately, Vienna has an excellent public transportation system, so you can easily get around on the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram or bus network, just head to the nearest train station and purchase a ticket.

Wondering where is the best place to stay in Vienna? This guide will cover off all types of Vienna accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Vienna hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Vienna Austria 2024, the best Vienna hotels, best places in Vienna to visit, the best places to stay in Vienna, hotels near Vienna attractions and many more.

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1st district “Innere Stadt” – Where to stay in Vienna with family

Located in the city centre of Vienna is the First District. This is a great place to stay in Vienna Austria, especially for first-time visitors who want to see all the most popular sites of Vienna.

With St. Stephans Cathedral right in the middle of this district, and you can wander narrow side streets and feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

There are plenty of shops, museums, restaurants and hotels to choose from if you decide to stay in Innere Stadt.

Wondering where to stay in Vienna at Christmas? Due to its central location, the 1st district is the best place to stay in Vienna with family. If you’re wondering where to stay in Vienna in December, I would recommend Innere Stadt as it’s the best area to stay in Vienna for Christmas markets.

You will be in walking distance to most of the Christmas market. I would suggest this as where to stay in Vienna for three nights. Below is a list of hotels in Vienna city center.

Where to Stay in Vienna Innere Stadt

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Vienna Innere Stadt

Budget accommodation in Vienna Innere Stadt

Mid range accommodation in Vienna Innere Stadt

Family Friendly accommodation in Vienna Innere Stadt

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Vienna Innere Stadt

VIENNA AUSTRIA - tourists on Graben street near Plague column (Pestsaule) in Vienna. The Graben is one of the most famous streets in Vienna first district the city centre.

2nd District Leopoldstadt – Where to stay in Vienna on a budget

Vienna’s second district is on an island between the Danube Canal and the Danube River. Close to the city center via a quick subway ride, but much quieter and more affordable than staying in the first district.

Many Vienna residents live here, over 100,000 in fact, which means there are also a lot of stores, restaurants and pubs.

With fewer tourist attractions, aside from the famous ferris wheel, be prepared to spend some time commuting to other parts of the city.

There are also some dodgy parts of Leopoldstadt, so just beware and carefully read reviews before deciding where to stay.

Best Places to Stay in Leopoldstadt

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Leopoldstadt

Budget accommodation in Leopoldstadt

Mid range accommodation in Leopoldstadt

Family Friendly accommodation in Leopoldstadt

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Leopoldstadt

Church Heiliger Franz of Assisi at Mexikoplatz, Vienna, Austria

3rd District Landstrasse – Where to stay in Vienna for first time visitors

Landstrasse is close to the city center, and is densely populated with offices and residences. This district is also home to the Belvedere Palace and its gardens, making it best area to stay in Vienna for tourists.

There are many cultural attractions in the Third District and Prater Park is not far away. This area offers a calmer escape from the bustling city center, with quiet coffee shops and green parks.

You won’t find an abundance of nightlife here, but there are plenty of things to do in Landstrasse that make this the best location Vienna.

Wien Mitte is close by and is a rail and U-Bahn station, close to the city centre. It is the city terminal of Vienna’s City Airport Train, which provides non-stop service to Vienna International Airport.

This is also a great district, if you’re wondering where to stay in Vienna for a weekend.

Best Places to Stay in Landstrasse

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Landstrasse

Budget accommodation in Landstrasse

Mid range accommodation in Landstrasse

Family Friendly accommodation in Landstrasse

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Landstrasse

VIENNA, AUSTRIA -  Upper Belvedere palace in a beautiful early spring day

4th District Wieden – Best neighborhood to stay in Vienna

The fourth District is centered around the famous Karlskirche, and Karlsplatz, a popular uni hangout.

This district is all about music, and has a much more hip vibe than some of the stuffier or more touristy areas of Vienna, which is why i think it’s onen of the best neighborhoods in Vienna.

Wieden is home to the large Naschmarkt, the Musikverein concert hall, and the Vienna State Opera. There are upscale residential areas in Wieden also, which again means you’ll have many shops and restaurants to choose from.

If you plan to use public transportation to get around, check that your accommodations are within easy access, as some Wieden properties may be a bit further than you’d care to walk frequently.

Wondering where to stay in Vienna for couples, the 4th district is ideal as its a fairly relaxed environment.

Best Places to Stay in Wieden

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Wieden

Budget accommodation in Wieden

Mid range accommodation in Wieden

Family Friendly accommodation in Wieden

Austria, Vienna -  View of the Karlskirche church in Vienna

6th District Mariahilf – Where to stay in Vienna for people who love to shop

Shoppers may want to consider staying in Mariahilf. Vienna’s 6th district is a densely populated area very close to the city centre.

The Mariahilfer Strasse, Vienna’s most popular shopping street, runs through District 6.

This is a good neighborhood for access to public transportation also, with two subway lines and an international rail station nearby.

Do note that the “Gurtel” corridor borders Mariahilf, and some parts of that can be dodgy, so it’s best to avoid that area, however there are still many lovely places to stay in Mariahilf.

Where to Stay in Mariahilf

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Mariahilf

Budget accommodation in Mariahilf

Mid range accommodation in Mariahilf

Family Friendly accommodation in Mariahilf

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - Aerial view from the observation deck of the Flak tower at the Esterhazy park and Gumpendorfer street. Mariahilf district, Vienna, Austria.

7th District Neubau – Where to stay in Vienna nightlife

Neubau is Vienna’s Museum Quarter, as well as a creative hub for artists and intellectuals. With many children’s museums in Neubau, this is a great area for families to stay in Vienna.

There are many art museums, galleries and street murals in Neubau, plus the cozy cafes and pubs where artists like to gather around.

If you are looking for a night out on the town, Neubau also has many nightclubs and bars to choose from.

Shoppers looking for unique items to purchase will also love the vintage boutiques, thrift shops and record stores of Neubau.

Best Places to Stay in Neubau

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Neubau

Budget accommodation in Neubau

Mid range accommodation in Neubau

Family Friendly accommodation in Neubau

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Neubau

Vienna Austria - Saint Ulrich Church at Neustiftgasse in Vienna Austria.

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