Where to stay in Krabi as a first time visitor

Located around 800 kilometres south west from Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, Krabi is one of the biggest provinces in Thailand. Often referred to as an island destination, Krabi is actually on the mainland Thailand with around 130 offshore islands that fall under its jurisdiction. To give you an idea about the surrounding areas – to the North lies the province of Phang Nga (close to Phuket), Surat Thani bounds to the east, while Trang lies to the south and the Andaman Sea covers the west of Krabi.

Most of these 130 islands are un-inhabited but a handful of them are inhabited and accounts for most of the tourism activities from Krabi and Phuket. It can be quite intimidating to choose the right area amongst so many places to stay as a first time visitor to Krabi. Choosing where to stay in Krabi is actually easy if a little research is done before embarking on your trip.

There are about eight major areas in Krabi where most of the tourists are concentrated. Most of them are along the coast of the mainland; however there are a few off shore islands which cater to visitors and travellers, working out where to stay Krabi can be a little confusing.

The different areas and beaches are unique in their own right and has something for everyone. So, whether you are looking for adventure or nightlife and parties or just peace and tranquillity, Krabi has you covered. We will help you find the best place to stay in Krabi.

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Where to stay Ao Nang

Beach Parties & Nightlife

Ao Nang

With wide variety of attractions and activities Ao Nang is no doubt the most popular destination in Krabi. The famous walking street of Ao Nang features ample international dining options apart from shopping, bars, cafes, nightclubs, street vendors and entertainment. The Lady Boy Cabaret show in Ao Nang is quite famous for its over-the-top entertainment. Accommodation options here are aplenty and quite reasonable to cater to everyone’s need and budget. Public transportation system is well managed in Ao Nang which makes it an ideal spot for tourists to start their island journeys or towards the mainland. The beach parties over the years have polluted the beach and surrounding water bodies but even then the parties just don’t stop here. Conservation and clean up efforts are in place to get the beach back to its original look and feel. It is an ideal vacation spot for families with kids friendly accommodations available.

Where to stay in Ao Nang


Slumber Party Hostel

Mini Boxtel Aonang Hostel

Mid range:

Alisea Boutique Hotel

Holiday Inn Resort Krabi


Pimann Buri Pool Villas

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi

Adventure & Party Islands

Where to stay Phi Phi

Phi Phi Islands

Comprising of seven islands, Phi Phi is comfortable tucked between two popular tourist destinations – Krabi and Phuket. From mainland Krabi or Phuket, it takes around a couple of hours to reach Phi Phi by boat or just under an hour by speedboat. With clear blue waters, powdery white beaches and jagged limestone cliffs, the islands have something for everyone. Adventure sports such as rock climbing, cliff jumping, scuba diving, free diving, etc are widely practised here while more subtle activities such as lazing on the beach and swimming along with fishing is also quite popular with tourists. Out of the seven islands that make up Phi Phi only one of them Koh Phi Phi Don is inhabited. Most tourists and locals are concentrated on this beautiful island where almost everything from accommodation to nightlife to shopping is available. With the huge amount of tourists visiting the island for day-trips from Krabi as well as Phuket, it can get quite busy and crowded. The evenings and nightlife here is amazing as the crowd comprises of guests who are living on the island. Phi Phi Island is recommended for younger crowd that enjoys partying, adventure sports and everything in between. It should also be noted that luxury seekers can visit Phi Phi as there are a few secluded resorts that epitomises luxury in all sense.

Where to stay in Phi Phi Islands


Coma Hostel

Freedom Hostels @ Phi Phi

Mid range:

Phi Phi Popular Beach Resort

Phi Phi Island Cabana


Zeavola Resort & Spa

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort


Since it is only accessible by boat, Railay is a holiday destination that has been postmarked by tourists and travellers as an out-worldly experience. Being cut-off from the mainland by high and rickety limestone rocks and cliffs, it is nearly impossible to construct any sort of road connection. Railay has a central area with four spectacular beaches around for visitors to indulge. It often generates the hippie era feeling among backpackers as they move from place to place on foot without any motorised vehicles in sight. Apart from the up-market resorts in the area, most of Railay still has the rustic and hippie vibe to it. Although there are several restaurants, bars, cafes, etc, people throng here to enjoy the un-inhibited party atmosphere after sun down. During the day the popular activities include rock climbing, kayaking, diving, etc; there are some wonderful adventure sport schools to ensure safety and security.

Where to stay Railay bay

Where to stay in Railay


Balcony Party Hostel

K Bunk Hostel

Mid range:

Railay Bay Resort & Spa

Sunrise Tropical Resort



Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa

Peace & Tranquility

Krabi Town

An ideal stopover for travellers embarking on their journey on the province of Krabi, Krabi Town is probably the best choice. It is the capital of the province but in size it’s quite a small and laid back town. With a handful of Krabi town hostels, hotels and budget accommodations in the town centre area. Krabi Town has an authentic Thai feel, although being small in size, the town has a life of its own with fresh produce markets, shopping areas, restaurants, etc. With lush green surroundings and less crowds, the town is quite peaceful and serene. The weekend walking street market of Krabi Town are quite famous among travellers as well as locals. It’s an off-beat place for budget travellers where transportation to all major Krabi attractions is available and reasonably priced.

Where to stay Krabi Town

Where to stay in Krabi Town


Pak-Up Hostel

SleepClub Hostel

Mid range:

Krabi City Hotel

Sleep Whale Hotel


Maritime Park & Spa Resort

Dee Andaman Boutique Hotel

Klong Muang

The ultimate luxury destination in Krabi is Klong Muang beach which remains popular round the year. With expansive white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and no jagged cliffs and hills, it is no wonder that most popular accommodations here are up-market resorts and boutique hotels. Some of the best sunsets can be seen here as the area faces the West. With innumerable infinity pools (most resorts have more than one) overlooking the horizon, these places are best equipped for that picture-perfect, breathtaking photographs. The area has a few restaurants and boutique shops to encourage tourists; it is not even close to being as developed as Ao Nang. Klong Muang is a honeymooner’s paradise as the area exudes luxury with relaxation and privacy. This place is also highly recommended for travellers seeking ultimate luxury with hospitality.

Where to stay Klong Muang

Where to stay in Klong Muang


Z-Talay House

Klong Muang Inn

Mid range:

Bliss Resort Klong Muang

Bann Chom Le Resort


Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort

Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve


Located a couple of hours South of Krabi Town, Trang is a comparatively untouched part of Krabi province. Though the past couple of years have seen construction of roads to the area and a proposed airport, Trang is gaining popularity with access. With areas in Trang still unexplored, there are a lot of beaches that are pristine and untouched. With such amazing views, no wonder that each year on Valentine’s Day the area gets a massive number of visitors to celebrate their love for each other. Crystal clear still water provides one of the most spectacular sights to watch here – couples tying the knot “underwater”. The area has a fair amount of accommodation and dining options along with a shopping centre but the choices might be limited. Other popular activities in the area include snorkelling, kayaking, diving and bird watching. Local attractions here are the Tham Matcha Pla Won, the Riang Thong Waterfall and the hot springs are a must visit. Trang is recommended for people who are looking for secluded places to explore in Krabi.

Where to stay Trang

Where to stay in Trang


Nokhook House

Yamawa Guesthouse

Mid range:

Rua Rasada Hotel

Thumrin Hotel


Anantara Si Kao Resort

Pawapi Resort

Backpackers Delight

Ton Sai

With an ever increasing popularity and cost of the original backpacker’s area of Ao Nang and Railay, the bulk of backpackers are moving on to Ton Sai. Being located between Ao Nang and Railay, Ton Sai is not easily accessible which makes it an even lucrative area for backpackers. Apart from relaxing on the beaches or getting high in the beach bars, the main activity revolves around rock climbing in Ton Sai beach. Past few years have seen a few dive schools open up in the area to promote the diving scene as well as other water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc. An avid boatman can even row upto Railay with favourable tides and wind. There are a lot of eating joints in Ton Sai where everything from Thai cuisine to western cuisine is available along with cafes and bars which are aplenty. Backpackers with culinary skills visiting the area have opened up some nice pizzerias that encourage people to eat with mingling with others. For provisions there are a couple of mini-marts in the area; however internet is available without disruptions depending on weather. Ton Sai is a true backpacker’s haven in every sense of the word.

Where to stay in Ton Sai


Chill Out Bar & Bungalow

Mid range:

Tonsai Bay Resort

Dream Valley Resort


Sand Sea Resort

Where to stay Ko lanta

Other notable islands of Krabi:

Ko Jum

Koh Ngai

Ko Lanta




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