Where to stay in Milan [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Italy’s largest city is a cultural hot spot and hub for travelers visiting Northern Italy. With over three million people living in Milan and the surrounding suburbs, there is no shortage of Milan accommodation, although deciding where to stay in Milan can be a bit overwhelming.

Using our guide to the neighborhoods of Milan, we can help you find the best area for tourists and the best hotels in Milan Italy, whether you are looking for luxury digs or budget-friendly accommodation options. 

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Below are 9 of the best neighbourhoods in Milan to help you make the right decision when trying to work out where is the best place to stay in Milan for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Milan so you can use this as a go to guide. Wondering where to stay in Milan with a car? Most areas within Milan offer car parking.

In a hurry and need help quick?

Making last-minute plans for your Milan itinerary. We’ve got you covered. Our recommended hotels and tours for a getaway to Milan are listed below.

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Centro Storico – Ideal for First Timers

Centro Storico, Milan’s historic city centre was once protected inside the city wall, which is still standing in a few areas. 

If you’re on a quick visit and want to know where to stay in Milan for one night, Centro Storico is the most convenient location for seeing the historic highlights of Milan. Famous attractions like the Teatro Alla Scala and the Duomo di Milano are all located nearby.

If you want to see the original Last Supper painting by Da Vinci, it’s right here in the Santa Maria delle Grazie along Corso Magenta, a historic street lined with shops. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest shopping mall, is just a few blocks from the Scala Opera House and there are several interesting piazzas to explore as well. 

Of course, this is also the main tourist area, so you can expect to pay slightly higher prices for food and accommodations, but with only a short time in Milan, this is the best area for tourists. 

Why Stay in Centro Storico

The vibrancy and historical ambiance of Centro Storico has tourists coming back again and again.

Take in the breathtaking art of artists such as Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci, the archaeological beauty of Duomo di Milano Cathedral and shopping at Italy’s oldest shopping mall, where you will find designers such as Prada and Armani.

Watch a show from the balcony of Teatro alla Scala and have a true Italian Panzerotto at Luini. Everywhere you turn in this radiant Italian city, there is an awe-inspiring attraction for a vacation you will always remember. 

Things To Do in Centro Storico

  • Duomo di Milano Cathedral 

For most tourists, this is their first stop in what will be an incredible journey through the ages in Centro Storico. Construction began on this Gothic Cathedral in 1387 and would continue for another 500 years.

With famous artists such as Leonardo de Vinci adding their touches through the ages, Duomo de Milano Cathedral will have you awe-struck at its beauty. Walk among the 135 gargoyles watching as you move through the Cathedral.

Climb or take the elevator to the top of the spire to get an amazing view of Milan. Stroll through the museum and discover the history of this majestic Cathedral and see some of the ancient artifacts it holds.

There is so much to see and experience at Duomo de Milano Cathedral, it will have you coming back again again. 

  • Teatro alla Scala

Built-in 1778, this world famous Opera house will give you a performance you will remember for a lifetime. Rows of balconies embody the stage below where such greats as Verdi and Toscanini created and conducted their works of art.

There are a few ways to experience Teatro alla Scala. You can attend a performance. If you plan to attend, make sure you book your tickets well in advance, as they are often sold out.

Visit the museum which will give you the history of the Opera House, with an entrance to the balconies to get a breathless view of the interior and stage area.

Take a guided tour and walk where many famous artists got their start. Experience the magical ambiance of Teatro alla Scala in a trip to remember. 

  • Enjoy the Art Culture

When fine art sets your heart a flutter, Centro Storico is the place you want to be. Fine art is an experience that embraces the soul.

Every piece will speak to you in a different way. Leonardo de Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ hangs in the hall at Santa Mario della Grazie.

Witness the brilliance of Micheangelo’s sculpture Rondanini Pieta in the 15th century castle Castello Sforzesco.

Visit the many art galleries in Centro Storico to take home an art experience you will remember for a lifetime. 

  • Shopping and Dining

You cannot go to Italy and not experience the fine authentic Italian cuisine. Stop for a panzerotto at the decades-old bakery Luini or a sit-down meal at Restaurant Savini, which has been serving guests great food since 1867.

Stop for a British beer at The Football Club or a cocktail at Martini Roof Club. Whatever you decide, you know it will be more than a meal. It will be an experience. Tourism and shopping go hand in hand.

Milan is known worldwide as the fashion capital of the world, and the best places to shop are centuries old. Gallara Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall is five stories of shops and history. The first shopping mall in Italy, built in 1865, the galleria has two glass-covered vaulted ceilings in the form of a Latin cross.

Along with the shops that display designers such as Prada and Armani are a few restaurants and even a Leonardo museum for you to enjoy. When making a list of places to shop, do not leave out La Rinascente.

Built-in 1865, this eight-story shopping excursion will leave you breathless with its beauty and your hands filled with purchases you could not find anywhere else. 

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Italy, Milan - Aerial view of Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza del Duomo

Brera – Ideal for family

On the north side of the city centre lies the posh area called Brera. On a short visit, if you want to know where to stay in Milan for 2 nights, this is a great option. 

You’re still very close to all of the attractions of Centro Storico, but a little bit removed from the super-touristy parts.

As one of the safer parts of Central Milan, it’s also very family-friendly for those visiting Milan with kids. 

Nearby Parco Sempione has nearly 40 hectares of green space to stroll and is home to Milan’s aquarium, the Arch of Peace, Castello Sforzesco and Torre Branca, a 100-metre tower with stunning views of Milan. 

Why Stay in Brera

When visiting Milan with family, Brera is a great choice to stay. Walk the cobblestone streets of this quaint 18th century neighbourhood, visit Pinacoteca di Brera and experience the works of some of the most famous artists in history.

The kids will love the Brera Astronomical Observatory, where they have been looking at the stars since 1764.

Shop at the many boutiques located within the neighbourhood and purchase a design by one of the many new designers emerging in the this fashion capital of the world.

Brera has something the whole family will remember in this trip of a lifetime. 

Things To Do in Brera

  • Brera Astronomical Observatory 

Looking to the stars for centuries Brera Observatory is fun for the whole family. Tour through the museum where you will find astronomical observatory instruments used throughout the ages.

Visit where founder and astronomical scientist Giovanni Schiaparelli observed a river on Mars for the first time in 1867 and walk the Botanical gardens within the grounds.

This ancient and important building in history will have you looking upward to the stars again and again. 

  • Pinacoteca di Brera

Built on the remains of a 14th century monastery this world famous art gallery houses some of the most renowned artists in the world.

Sculptures and painting dating back to the 12th century reside in 38 rooms of this historical marvel. Pinacoteca di Brera is not only a place to view art but also to learn about art.

They hold events like ‘A Room with a view’ where people of all ages can enjoy books and artworks.

Enjoy live music within the walls of this prestigious Art Gallery as well as your own drawing book for everyone who attends. 

  • Parco Sempione

This 38 hectare piece of paradise is not in Brera but close enough to be worth the trip. This large city park, Parco Sempione was established in 1888 is beautiful not just for its green space but also the sculptures you can find while taking a stroll.

Visit the Arquario Civic Milano, a civic aquarium displaying hundreds of species of fish or stand under the Arco della Pace (The Arch of Peace). A trip to the park that you will remember long after you are home. 

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MILAN, ITALY -  This is one of the streets in the Brera district, which is one of the most popular areas of the city, in the evening.

Porta Nuova – Ideal for business travellers

On the other side of Brera, outside of the city walls, is the neighborhood of Porta Nuova, Milan’s business district. 

This is the modern side of Milan and for those arriving by train or planning day trips from Milan, the central train station is just a 20-minute walk or five minutes by car.

One of the coolest spots in Porta Nuova is the Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi, or the Library of Trees. 

This unique park provides recreational opportunities while also connecting various parts of the city. For business travelers or travelers who love hotel points, there are several global brand hotels in this area. 

Why Stay in Porta Nuova

When you think of modern Milan, you think of Porta Nuova. Business travellers love this area of Milan for not only its modern conveniences for business but interesting architecture and design for business travellers.

The towers of Bosco Verticale are two residential towers that are covered in greenery. Inside the towers are over 900 trees and 9000 square feet of terrace.

The square of Piazza Gae Aulenti houses the highest skyscraper in Italy and is surrounded by a multitude of buildings, all with various designs. In the evening the square becomes one of the brightest night spots in Milan.

After a hard day of work with all the modern conveniences, enjoy a cold cocktail and some live music in a 16th-century building. 

Wondering where to stay in Milan near train station? Porta Nuova is closest to Milano Centrale Railway Station.

Things To Do in Porta Nuova

  • Piazza Gae Aulenti

Piazza Gae Aulenti with its fabulous fountain in the middle of the square and modern architecture is one of the most visited places in Milan.

Surrounded by a variety of architectural achievements including Unicredit Tower, the highest skyscraper in Italy and the Bosco Verticale (The Vertical Forest) this square also offers many shopping and dining opportunities. It is a must see when working in Milan.

  • Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi

Affectionately known as the Library of Trees this piece of nature in the middle of the city is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The park is 9.5 hectares of intersecting pathways and linear design of a variety of ecosystems for you to enjoy.

A great place to go for a stroll, attend an event and interact with the local people. A magnificent piece of both artwork and landscape design you cannot miss while in Porta Nuova.  

  • Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing Tours

Want to see everything but time is limited with work? A Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour to see the sights of Milan is the way to go. See something that interests you, hop Off. Hop back on when you are done.

These unique tours give you the variety of attractions you would like to see without worrying about getting there and getting back. Hop On and Hop Off tours are perfect for the business traveller that wants to see it all in a limited amount of time. 

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Milan, Italy with modern high rises in Porta Nuova at twilight.

Citta Studi  – Ideal for relaxation

If you want to know where to stay on a budget, Citta Studi is perfect. Translated as “City of the Studies,” this is the student area of Milan. 

Rather than a party scene you might expect, you’ll find tree-lined streets, parks, and plazas. It’s actually pretty quiet in terms of nightlife and accommodation, but there are a few boutique hotels and hostels tucked in here and there.

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci is a great place to kick back, grab some street food and people watch. There’s also a small botanical garden in the neighborhood. 

Corso Buenos Aires, which is allegedly the longest shopping street in the world, leads from Citta Studi to Porta Venezia. 

Why stay in Citta Studi

When you are looking for a quiet place to rest and relax but still want to have the option to see all the sights Milan has to offer.

Citta Studi is a perfect choice. With plenty of parks to lounge in and soak up the sun, take in a show at Teatro Leonardo da Vinci or go for a massage at Alma Matters, Citta Studi is the relaxing atmosphere you have been looking for.

Things To Do in Citta Studi

  • Teatro Leonardo da Vinci

Take in a show at this intimate 500-seat theatre dedicated as the name indicates to Leonardo da Vinci.

Spend a comfortable evening watching stories come to life in an underground theatre hall while sipping margaritas from the bar. Teatro Leonardo da Vinci will give a nice quiet evening in an intimate setting. 

  • Relax at the Spa

There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. Experience the relaxation that comes with a wave harmonic massage at Onde Armoniche or join a yoga class at Ganga Yoga. Try a traditional Thai massage at Chiang Mai Thai Spa and take a day just to pamper yourself. 

  • Enjoy the Peacefullness of the Parks

From quiet neighbourhood parks to a place to relax on the expansive lawn of the local university, there is plenty of green space available to stroll, sit or just relax and read a book in Citta Studi.

Stroll through Giadino Teresa Pomodoro and experience a local community garden. You can always find a nice piece of grass to read a good book in Citta Studi. 

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Night view of Piazza della Scala with Palazzo Marino, Milan's city hall and Leonardo Da Vinci monument, Milan, Italy Europe

Isola – Ideal for shopping lovers

To the north is Isola, once a working-class neighborhood which is now a funky, artsy neighborhood. The name implies the “isolation” this area once had from the city center, although now it’s just 20-30 minutes on the Metro. 

This is the place for vintage shopping, flea markets, artists’ studios, and hipster hangouts. For a peek at some cool street art, head to Isola. 

This is another great Milan neighborhood for younger travelers who want to see where the locals go and get a taste for Milanese culture. 

Why Stay in Isola

In this hipster working-class neighbourhood, you will feel the friendly local vibe as soon as you enter. Viewing the colourful street art that is adorned throughout the neighbourhood as you stroll the many boutiques that are offered is a shopping lover’s dream.

Isola provides an excellent selection of shops and boutiques where you will find everything from handmade jewelry and local fashions to artisan cafes and unique music stores.

Do some vintage shopping at Live in Vintage or browse through the flea markets. If shopping is an important part of your vacation, Isola is the place to stay. 

Things To Do in Isola

  • Via Thaon di Revel

Via Thaon di Revel is a small unassuming street is a must visit for the dedicated shopper. Lined with boutiques and cafes, this idyllic Itallian neighbourhood has something for everyone.

Looking for Vintage? Make a stop at Live in Vintage with a nice selection of vintage clothes and accessories at prices you can afford.

Looking for something a little more chic, stop at Blackout Fashion Lab and check out their clothes and accessories. You will love strolling this street of treasures.  

  • Santa Maria della Fontana

This Renaissance church has a story of miracles behind its creation. In 1507 Governor Charles d’Ambroise believed the water coming from the ground at this site cured him of an illness.

He then commissioned a church to be built on the miraculous site. Many pilgrimages were held to the site by the sick and dying.

The water no longers comes from the ground due to pollution in the 19th century. Building and additions continued up until the 19th century.

The oldest part of the church, commissioned in 1508, is at the far back of the church. Santa Maria della Fontana is a beautiful representation of ancient architecture. 

  • The Street Art of Isola

Unlike other parts of Milan, this street art is not created by famous artists from around the world but by local artists showcasing their amazing talents.

When strolling the streets of Isola you cannot help but stop and take in the artistry on the sides of the buildings by these talented local artists.

The most famous piece in Isola, the Giant Arnold is on the front of a popular bar Frida. Via Carmagnoia and Angella della Pergola is the best streets to witness this unique beauty. 

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MILAN, ITALY, "Bosco Verticale", vertical forest in autumn time, apartments and buildings in the area "Isola" of the city of Milan, Italy

Chinatown – Ideal on a budget

Milan has the largest and oldest Chinatown in Italy and is conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Centro Storico. 

The main street of Chinatown, via Paolo Sarpi, is lined with shops and restaurants. If you have been traveling around Italy a while and are tired of the amazing pasta, pizza, and gelato, Chinatown is a great place to get a break from Italian culture and explore a bit of the Chinese culture here. 

If you’ve never visited a Chinatown, then it’s definitely a fun experience a dim sum brunch is a must. There are a few hotels dotted around, and the area is a bit more budget-friendly than other areas nearby. 

Why Stay in Chinatown

Staying in Chinatown in Milan will not only save you some money but allow you to enjoy the unique culture of China in Italy.

Stroll the Chinese lantern streets and enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in this distinctive part of Milan.

Chinatown has a variety of accommodations to choose from making it both affordable and diverse. Do some shopping at The Oriental Mall, then stop for a beer at La Buttiga Beer Room Sarpi.

Close to all the major attractions of Milan and affordable conveniences make Chinatown the perfect place to stay in Milan on a budget. 

Things To Do in Chinatown

  • Shopping and Dining

Chinatown in Milan is made up of Pedestrian Walkways leading you to some of the best Chinese cuisine and unique boutiques in the area.

Visit authentic Chinese tea shops and shop at the more than 150 boutiques in this old Chinese neighbourhood.

Peruse the jewelry, fashion and a variety of ornamental shops at The Oriental Mall and have a dinner of traditional delicacies from the many restaurants in Chinatown. A great place to get great goods and great food at a reasonable price. 

  • Entertainment

Visit Chinatown in Milan on Chinese New Year, typically held between January and Febuary and experience a ‘dragon dance’.

A parade of dragons flowing through town with music and dancers surrounding them. Enjoy the crowds and the wonderful atmosphere that comes with the parade. A great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Italy. 

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MILAN ITALY - Outside China pavilion at Expo universal exposition on the theme of food in Milan.

Fiera/ San Siro – Ideal with kids

If you prefer a quieter stay in a more suburban atmosphere, then the areas of Fiera/San Siro are the best choice for to stay in Milan with family. 

Sports fans will also like this area northwest of the city center, as it’s home to San Siro Stadium. With 80,000 seats, this is one of Europe’s largest stadiums and is home to AC Milan and Internazionale. 

Staying here has a more residential feel, which is perfect for long-term stays and the city center is less than 30 minutes by public transportation. 

Why Stay in Fiera/San Siro

Fiera/San Siro in Milan is a quiet suburban neighbourhood that is 30 minutes west of the city’s core. Away from the business of the city core but close enough to go and visit.

There is a large variety of accommodations, from long-term stays to overnights. Take the kids to Trennolandia or enjoy a game at San Siro Stadium.

There is plenty of park space to let the kids run and play, making the vacation enjoyable for everyone. 

Thing To Do in Fiera/San Siro

  • Trennolandia

Trennolandia is a children’s adventure park for younger children 0 – 11 to play and have fun. Fun activities, bouncy castles and climbing equipment abound at this children-only playground.

There is a great area for the adults to sit and watch your kids run, play and laugh giving you both a great night’s sleep. 

  • San Siro Stadium

Considered one of the most sports facilities in the world San Siro Stadium is a sports enthusiasts dream come true.

Construction started on this stadium in 1925 with the first game being played there between Milan and Inter in 1926. In 1980 the stadium was renamed after Giuseppe Meazza, a great Malinese footballer, but to this day is referred to as San Siro.

With a capacity of 80,000 sports fans you will be guaranteed it will be a sporting event you will soon not forget. 

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MILAN, ITALY - Italy pavilion in the afternoon at Expo, universal exposition on the theme of food in Milan

Ticinese – Ideal for nightlife

Ticinese is named after Porto Ticinese, one of the old gates to the walled city. Today, it’s a young, hip neighborhood where the younger Milanese live. 

There’s a distinct artsy vibe in Ticinese, and it’s perfect for young travelers who want to blend in with the local culture.

There are tons of artisan shops, restaurants of many cuisines and nightlife. As an added bonus, the city center is only 20 minutes walk, so you don’t have to miss out on any of the best Milan attractions or spend a lot of time commuting. 

This could be considered one of the best area to stay in Milan for nightlife.

Why Stay in Ticinese

While Milan is filled with history, there is a place where locals and visitors alike can find the exciting nightlife that Italy is famous for. Ticiese, named for the southern gate of the Corso di porta Ticinese.

Tucked in amongst the history is a fabulous shopping and nightlife area that you just have to check out when looking for nightlife in Milan.

Warm summer evenings and weekends bring the younger crowd down to this small section of town to dance the night away. After visiting Basilica di San Calimero in the area stop off at The Spirit Milanpo for a relaxing dinner and drinks.

Or dance the night away at Just Cavilli. Meet, drink and dance with the locals and feel the spirit of the vibe in this vibrant section of the city. 

Things To Do in Ticinese

  • Basilica di San Calimero

Dating back to the 5th century, this Roman Catholic Church is an excellent example of Romanesque Revival architecture.

Basilica di San Calimero was almost completely rebuilt in 1882 by architect Angelo Colla to reflect its own medieval architecture.

Visit the 16th-century crypt and the beauty of the church’s interior. Famous for its Nativity of Marco d’Oggiono from the 16th century, it is a must-see when staying in Ticinese.  

  • Enjoy the Nightlife of Ticinese

When the lights go down, the vibe goes up in Ticinese. Dance the night away at clubs such as Just Cavalli or enjoy some Jazz and Blues at La Buca di San Vincenzo.

Enjoy a relaxing evening at The Doping Club or go for a buffet and beer at Long Island.

The variety of nightlife will keep you going long after you thought you could not dance one more step. A happening place to get your vibe on in Milan. 

  • Fondazione Prada

After viewing 16th-century art in Centro Storico, change it up with a visit to Fondazione Prada. A Contemporary modern art museums with unique designs, everywhere including in the construction of the building itself.

Included in this contemporary art gallery is a cinema and bar and restaurant to make your day complete. Experience the old and the new in Ticinese. 

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Milan, Italy - Corso di Porta Ticinese street at rainy dusk.

Navigli – Ideal for foodies

With a network of canals serving as the hub of this neighborhood, Navigli has a unique flavor and is one of the oldest areas of Milan. 

It is located southwest of the city center and is about 25 minutes by public transportation if you want to visit Centro Storico. It’s also another prime neighborhood for Milan nightlife, with lots of bars and restaurants nearby. 

The two remaining canals, Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, are a lovely place to take a stroll any time of day. 

Why Stay in Navigli

In ancient times the city of Milan had canals crisscrossing the entire city. Back then, they would use these canals to move both people and goods throughout the city.

Today there are not many of these canals left. Navigli is one of the few places you can see the canals as they were way back when. Restaurants, bars and shops line the walkways of the canals to enhance your visit to the oldest part of Milan.

Take a boat tour down the canal, peruse the shops along the walkway and stop for a nice dinner at one of the many restaurants offered. You are sure to have a nice day and a wonderful meal while staying in Navigli. 

Things To Do In Navigli

  • Tour Navigli by Boat

Touring Navigli through the canal system gives you a different perspective of the history you are seeing.

Float by one of the oldest rowing clubs in Italy, Canottieri Milano Olona Rowing Club or admire the beauty of the 13th-century Church of San Cristoforo.

Get a feel of the majestic beauty of the ancient architecture from the view from the canal.

  • Have a Cocktail at a Canalside Bar

he bars will get busy after 5 pm for the city’s after-work aperitivo culture. Locals will flock to the bars after work for a relaxing drink after a long day of work.

Enjoy complimentary samples of food along with drinks as you soak in this down-to-earth friendly atmosphere. Squeeze into the world’s smallest bar.

Backdoor 43 is only 43 feet square so squeezing is not just a suggestion. There are many canalside bars to choose from with just the right atmosphere for you to enjoy. 

  • Sample the Best Food in Milan

If eating and restaurants are your holiday desires, you have come to the right place. Sample some of the best cuisines in Milan in Navigli. La Gelateria offers the best gelato in Milan.

With each flavour named after famous musicians, you can choose your favourite and enjoy a cool treat on a warm day.

With a host of restaurants that serve a variety of cultural foods, you can have Italian one night, Mediterranean or Korean the next. There is a taste for every palate in Navigli.

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Navigli Canal, Milan, Lombardy, Italy at twilight.

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