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1 Week Itinerary For Krabi

From mint-colored jungles to coastline cliffs to spicy seafood and exciting adventures, Krabi is an ideal destination for those with wanderlust, for those who want to bask on beaches and for those who fill each hour of their day with a blood-pumping activity.

This 1 week itinerary for Krabi will have you cruising through jungles, hiking to Thai peaks, learning local traditions and island hopping the best of the Krabi peninsula just to name a few glorious moments.

Thi itinerary is action packed and full of things to do in Krabi and the surrounding areas, to make sure you get the most of our your week here. You can either follow this itinerary as it’s written OR you can mix and match days depending how you are feeling or what type of trip you want. Keep in mind that some tours do require pre-booking.

Cruise at long tail boat with view to tropical islands at pink sunset in Andaman Sea, Thailand

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Where To Stay in Krabi for a Week

I’d recommend, Ao Nang as it’s a tourist hub with a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment options.

It’s a convenient base for exploring the nearby islands and attractions. Here you will find luxurious resorts, mid-range hotels, and budget-friendly guesthouses.

Railay Beach is a peninsula, only accessible by boat because there are no roads from Krabi town to Railay. It offers a more secluded and laid-back feel compared to Ao Nang, it can make sightseeing and getting around a little more difficult so i’d only recommend staying here if you just want a week of chilling out and sunbathing.

If you’d prefer a more authentic Thai experience, then I’d suggest Krabi Town. It’s the provincial capital and offers a local vibe with its markets, street food, and cultural attractions. It’s a better area for sightseeing another with Ao Nang.

Wooden swing for traveler joy relaxing, Beautiful nature scenic landscape Lao Lading island beach, Attraction place tourist travel Krabi Phuket Thailand summer vacation trips, Tourism destination Asia

Best Time to Visit for a Week

If blue skies and sunny days and low levels of rain are what you’re looking for, I’d suggest visiting during the dry season. It’s considered the best time to visit Krabi, which typically runs from November to April.

Keep in mind this is also the busiest time of year and will be packed with tourists (okay, it’s not that bad but there might be a lo more people around). Accommodation prices are going to be higher during this time as well.

I prefer the wet season which typically runs from May to October. personally, October is my favourite time to visit Krabi (and Phuket!). There are more likely to have short bursts of heavy rain or evening showers.

You can definitely still enjoy sunny days during the wet season, but, you are more likely to experience overcast grey skies (not ideal for photos) and a higher chance of rain. 

Day 1: Arrival in Krabi – Explore Ao Nang

Upon arrival at Krabi International Airport, you will be greeted by the warm Thai hospitality. Head to your hotel to drop your bags off, it’s time to get your adventure on!

Explore Ao Nang Beach, an area filled with shops, restaurants, and beachside bars. Stroll along the sandy shore, enjoy the sea breeze, and dip your toes into the warm Andaman Sea.

If you have arrived in Krabi in the morning, then grab a delicious lunch at one of the local Thai eateries or beachfront restaurants, to fuel you up for the rest of the afternoon.

After lunch, take a walk through the streets of Ao Nang and check out the little shops that sell souvenirs, beachwear, or local handmade gifts. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and explore the coastline.

As sunset approaches, make your way to Ao Nang beach and watch as the setting sun over the ocean. Krabi has some of the prettiest sunsets in Thailand (in my opinion anyway).

After sunset, you can either head back to the main area and choose from a number of dining options on the beach or REEVE Beach Club for a luxe dining experience.

After dinner, if you still have energy, you can continue to enjoy the nightlife in Ao Nang. Either visit a beach bar and sip on a yummy tropical cocktail, listen to live music, or even join a beachside fire show for an unforgettable evening.

Paradise Railay beach Sea and limestone Krabi Thailand

Day 2: Island Hopping

Hopefully you didn’t party too hard last night because today, you’ll be waking up early for a day of island hopping! Make sure to fuel up with a yummy breakfast at your hotel before starting your adventure. If you’re tour picks you up before breakfast starts, most hotels can arrange a box breakfast for you to take with you – all you need to do is ask.

Make sure to pack your reef safe sunscreen as you join a full-day island-hopping tour by longtail boat, which will take you to some of the most famous and picturesque islands in the area. You’ll start with a visit to Phi Phi Islands, which are known for their stunning beauty and crystal-clear waters. The movie “The Beach” with the droll worthy (in his hay day!) Leonardo Dicaprio, which was filled on Ko Phi Phi Le.

You’ll get to explore Phi Phi Leh and the famous Maya Bay from the movie. Here you can check out the island and go for a swim. If you’re travelling during the high season, the beach will likely be packed with people. Head inland, it will be a lot quieter and the scenery is really pretty.

From there, you’ll continue to Bamboo Island, a small island with white sandy beaches and a great spot to go snorkelling. Here you’ll get enjoy a delicious lunch either on the beach or served on board the boat.

After lunch, head to Phi Phi Don, the larger of the Phi Phi Islands. Here you can explore the local village, relax on the beaches, or go snorkelling, the afternoon is your time to enjoy, just don’t fall asleep on the beach and miss the boat (like I did!).

On your way back to Krabi, they will likely make a stop at Pileh Lagoon, an emerald green lagoon surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. Where you can enjoy your final swim for the day before heading back to Krabi.

Once you get back, if you have the energy head out for dinner by the beach or if I were you, I’d grab some room service and enjoy Netflix and relaxing in bed.

Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands Krabi

Day 3: Railay Beach and Rock Climbing

Yesterday was a little crazy hey! Don’t worry today you can relax and rejuvenate and add in some rock climbing if you have the energy. You’re headed to Railay Beach, a peninsula only accessible by boat.

Side note: I’d recommend booking a hotel in Railay for the night so you don’t have to try rush back for the last ferry. Head back to Krabi tomorrow.

Either hire a longtail boat or jump on the ferry from Ao Nang to Railay Beach. The ferry goes along this route 3 times a day, it is cheaper but you need to make sure to keep an eye on your time. You can always catch he ferry there and a long tail boat back.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying your hand at rock climbing. Railay is very well known for its world-class rock climbing routes. Join a guided rock climbing session they will provide you with all the gear and show you the best routes based on your experience. Or you can rent a kayak and paddle through the mangroves or around the limestone cliffs to explore hidden coves and beaches.

If you prefer a more relaxed day, then sit back and unwind on the beach, sunbathe, or go for a swim. Railay Beach is really beautiful and because of this, it can get fairly crowded, so try to get there earlier in the morning, that way, you can grab the best spot on the beach.

If you get bored of relaxing (you monster haha!), go for a wander and check out the different sections of Railay Beach. I’d recommend a visit to Phra Nang Cave Beach, which is well known as a cave filled with phallic-shaped stalactites.

After sunset, head back to the main area of Railay Beach, where you can find plenty of places to grab some dinner. Indulge in a delicious seafood dinner, some local Thai cuisine, or international dishes at one of the beachfront restaurants.

If you’re up for some evening entertainment, Railay has a great nightlife scene with live music, fire shows, or you can relax at a beach bar.

Tomorrow’s gonna be another busy one, get a good nights rest and get your walking shoes ready!

Cliff at the Railay peninsula in Krabi, Thailand

Day 4: Krabi Town and Tiger Cave Temple

Head back to the main part of Krabi on the ferry or via longtail board. You’ll explore Krabi Town, the Thai markets and cultural attractions in the area.

Begin your day at the morning market, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the smell of fresh produce, local Thai delicacies, and buy some handmade goodies.

After exploring the market, it’s time to visit the iconic Wat Tham Sua, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple. The temple is located in a forest setting and gets its name from a tiger paw print found in the cave.

Grab your walking shoes and a big bottle of water, because you’ll be climbing the 1,237 steps to get to the summit, passing beautiful Buddhist shrines along the way. The climb can be a little challenging in the heat, but the views from the top are absolutely worth it – so keep going! I know you can do it!

Take your time to explore the temple complex, the statues, the golden Buddha images, and intricate carvings. You can also participate in a meditation session or ask for a blessing from the resident monks. Note for women, you cannot be alone with a monk and please do not touch them, even if its to get their attention.

After descending from the temple, head back to Krabi Town and treat yourself to a well-deserved traditional Thai massage. Once you’re nice and relaxed, explore the lantern lit streets of Krabi Town and visit the night market. Here you can try out delicious street food, such as pad Thai, grilled seafood, spicy curries, pork balls on a stick (my personal favourite) and yummy Thai desserts.

The top of  Tiger Cave temple, (Wat Tham Suea), Krabi region, Thailand

Day 5: Four Islands Tour and Sunset Cruise

Today, you’ll be heading out on another full-day adventure; the Four Islands Tour, which will take you to some of the most stunning islands such as Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Koh Poda Island.

Your first stop will be Tup Island, a small, picture-perfect tropical paradise (truly!). During low tide, a sandbar emerges, connecting Tup Island with neighboring islands, creating an area for you to walk between the islands, that gives the illusion that you’re “walking on water”

Next, head to Chicken Island, named after its unique rock formation that resembles a chicken’s head. Here you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch served on the boat or on one of the nearby islands.

After lunch, visit Poda Island, known for its long sandy beach and super clear waters. Relax on the beach, go for a swim or snorkel, or soak up the sun while appreciating the views of the cliffs that dot the horizon.

Finally, you’ll head back to Railay Beach and Phra Nang Cave. You’ll get to see the limestone cliffs that frame the beach and chill out on the beach. You can swim, sunbathe, or explore the nearby caves. If you didn’t get to see the caves on day 3, this is your chance.

Alternatively, M/Y Lalida Sunset Dinner Cruise in Krabi or 7 Islands Sunset Tour in Thailand with Dinner, stop off/swing by the above islands AND offer a sunset dinner. They start around 1-2pm sp you can see these islands and have a sunset dinner, if you would rather spend the morning lounging by the pool or sleeping in.

Chicken Island  beach between Phuket and Krabi in Thailand

Day 6: Emerald Pool and Hot Springs

Day 6 consists of a day trip to the enchanting Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, where you’ll visit the famous Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) and natural hot springs.

Travel to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, located approximately 70 kilometers from Ao Nang. The trip here, takes you through scenic landscapes of forests and towering mountains. Once you arrive at the nature reserve, make your way to the Emerald Pool. It is a natural, freshwater pool famous for its mesmerizing green colour water (it looks more appealing than it sounds).

The pool is naturally fed by hot springs, which gives it, its unique colour and it is also said to have healing properties. After enjoying the Emerald Pool, take a short walk through the jungle to reach the nearby natural hot springs. Let the soothing heat relax your muscles and revitalise your mind, body and soul in this relaxing environment.

If time permits, you can visit the nearby Khlong Thom Waterfall, which is actually a hot spring waterfall, with water temperatures of 40-50 degrees Celsius.

For lunch, the tour organisers will either set up a picnic in, or you’ll head to a local restaurant to sample traditional dishes from the area.

Krabi has a significant Muslim population, and there are several Muslim villages in the area. These villages offer a look into Islamic culture, traditions, and architecture. During the afternoon, you could explore mosques, observe locals practicing their faith, and perhaps even have the opportunity to try some traditional Muslim cuisine, if you’re still hungry.

Emerald pool and Blue pool in Krabi Thailand, tropical lagoon in national park with

Day 7: Scenic Kayaking OR An ATV Adventure

Unfortunately, today is your last day in Krabi! Your Thai adventure has almost come to an end, so the last thing to do is to join a guided kayaking tour that will take you through the mangrove forests. You’ll see a completely different side of Krabi, paddling along calm waters, immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Discover hidden lagoons, caves, and channels, where you might get to see some wildlife that inhabits the mangrove ecosystem. Keep an eye out for birds, monkeys, and other creatures that call this area home.

Take a break from kayaking (you worked hard paddling!) and head to a secluded beach, where you can relax, swim, and snorkel.

You’ve been around a lot of water during your time in Krabi, so if you’re prefer a land based adventure, try out an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) through the landscapes of Krabi.

Follow your experienced guide as they lead you through a variety of tracks, including forests, rubber plantations, and muddy paths. Depending on the tour you choose, you may also get to go white water rafting and zip-lining!

Colorful kayaks at Ao Loh Dalum beach on Phi Phi Don Island Krabi Province Thailand. Koh Phi Phi Don is part of a marine national park.

Final Thoughts: 

Krabi is the ultimate adventure filled nature getaway. It’s unbelievably beautiful, has islands and limestone cliffs that come right out of the clear blue waters. It offers delicious Thai cuisine and has incredible views.

Trust me when I say, you won’t regret spending a week in Krabi, as soon as you get home, you’ll be planning your next trip back.

Using this itinerary, Krabi can be a busy trip or you can add in a few days of relaxation, it’s completely up to you! I hope you have found this itinerary helpful!

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