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Where to stay in Krabi

Located around 800 kilometres southwest of Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, the Krabi province is one of the biggest provinces in Thailand. Often referred to as an island destination, Krabi is actually on mainland Thailand with around 130 offshore islands that fall under its jurisdiction.

To give you an idea about the surrounding areas – to the North lies the province of Phang Nga (close to Phuket), Surat Thani bounds to the east, Trang lies to the south and the Andaman Sea covers the west of Krabi.

Most of these 130 islands are uninhabited but a handful of them are inhabited and accounts for most of the tourism activities from Krabi and Phuket. It can be quite intimidating to choose where to stay in Krabi Thailand 2023,  with so many places to stay as a first-time visitor to Krabi.

Choosing what area to stay in Krabi is actually easy if a little research is done before embarking on your trip and this guide will help you choose which the best island to stay in Krabi is.

Railay Beach, Thailand - Dramatic sunset over Railay Beach at Krabi, Thailand, with traditional longtail boat in the foreground.

There are about eight major areas in Krabi where most of the tourists are concentrated. Most of them are along the coast of the mainland. However, there are a few offshore islands which cater to visitors and travellers and working out the best places to stay Krabi can be a little confusing.

The different areas and beaches are unique in their own right and have something for everyone. So, whether you are looking for adventure or nightlife and parties or just peace and tranquillity, Krabi has you covered. We will help you find the best place to stay Krabi.

❤️ Best Area first timersAo Nang
💸 Best Luxury HotelAndakiri Pool Villa
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesHoliday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelPhi Phi Harbour View Hotel
🛏️ Best Budget HotelRailay Garden View Resort
✨ Best HostelChill Out Bar & Bungalow

If you’re wondering, “what area is best to stay in Krabi?”, this article is for you. This guide covers all types of accommodation in Krabi from hostels to luxury hotels Krabi to suit all budgets and styles of travel. It includes a neighbourhood breakdown of all the top places to stay Krabi Thailand and all the best hotels near Krabi attractions so you can have an amazing and unique stay in Krabi.

Wondering what area to stay in Krabi? Then this guide is for you. We will cover off all types of Krabi accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Krabi hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Krabi 2023, the best Krabi hotels.

This guide shows off the best places in Krabi to visit, the best places to stay in Krabi Thailand, hotels near Krabi attractions, Krabi neighborhood guide and many more. Wondering where is the best place to stay in Krabi? This guide will show you all the popular areas to stay in.

Below are 6 of the best neighbourhoods in Krabi to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best suburb to stay in Krabi for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Krabi so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Ao Nang Krabi – Where to stay in Krabi for Family

Krabi Province in southern Thailand is home to the tourist town of Ao Nang. It is well-known for its stunning beachfront along the Andaman Coast and access to dive spots off the nearby islands in the harbour.

Ao Nang is the best location to stay in Krabi for families, with plenty of kid-friendly accommodations available.

Why stay in Ao Nang

With a wide variety of attractions and activities, Ao Nang is one of the most popular areas of Krabi, especially with families.

The famous main strip features ample local and international dining options, along with shops, bars, cafes, street vendors and other entertainment options. If you’re looking for a lively and entertaining area to stay with a beachfront setting, Ao Nang is the perfect choice.

Ao Nang is easy to get around and is ideal for tourists who want to explore different areas of Krabi. The town also has a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget, from luxury resorts to budget hotels and apartments.

Things to do in Ao Nang

  • Island hopping

Ao Nang is a great starting off point for the 4 Island Tour, one of the most popular excursions in Krabi. This tour includes visits to Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tup, Koh Mawr and Koh Poda.

  • Jungle trekking

Trekking through Ao Nang is an adventurous way to see the natural beauty of the region. With the lush vegetation, towering limestone cliffs and cascading waterfalls, the jungle offers an incredible backdrop for hiking and trekking.

You’ll also come across wildlife like monkeys, lizards and birds that make the trek even more interesting and memorable. You can venture out on your own or go on a guided tour, ranging from a few hours to a full day.

  • Ao Nang Landmark Night Market

Ao Nang’s famous night market is a bustling and vibrant spot that offers visitors a taste of local Thai culture and cuisine. Open every evening, the market features a wide variety of food stalls and affordable shopping options, with goods like clothing, jewellery, handicrafts and souvenirs available to purchase.

  • Clear Water Canal

The Klong Root Clear Water Canal is a gorgeous natural attraction less than 10 kilometres north of Ao Nang. The best thing to do here is rent a kayak and spend your time leisurely exploring the river. The water here is very calm and shallow, making it a safe activity for all ages and swimming abilities. 

  • Partying

Ao Nang is known for its vibrant nightlife and is a great place for partying. There are countless beach bars, nightclubs and live music venues in town that cater to both tourists and locals. While the nighttime beach parties have taken over in recent years, local authorities do a great job with conservation and clean-up efforts to keep the beach and ocean clean and family-friendly during the day.

  • Lady Boy Cabaret Show

The Bluedragon Cabaret is one of the best places to go in Ao Nang for a lively and entertaining night out. The cabaret is famous for its Lady Boy shows, with two or three performances every night featuring elaborate costumes, dancing and singing.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Ao Nang, there are lots of options. From hostels to hotels, resorts to apartments, there are tons of affordable and luxurious choices to cater to everyone’s needs and budgets.

Where to stay in Ao Nang – The best place to stay in Krabi for family

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Ao Nang:
iRest Ao Nang Seafront
Wake Up Aonang Hotel
Sea World Guesthouse
Balcony Party Hostel

Budget Hotels in Ao Nang:
Aonang Top View
COSI Krabi Ao Nang Beach
Whalecome Aonang Resort
Nongthale Mountain View

Mid range Hotels in Ao Nang:
Aonang Princeville Resort
Phu Pha Ao Nang Resort and Spa
Phra Nang Inn
The Palace Ao Nang

Family Friendly Hotels in Ao Nang:
Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach
Aonang Villa Resort
Krabi Tipa Resort

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Ao Nang:
Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi
The Pano Hotel And Residence
Andakiri Pool Villa
Irawan House

Self contained apartment/rentals in Ao Nang:
Apartment 1
Apartment 2
Apartment 3
Apartment 4
Apartment 5

Thai traditional wooden longtail boat and beautiful sand beach at Koh Poda island in Krabi province. Ao Nang, Thailand.

Adventure & Party Islands

Phi Phi Islands – Where to stay in Krabi for Nightlife

Comprising six individual islands, Koh Phi Phi is tucked between two popular tourist destinations – mainland Krabi and Phuket.

From either destination, it takes a couple of hours to reach Phi Phi by passenger ferry or just under an hour by speedboat.

Why stay in Phi Phi

The Phi Phi Islands are recommended for a younger crowd that enjoys partying, adventure sports and everything in between.

With the huge amount of tourists visiting the island for day trips from Krabi as well as Phuket, it can get quite busy and crowded. Yet, that means the evenings and nightlife here feel extra special, as the crowds are made up only of those staying on the island.

With clear blue waters, powdery white beaches and jagged cliffs, the islands have something for everyone, including some unique places to stay.

It should be noted that luxury seekers can visit Phi Phi too as there are a few secluded resorts that will seem light years away from the party vibes found in the main hotspots.

Things to do in Phi Phi

  • Water sports

The waters around Phi Phi Islands are crystal-clear and abundant with marine life, making it ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and swimming.

  • Partying

Phi Phi Islands is known for its vibrant nightlife, and there are several bars and clubs where you can party until the early hours of the morning.

  • Island hopping

Take a boat tour and visit nearby islands like Maya Bay, Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

  • Relax on the beach

There are several amazing beaches on Phi Phi Islands, including Long Beach, Loh Dalum Bay and Monkey Beach, where you can chill out and soak up the sun. You can also watch some incredible sunsets from here.

Best places to stay in Phi Phi Island

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Phi Phi Island:
@The Pier 519 Hostel
Voyagers Hostel
Rehab Hostel
Chaokoh Phi Phi Resort and Dorm Room

Budget Hotels in Phi Phi Island:
Chongkhao Resort
Panmanee Hotel
JJ Bungalow & Guest house
Phi Phi Uphill Cottage

Mid range Hotels in Phi Phi Island:
P.P. Maiyada Resort
Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel
Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Phi Phi Island:
Mama Beach Residence
Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Phi Phi Island:
Villa 360 Resort
Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort
Zeavola Resort

Self contained apartment/rentals in Phi Phi Island:
Apartment 1
Apartment 2
Apartment 3
Apartment 4
Apartment 5

Phi Phi Island amazing View Point, view on Tonsai Village. Koh Phi Phi Don, Viewpoint. Thailand.

Railay Beach – Where to stay in Krabi Backpackers

Railay, also called Rai Leh, is a tiny peninsula south of Ao Nang. Because the mainland is walled off by tall limestone cliffs, it is only accessible by boat.

Why stay in Railay

Since the only way to get to Railay is by long-tail boat, it is a holiday destination that has been postmarked by tourists and travellers as an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Being cut off from the mainland by high limestone rocks and cliffs, it is impossible to construct any sort of road connection to nearby towns like Ao Nang. This means there are no cars or motorbikes in Railay, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a secluded beach holiday away from all the hustle and bustle.

The area often generates hippie vibes that are popular among backpackers as they move along Railay’s main street without any vehicles in sight. Apart from the few up-market resorts in the area, most of Railay still has an authentic and laid-back vibe to it. 

Things to do in Railay

  • Beaches

Railay has three main picture-perfect beaches that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing, including Railay West, Railay East and Phra Nang Beach.

  • Rock climbing

With its towering limestone cliffs, Railay is famous for having world-class rock climbing spots. The cliffs also offer stunning views of the sea and surrounding jungle.

  • Caves

There are several amazing caves in the area that are open to explore, including the Bat Cave, Phra Nang Cave, the Princess Cave, and the Diamond Cave (Phra Nang Nai Cave).

  • The Emerald Lagoon

A gorgeous, secluded lagoon can be found towards the southeast of the peninsula. You’ll have to embark on a moderately challenging hike to get here, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Best places to stay in Railay

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Railay:
Chill Out Bar & Bungalow
Green View Village Resort
Pop-In Hostel
Glur Hostel

Budget Hotels in Railay:
Green View Village Resort
Railay Garden View Resort
Ao Nang Home Stay

Mid range Hotels in Railay:
Ban Sainai Resort
Aonang Cliff Beach Resort
Aonang Villa Resort

Family Friendly Hotels in Railay:
The Verandah
Aonang Phu Petra Resort
Peace Laguna Resort
Panan Krabi Resort

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Railay:
Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi
Rayavadee Resort

Self contained apartment/rentals in Railay:
Apartment 1
Apartment 2

Aerial view of Railay beach in Krabi, Thailand.

Peace & Tranquility

Krabi Town – Best place To stay in Krabi for Island Hopping

Krabi Town is the provincial capital, yet it is unexpectedly quite small and laid-back. There are a good amount of hostels and budget-friendly accommodations in the area, along with charming attractions to keep you entertained.

Why Stay in Krabi Town

Krabi Town is an ideal stopover for travellers beginning or ending their journey in Krabi Province, as it is only about 14 kilometres from the airport. With a bus station and a pier, onward transportation to other nearby towns and islands in Krabi is easy and affordable.

There’s also an authentic Thai feel in Krabi Town, with fresh produce markets, shopping areas and local restaurants. With lush green surroundings and fewer crowds, the town is surprisingly peaceful and serene.

Things to do in Krabi Town

  • Krabi Walking Street Night Market

The weekend street markets in Krabi Town are famous among travellers as well as locals. It’s a great place to sample local food, shop for souvenirs and kill time in the evenings.

  • Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple, also known as Wat Tham Sua, is a must-visit attraction in Krabi. Set in a lush jungle landscape, the temple takes about 20 minutes to get to from central Krabi Town and offers amazing views of the area.

There are 1,237 steps to reach the giant golden Buddha statue, the temple’s main shrine, but you won’t regret putting in the effort.

  • Khao Khanab Nam

These limestone caves are located just northeast of the main town and offer a unique and fascinating glimpse into the area’s geology and history.

  •  Andaman Cultural Study Centre

If you’re interested in the local history of Krabi, make sure you stop by this museum and cultural centre for the opportunity to learn about the heritage and traditions of the region, including the indigenous people of the Andaman Islands.

Where to stay in Krabi Town

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Krabi Town:
Pak-Up Hostel
Chanchalay Hip Hostel SHA Plus
Krabi Orchid Hometel
B&B House & Hostel

Budget Hotels in Krabi Town:
Crystal Hotel
Tairada Boutique Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Krabi Town:
Krabi Royal Hotel
The Fong Krabi Resort

Family Friendly Hotels in Krabi Town:
Rachada Place
Jingjit Hotel

Self contained apartment/rentals in Krabi Town:
Apartment 1
Apartment 2

Krabi road, Phuket town, Thailand - Beautiful old colorful houses in Phuket Old Town.

Klong Muang – Where to stay in Krabi for Honeymoon

Wondering where to stay in Krabi for couples? The ultimate luxury destination in Krabi is Klong Muang Beach.

With expansive white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and no jagged cliffs and hills, it is no wonder that most of the popular accommodations here are up-market resorts and boutique hotels.

How many days in Krabi is enough when you’re spending your honeymoon in Klong Muang? No matter how many days you book, it won’t be long enough!

Why stay in Klong Muang

Klong Muang is a honeymooner’s paradise, as the area exudes luxury, relaxation and privacy. It is nowhere near as developed as nearby beach towns like Ao Nang and offers a more peaceful getaway.

There are several luxury resorts in Klong Muang that offer honeymoon packages, private villas and romantic dining options, making it a perfect destination for couples looking to start their new marriage in style.

Klong Muang is also an excellent starting point for boat tours of the nearby islands, such as the Phi Phi Islands.

Things to do in Klong Muang

  • Relax on the beach

Klong Muang boasts a beautiful, quiet beach that is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

The beach is less crowded than some of the more popular beaches in the region, so you can enjoy the stunning views and crystal-clear waters in peace. You can watch a beautiful, romantic sunset here too since the beach faces the west.

  • Boat tour

You can easily explore the neighbouring Krabi islands from Klong Muang via long-tail boat. The even more private Railay Beach is also only 20 minutes away.

  •  Dragon Crest Mountain

If you want to go on an outdoor adventure, Dragon Crest Mountain is a great choice for a two to three-hour hike. Also known as Khao Ngon Nak, the top of the mountain offers amazing views of the surrounding lush green forests and the Andaman Sea.

  • Take a cooking class

Most hotels and resorts will offer private or group cooking classes if you are interested in learning to cook traditional Thai cuisine. 

Best places to stay in Klong Muang

Budget Hotels in Klong Muang:
Z-Talay House

Mid range Hotels in Klong Muang:
Krabi Holiday Sea Resort
Coco Nori @ Sea Resort
Bann Chom le
Beyond Resort Krabi

Family Friendly Hotels in Klong Muang:
Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Klong Muang:
Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort
The Elements Krabi Resort
Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

klong muang beach in Krabi Thailand

Ton Sai – Where to stay in Krabi on a Budget

The beautiful Ton Sai Beach is a secluded oasis in Krabi. Removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby areas like Ao Nang, Ton Sai is a favourite gathering place for backpackers, rock climbers, and bohemian travellers from across the world.

Why stay in Ton Sai

With the ever-increasing popularity and cost of the original backpacker area of Ao Nang, many budget travellers are choosing to stay in Ton Sai instead. It is also the go-to spot if you love rock climbing, as the famous limestone cliffs create some world-class climbing opportunities.

Being located between Ao Nang and Railay, Ton Sai is not easily accessible, which makes it an even more attractive area for visitors.

In fact, you can only get there by taking a long-tail boat from Ao Nang or walking from West Railay during low tide. 

So, if you’re a backpacker who likes chilled out evenings and spending your time outdoors, Ton Sai might be perfect for you.

With some local Thai restaurants, down-to-earth bars, affordable hostels, a couple of mini-marts and a decent internet connection, Ton Sai is a true backpacker’s haven in every sense of the phrase.

Things to do in Ton Sai

  • Rock climbing

Ton Sai is known for its impressive limestone cliffs and amazing climbing routes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, there are plenty of routes to choose from, and local climbing schools and guides are available for those who want to learn or improve their skills.

  • Ton Sai Beach

Take advantage of being in such a secluded area and enjoy swimming and sunbathing at Ton Sai Beach. Fortunately, you’ll only have to share the shore with a handful of other travellers.

  • Watch the fire dancers

Every evening at around 10 pm, fire dancers put on a superb show on the beach. You can watch the performance from any of the bars found along the sand, like Viking Bar or Sunset Bar.

Best places to stay in Ton Sai

Budget Hotels in Ton Sai:
Phi Phi Green Hill Resort

Mid range Hotels in Ton Sai:
PP Red Tuna Hut

cave on Ton Sai beach Krabi Thailand

Added Extra: Areas To Avoid in Krabi

Many local Thais and expats describe Krabi as being one of the safest places to live in Thailand. The crime rate is low and the local Government look after the landscape reasonably well.

As with anywhere that you travel to, as long as you use your common sense, there aren’t any neighbourhoods you should avoid due to them being unsafe.

However, there are some areas to avoid in Krabi for other reasons. Some people don’t realise how large an area Krabi is.

Just because you find a great accommodation deal that is supposedly in Krabi, that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near the beach or other attractions you want to visit! And many Krabi neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the region don’t have good public transport links.

That’s why you should avoid staying in neighbourhoods like the Lam Thap District or Plai Phraya. While they might be ideal if you want to live in Krabi, they’re not good for travellers.

KRABI THAILAND Many people swimming and relaxing at Railay Island in Krabi Province Thailand. Phi Phi is part of Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park

FAQs for Where to stay in Krabi

Which is the best area to stay in Krabi?

Which is the best area to stay in Krabi is really subjective, it depends on your budget or if you are travelling solo or with family. Different areas will cover needs for people when they travel, which is why we created this guide, to provide different areas for different people.

Is it better to stay in Krabi Town or Ao Nang?

Due to the lack of activities in Krabi Town, the higher cost and being generally busier, Ao Nang is a better option. Despite being a popular tourist destination, Ao Nang made a wonderful base. The area is lovely, there are several restaurants and cafés around, and the beaches are great.

Which island to stay in Krabi?

Around the Krabi coastline, there are thought to be 200 or so islands and islets. Personally, I reckon that the Phi Phi Islands are a part of a marine national park that is among the most truly unforgettable sites in the world.

Southwest of the shore of Krabi is where they are situated. The larger, breathtaking Phi Phi Don island features excellent sand beaches, steep limestone cliffs, and secret coves.

How long to stay in Krabi?

Most travelers can see all the interesting sights in Krabi in three days. But if you decide to stay longer, Krabi is a terrific place to unwind.

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Where to stay in Krabi
Where to stay in Krabi
Where to stay in Krabi




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