Where to stay in Belgrade [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Planning a trip to Serbia? If a visit to the capital city is in your plans, we’ve got the guide to help you decide where to stay in Belgrade. The city sits at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers, and has been around for over 20,000 years.

That’s a lot of history! The strategic position with the two rivers has made this coveted land for centuries, and Belgrade has seen over 100 wars, with many ruling empires taking ownership throughout the years.

Various empires have left their mark on Belgrade, making distinct impressions as you travel around the city, which is still recovering from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s. On the other hand, Belgrade is legendary for the nightlife scene, with over 300 splavovi, or party barges, moored along the rivers.

Belgrade Serbia. . Belgrade Old Town. with red park sculpture. View from New Belgrade, on the Sava River, the Belgrade port and the Cathedral Church.

We will cover off all types of Belgrade accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Belgrade hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Belgrade Serbia 2024.

This guide shows the best Belgrade hotels, best places in Belgrade to visit, the best places to stay in Belgrade, hotels near Belgrade attractions, best neighborhoods in Belgrade and many more.  Wondering where is the best place to stay in Belgrade? Our guide below will be able to answer all your questions.

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Old Town – Ideal for first timers

As with many European cities, Old Town Belgrade, also called Stari Grad, is the heart of the city and the best place to stay in Belgrade if you want the full tourist experience. Republic Square Belgrade in Old Town is the most central area to find Belgrade hotels. 

If you prefer a hostel, Belgrade’s Old Town has a good selection of those, too. From here, you have easy access to the major sites of Belgrade, such as the Kalemegdan Fortress, the Church of Saint Sava and many museums and galleries such as Nikola Tesla museum.

The Knez Mihailove pedestrian zone is a popular area, full of restaurants, cafes, bookstores and shops. Brace Jugovica is another main thoroughfare, with many shops and restaurants. 

Also check out Skadarlija, Belgrade’s bohemian area, with more restaurants, galleries and shops. 

Within Old Town, the area of Dorcol is the best area to stay in Belgrade for nightlife, as it’s close to the rivers and party boats.

Why Stay in Belgrade Old Town

First-time visitors to Belgrade can experience the true spirit of this ancient city in Old Town. Drink in the culture at the many museums, archaeological sites and historic places in the heart of the city.

Visit Republic Square and see the Statue of Prince Mihailo (man on the horse) while you sip coffee at the many cafes and restaurants in the square.

Sit at the fountain and people watch or visit the National Museum of Belgrade which is right in the square. You are guaranteed to take home some great memories while staying in Old Town. 

Things To Do in Belgrade Old Town

  • The Knez Mihailove

Take a walk along The Knez Mihailove pedestrian walkway and peruse the shops set in buildings built in the 1870s. This charming area of Belgrade offers shopping and so much more.

Shop world-famous brands or find local designers in this oldest part of Belgrade. Stop at the many outdoor cafes for a coffee and delicious pastry, or sit at the fountain as you take in the architecture and area of Knez Mihailove. 

  • Belgrade Fortress

This large impressive structure sits along the river in Old Town. Belgrade Fortress was built in 279 BC and has been reconstructed and added to into the late 16th century. The fortress is divided into four sections.

Two of the sections make up the fortress, while the other sections are now Kalemegdan Park. Not just a tourist attraction, Belgrade Fortress is a tourist destination. With a museum covering nine wars starting in 1440 until 1806, these buildings have stood the test of time.

A large park area to walk in with a children’s playground, souvenirs, food and drink kiosks as well as the best place in Old Town to witness a breathtaking sunset over the Danube River. Belgrade Fortress is a must-see when visiting Belgarde. 

  • Republic Square

The main meeting place in Belgrade is Republic Square. A mixture of the past and the present. A concert and event venue while also housing Belgrade’s oldest museum, the National Museum, as well as the National Theatre.

In the center of the square is one of Belgarde’s most visited tourist attractions. Prince Mihailo Monument, or commonly known as “Man on a Horse” was erected in 1882 to celebrate the life of Prince Mihailo from 1882 – 1868 and again from 1860 until his assassination in 1868.

Take a walk back into history and onto the present in only a couple of steps in Republic Square. 

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Belgrade, Serbia- Cafe and terrace on Tsar Lazar street in Old Town of Belgrade

Terazije – Ideal on a budget

An alternative to Old Town is the central area of Terazije, which is centered on Terazije Square, often cited as the main square of Belgrade. 

This is a very historic area, with several hotels, restaurants and shops. Belgrade’s first high rise building, Palace Albania, was built here in 1937, and Terazije also has the honor of the largest McDonald’s restaurant in the Balkans. 

Terazije is a great option for Belgrade accommodation if you still want to be centrally located, but just outside of Old Town.

Why Stay in Terazije

Looking for fun and adventure in Belgrade without blowing the budget? Look towards the neighbourhood of Terazije.

Centrally located in Belgrade, it is the perfect place to have your base for your best and cost-saving tourist experience.

With historic attractions just steps away, as well as the largest Mcdonald’s in the Balkans, the mix of new and old will have your head turning every step of the way.

Cost-efficient and centrally located make Terazije your best choice when you stay in Belgrade.

Things To Do in Terazije

  • Museum of Illusions

Enter a world where what you see is not what it seems at the Museum of Illusions. A world of optical illusions that will have you doubting your senses. Is that man shrinking?

Can you put your hand through an empty ring, or are you really upside down or is the room? It is all a question and illusion at the Museum of Illusions.

  • The Old Palace

Starting out as the “Little Palace” in the 1850’s ruling prince Milos Obrenovic decided to build a new palace for his son. The Old Palace was constructed by 1884 and has stood the test of time. Today it is used to house the City Assembly of Belgrade.

You can stroll through the beautiful gardens and take in the immense size of the palace and then go for a tour and take in the 19th century architecture from within. A beautiful piece of history to behold when you tour the Old Palace. 

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Belgrade, Serbia - View of famous four-star hotel Moskva located in empire style building on Terazije square. One of oldest Belgrade hotels, local landmark and popular tourist place.

Ada Ciganlija – Ideal for nightlife

This is an area known as Belgrade’s seaside. It sits on a peninsula between the two rivers, and is a welcome escape from the heat of Belgrade in the summer. 

It’s only four kilometres from the city centre, but has a unique microclimate that affords cooler temperatures.

Much of the peninsula is covered in forest and green spaces, and it’s a popular recreation destination, with more than 50 outdoor sports fields. You can find anything from football, tennis, golf and volleyball, to rock climbing and bungee jumping. 

Ada Ciganlija is also home to numerous restaurants and nightclubs, so it’s also a contender for the best area to stay in Belgrade for nightlife.

Why Stay in Ada Ciganlija

This natural oasis in the city holds many surprises. Within the greenery of the parks and the blue of the water, you can also find exciting sports, adrenaline-popping fun and a nightlife that will get you moving.

Have a favourite sport? You can find it here in the over 50 different outdoor sports fields. Find your adrenaline rush by bungee jumping or, on the water, water skiing.

When the sun goes down, put your dancing shoes on and go to your favourite music genre nightclub.

Ada Ciganlija has a plethora of nightclubs and bars to choose from. From a laid-back nighttime atmosphere to dancing the night away, you can find it in Ada Ciganlija.

Things To Do in Ada Ciganlija

  • Spend a Day at the The Beach

For some, a day at the beach includes a cold drink, a comfy chair and a good book. For others is the thrill of water sports that brings them to the sea. Both can be found on the beaches of Ada Ciganlija.

Glide along the water being towed by a cable at Aqua Ski or go under the sea and dive with Neptune Dive. Relax, swim or play at the beaches of Ada Ciganlija. 

  • Have a Adventure at Adventura Park

A playground in and among the trees is what makes up Ada Ciganlija’s Adventura Park. Climb in the trees along platforms and rope walkways to get around the obstacles that have been put in your way.

With experienced trainers and secured with safety equipment, so you can not fall, twist and zipline among the trees, Adventura Park offers on-the-ground adventures too.

With the water park and land games, it is an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Nightlife in Ada Ciganlija

From early morning until late into the night, Ada Ciganlija will keep you moving. Listen to live music, and have a burger and a beer at MOON.ZE.

Dance the night away at Club Shine or enjoy a romantic drink on the beach at Pilot77. Ada Ciganlija is the happening place both day and night. 

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Belgrade, Serbia - Car Entrance Gate to Ada Ciganlija Recrational Lake and Park Aerial View at Fall Day.

New Belgrade – Ideal for tourists

A final area to consider for Belgrade accommodation is New Belgrade, or Novi Beograd. This is the largest district of Belgrade and, as the name implies, a more modern alternative to Old Town. 

Some of Belgrade’s best cafes and restaurants are in New Belgrade, and there are many, modern Belgrade hotels to choose from. 

Novi Beograd sits across the river from Old Town, next to Zemun, so it’s still a very central location for your Belgrade holiday. Business travelers and hotel points hackers will find plenty of global brand hotels in New Belgrade.

Why Stay in New Belgrade

For the tourist that wants all the modern amenities but loves the old of the city, New Belgrade is the perfect choice for staying in Belgrade.

As well as being close to Old Town and the major attractions, it has a few attractions of its own. Visit the Western City Gate and see this unusual skyscraper with a revolving restaurant at the top.

Visit the Stark Arena for a sports game or concert and play on the Danube River that sits next to New Belgrade. Convenience and amenities make New Belgrade a great place to stay for tourists. 

Things to do in New Belgrade

  • The Western City Gate

This unusual skyscraper is a must-see when you are in New Belgrade. Two concrete towers connected with a two-story bridge would be unusual to see in itself, but when you add a revolving restaurant, that never turned, on the top is a sight to behold.

The Western City Gate, or Genex Tower, as it is also known, was designed by Mihajlo Mitrovic in 1977 and finished in 1979. These two buildings are not the same height, and only one side is used as a residential building.

The “revolving restaurant’ on top never had the revolving mechanisms inside, so it does not rotate or serve food but is very interesting to look at.

  • Stark Arena

After being chosen in 1989 to host the Basketball World Championships in 1994, a condition of that hosting was a new Basketball Stadium had to be built.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, including an economic downturn, the city did not complete the project in time for the 1994 Championships. Stark Arena or also known as the Belgrade Arena would not be completed until 2004.

Since then, it has hosted international tournaments and is now a major concert venue with the ability to hold over 18,000 people. Check out their lineup of concerts while you are in New Belgrade.

  • Water Fun on the Danube River

With water on three sides of New Belgrade, there are many choices for fun on and in the water.

Float down the river on a kayak at Belgrade Adventures, wakeboard and waterski at Waterski Club or sit and have a drink admiring the view at Draska & Veslo Beach Bar.

No matter which way you like to play in the water you can find it in New Belgrade.

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Old Long Concrete Building Blocks in Line at New Belgrade

Zemun – Ideal for family

Across the Sava River from Old Town Belgrade is the Zemun area. Zemun was once its own town, but merged into Belgrade in the 1930’s. It dates back to Neolithic times, and today is a quieter option for Belgrade accommodation, just 20 minutes from Old Town.

Zemun retains an independent feel, and is a charming place to stay during your Belgrade visit. With a lot of real estate along the Danube, water plays a big role in Zemun, and a stroll along the Zemun Quay is a must while staying here. 

Even if you stay elsewhere in Belgrade, make a trip to Zemun to sample some of the fabulous seafood restaurants along the river.

Why Stay in Zemun

A small town in a big city is what you will find in Zemun. Joining Belgrade in 1934, Zemun was its own little town. Today it still retains that charming atmosphere.

Sitting along the famous Danube River, dine at some of the finest seafood restaurants in the area. Visit Gardos Tower and get great views of Old Town and the Danube River.

Stroll along the river and shop in the small boutiques that dot the landscape. Zemun is a great place to stay when travelling with family for its calm, laid-back atmosphere. 

Things To Do in Zemun

  • Dine at the Seafood Restaurants along the River

Known for its seafood delicacies, Zemun is the place to go for fresh and delicious seafood along the river. Take in the views from the indoor patio lounge of Stari Zabar and enjoy some authentic Serbian food at Reka. Fresh fish and spectacular views can be found along the Danube in Zemun.

  • Gardos Tower

The Gardos Tower, or more popularly known as the Millenium Tower, was built in 1896 to celebrate a thousand years of Hungarian community.

36 meters tall on Gardos Hill gives you spectacular views of the Danube River and Old Town. A small cafe at the top of the tower allows you to sit and have a coffee while you admire the views from the top. 

  • Madlenianum Theatre and Opera House

Opening in 1999, Madlenianum Theatre and Opera House is Serbia’s and Southeast Europe’s first privately owned opera and theatre company. Experience the floating delight of a delicate ballet or the tragic story in operatic form.

The theatre consists of over 500 seats and has hosted some of the best musicals in the world. A night to remember when you take in a show at Madlenianum Theatre and Opera House.

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Panoramic rooftop view of Zemun. Belgrade, Serbia

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