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Where to Stay in Koh Lanta [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

When you’re stuck at home on a cold, rainy day or chained to the office desk with a mountain of paperwork, do you dream of dazzling white sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and azure waters? Well, the Thai island of Koh Lanta has all these traits in abundance!

Located within the Strait of Malacca, on the west coast between the mainland and Phi Phi islands, this holiday hotspot is a great vacation option as it is largely free from mass tourism. If that sounds like music to your ears, you’ll want to know where to stay in Koh Lanta for 2024. So, please allow me to provide you with some inspiration.

You’ll be pleased to discover that the standard of accommodation in Koh Lanta is pretty good, incorporating everything from a five-star luxury resort to cheap and cheerful beach hotels. However, like anywhere you visit, the type of experiences you are after, and your personal situations should determine what kind of location you should base yourself in.

With that in mind, the best area to stay Koh Lanta will vary accordingly between individuals. Therefore, to help you find the right place for you, I have highlighted several different options suitable for different needs.

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Saladan Village – Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you get here by speedboat, ferry or minivan; everyone who comes to Koh Lanta will arrive and depart through the bustling Saladan Village.

Located on the island’s northern tip, one of the first things you’ll notice in this busy port town are the fascinating wooden houses that are built on stilts down by the water. They make an interesting choice of Koh Lanta accommodation if you can score yourself a place to stay in one of them.

Elsewhere, the impressive Saladan Pier is another notable landmark. It is where all the ferries dock from the surrounding islands and provide a delightful sea view as they approach.

Saladan is often referred to as Baan Salada by locals and is renowned for being a shopper’s paradise. Throughout this quaint village, you’ll find plenty of boutiques, stores, shops and markets, which sell everything from tacky tourist souvenirs and stunning handicraft items to the most beautiful clothes and fashion accessories.

Like most places in Thailand, haggling is all to be expected, especially at the lively night market, which specialises in clothes, paintings and handicrafts. However, try not to drive too hard a bargain – a few dollars extra can go a long way for the local people.

Throughout the town, you’ll find several travel and tour agencies, dive operators, spas, massage parlours and tailors who can knock you up a spectacular suit or a dress in a matter of a few hours. There is even a 7-Eleven and, strangely, quite a few opticians. So, you might want to take the opportunity to procure yourself a good pair of glasses for a fraction of the price you’d pay back home.

Elsewhere, beaches like Long Beach and Klong Dao Beach are within a five to 10-minute drive. Both of these are exceptional places to see the setting sun and rising moon over the mountains. Some of the best hotels in Koh Lanta are also easily reached, while the area is renowned for the quality and sheer variety of its bars and restaurants, which cater to many different tastes and preferences.

Here’s my list of places to stay in Saladan Village

Saladan Village

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Saladan Village:

My Top Pick
WAKE UP @Lanta Hotel

WAKE UP @Lanta Hotel

  • Amazing host
  • Good value for money

Below are some hostels and hotels in Saladan Village to consider based on my research:

Lighthouse on the shoals of a small island on the way to the Saladan Pier bay in the bright scorching sun with turquoise green blue sea. Adaman sea, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand.

Klong Dao – Where to stay in Koh Lanta with Family

If you are visiting Koh Lanta as a family, the best place to stay is at Khlong Dao Beach.

This superb three-kilometre stretch of golden sandy beach is fringed with some of the best guesthouses and resorts in Koh Lanta, which are an easy walk from the beach. Offset by calm waters, it is a fantastic place for swimming, beachcombing, building sandcastles and playing ball sports. There are also several massage huts, shops, restaurants and bars to keep you engaged and nourished throughout the day.

Being a horseshoe bay, you can see the whole of Khlong Dao when you are on it, so it has a more inclusive and less secluded feel than other coastal areas on the island, such as Koh Lanta Long Beach. This means you can allow the kids to run around with a bit more peace of mind. However, it’s worth noting that due to its wide expanse, the sand doesn’t have as many shady spots. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rent out an umbrella to provide you with some sun protection.

Something that many families will appreciate no doubt, is that most of the restaurants here are family friendly, to the point where they have play areas and boxes of toys to entertain the kids. The restaurant also has specific menus with a good range of dishes that cater to younger members of the family. Moreover, some bars, including the fantastic Indian Bar (again, family-friendly), even hold fire shows on a nightly basis.

One of the best things about Khlong Dao is that it is the nearest beach to Saladan Pier. So, within five or ten minutes of arriving on the island, you can head straight to its golden sands. This is a real bonus for those coming on a day trip from elsewhere.

If it interests you, tourists can take outdoor yoga classes just off the beach at Oasis Yoga. Alternatively, they can watch a movie at an open-air cinema that shows films every night.

Lastly, do yourself and the kids a favour by visiting Two Scoops Gelato, they offer the best homemade gelato and sorbets in town. Their lemon pie variety is sensational!

Here’s my list of places to stay in Klong Dao

Klong Dao

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Khlong Dao:

My Top Pick
Golden Bay Cottage

Golden Bay Cottage

  • Best location in Klong Dao – 10m from the beach!
  • Spacious rooms

Below are some hotels in Khlong Dao to consider based on my research:

Happy traveler woman relaxing on boat near tropical island in Thailand

Phra Ae Beach – Where to stay in Koh Lanta on a Budget

If you are wondering where to stay in Koh Lanta for backpackers, Phra Ae Beach, also know as Long Beach, is a terrific option. Extending for over four kilometres, this idyllic beach is flanked by gorgeous casuarina trees that provide much-needed shade. So, it is the kind of place you can easily spend all day at.

Due to the beach’s linear shape, you should have no trouble finding a secluded spot that provides an oasis of serenity. For this reason, it has a much quieter feel than other beaches in the area.

Having said that, over at the northern section of the beach you’ll find a big cluster of shops, bars and restaurants. Most of which cater to the large numbers of backpackers who stay on what has affectionately been dubbed ‘Traveller Lane’ – a road full of inexpensive guesthouses where you can score an extended stay in decent accommodation for a very reasonable price.

Also here, you’ll find the legendary Mr Pad Thai, an insanely talented street food vendor, who is known for making the best Pad Thai on the island. You’ll find him entertaining a queue of hungry travellers outside of Aleena’s Minimart.

For any visitor to Phra Ae Beach, I can’t recommend going to the nearby Long Beach Chalet for a massage highly enough. It is one of the best you’ll ever have – you can thank me later!. There is also a beach club called Pangea, closer to the middle of the beach which hosts a popular night club every Tuesday night.

Long Beach is adjacent to Khlong Dao and can be reached within a ten 15-minute drive from Saladan pier. If you do decide to visit here, be mindful of the rocks in the water at the southern end of the beach. They don’t make for the best swimming conditions.

Here’s my list of places to stay in Phra Ae Beach

Phra Ae Beach

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Phra Ae Beach:

My Top Pick
Blanco Hostel Lanta

Blanco Hostel Lanta

  • Contemporary industrial design
  • 2 mins walk from Long Beach
  • Garden area with hammocks

Below are some hostels and hotels in Phra Ae Beach to consider based on my research:

Fishermen boat with long oars in Long Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Klong Khong Beach – Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Nightlife

Generally speaking, Koh Lanta does not have as good a nightlife scene as somewhere like Ko Phi Phi or some other destinations on the east coast of Thailand. However, the closest place to pass for it is Klong Khong Beach.

It is the next beach along from Long Beach and accommodates several happening bars and restaurants that line the beach – most of which are open later than at other places on the island and offer happy hours and some kind of show.

The vibe from all these venues is very lively, partly because they are popular spots with the backpacker crowd. When the evening comes, one of the best things to do is to walk along the sand and just soak up the ambience. Perhaps have a drink at a different venue as you make your way along it.

You should make sure you stop at Frankie’s, a favourite spot for sundowners, which you can enjoy whilst sitting on the sand on an oversized cushion. Elsewhere, the Mushroom Bar Koh Lanta offers a psychedelic party experience unlike anywhere else you would have been.

Unfortunately, the beach is rocky and narrow, so it is not the best place for swimming, which is possibly why it has a reputation for being more of a night-time venue. That said, at high tide, it is possible to go for a dip.

For those looking for somewhere to stay in Koh, this area has some decent-priced accommodation that is cheaper than most other places on the island.

Here’s my list of places to stay in Klong Khong Beach

Klong Khong Beach

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Klong Khong Beach:

My Top Pick
Pinky Bungalow Resort

Pinky Bungalow Resort

  • 2 pools with plenty of beanbags and sun loungers
  • Large rooms – great for families

Below are some hostels and hotels in Klong Khong Beach to consider based on my research:

Khong Klong beach on Koh Lanta Yai island, Thailand in a sunny day

Klong Nin Beach – Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Foodies

If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll want to stay around Klong Nin Beach. The culinary scene here is second to none, which you’ll be proclaiming yourself after dining at any of the fabulous cafes, restaurants and bars that line the beach’s wide sandy expanse.

This is a particularly good place to come in the evening when most of the venues set up decorated tables right on the sand, enabling you to enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience against the backdrop of the sun going down. On the occasional evening, you might also find yourself watching a free fire show or listening to live DJs.

Klong Nin Beach is situated on the west coast of the island, approximately 15 kilometres from Ban Saladan and about 11 kilometres from Mu Ko Lanta National Park. It comprises a 2.5 kilometres stretch of pristine sandy beach and has a tranquil ambience which is accentuated by its picturesque surroundings.

Given how wide the beach is, it offers plenty of opportunity to relax, walk or sunbathe without being disturbed. It is also never overly busy here, not even during the peak tourist season.

When it comes to hotels in Koh Lanta there is a good selection of options in Klong Nin Beach, ranging from cheaper budget huts to some of the best Lanta resort providers on the island. It also has a central location which provides easy access to most of the island’s best beaches, as well as attractions like Tham Khao Mai Khew Cave.

Here’s my list of places to stay in Klong Nin Beach

Klong Nin Beach

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Klong Nin Beach:

My Top Pick
Nirvana Beach Resort

Nirvana Beach Resort

  • A few steps to the beach
  • Stunning views
  • Comfy beds!

Below are some hostels and hotels in Klong Nin Beach to consider based on my research:

Koh Lanta Beach. Island. Klong Nin Beach, Thailand

Kantiang Bay – Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Couples 

For those wondering where to stay in Koh Lanta for couples, there is no better place than Kantiang Bay. Featuring powdery white sand, sparkling azure waters and a backdrop of lush jungle-covered mountains, it is not only a lovely place for swimming but also a romantic spot for a wedding or honeymoon.

If your budget allows, you should book into the island’s premier luxury resort – The Pimalai. It has everything you could possibly want for a fantastic vacation experience with your loved one, including world-class dining, wonderful spa and massage services, and beautifully appointed rooms. They even welcome families and offer babysitting and kids club services.

Should you decide to stay at the Pimalai, you will be able to get a complimentary boat transfer from Hua Hin Pier. This leaves from the mainland and takes about 40 minutes to complete. Alternatively, it is about a 35-minute drive from Saladan Pier.

If you can’t stretch to this resort, there are several budget-friendly choices in the area. You’ll also find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars, one of which, the Why Not Bar presents what is proclaimed by many to be the best fire show on the island!

Here’s my list of places to stay in Kantiang Bay

Kantiang Bay

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Kantiang Bay:

My Top Pick
Alama Sea Village Resort

Alama Sea Village Resort

  • Traditional Thai deco
  • Hilltop location
  • Swimming pool with great view

Below are some hostels and hotels in Kantiang Bay to consider based on my research:

Summer seascape on tropical koh Lanta island in Thailand. Landscape taken on Ba Kantiang Bay with blue sky

Lanta Old Town – Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Day Trippers

On the east coast of the island, is the Koh Lanta Old Town. It was once the main trading port of the region, but it is now considered one of the best places to visit for a day trip from the mainland.

Originally a sea gypsy settlement, the Lanta Old Town has an old-world feel that is utterly charming. Up until fairly recently, you could not stay here overnight, hence its reputation as a day-trip destination. However, the authorities have since relaxed their restrictions to enable tourists to enjoy a unique aspect of Thai culture they won’t find anywhere else.

The old town has a distinctive Chinese edge to it, which manifests itself in a laid-back and slow pace of life. Although it is still a fishing village for the local population, most of the revenue the old town generates now is through selling local wares, such as real leather to tourists.

The region has plenty of shops dotted around a labyrinth of twisty alleys and streets that are lined with teak restaurants and houses on stilts. Try to visit a few of them to take in terrific sea views and to get a feel for how locals live.

As the Lanta Old Town is best explored on foot, you’ll need to set aside a bit of time to fully appreciate its rich character and charm – which has changed little throughout the years.

Here’s my list of places to stay in Lanta Old Town

Lanta Old Town

Below Are Some Recommended Hotels in Lanta Old Town:

My Top Pick
Verona Lanta Resort

Verona Lanta Resort

  • Incredibly nice staff!
  • Large, spacious rooms
  • Long pool – plenty of room for everyone!

Below are some hostels and hotels in Lanta Old Town to consider based on my research:

Koh Lanta, Thailand - City street of the Ko Lanta Old Town. Street with small famous shops, restaurants and other retail store. Historical place on tropical island. Famous tourist target

Added Extra: Areas to Avoid in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is overall a tourist friendly island and most places are fairly safe – common sense should always apply when travelling; don’t go down dark alleys alone, keep an eye on your valuables etc. We have recently written an article Solo Travel Safety Tips that can help you be safe while you travel.

FAQs About koh lanta accommodation

Koh Lanta is a great destination, but the amount of time you should spend there really depends on what kind of activities you plan on doing. If you are looking to go sightseeing and explore the area, then it’s recommended to stay for at least five days.

On the other hand, if your primary focus is relaxation and spending time on the beach then two or three days should be sufficient. In any case, make sure to plan ahead so that all your accommodation and activities have been pre-booked in advance!

Looking for best place to stay in Koh Lanta Thailand? Koh Lanta is a fantastic destination for a beach holiday, with some of the best beaches in Thailand. One of the most popular beaches on Koh Lanta is Long Beach, located in the southern part of the island. Long Beach offers stunning views and white sands, making it perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and other amenities nearby. For a more relaxed escape, head to Klong Dao Beach or Klong Khong Beach further north – both offer an idyllic atmosphere for a relaxing beach holiday with crystal-clear waters and gentle waves great for swimming.

Whatever your choice, you’ll be able to find something suitable on Koh Lanta’s many beautiful beaches!

Final Thoughts: where to stay koh lanta

Koh Lanta is a hidden gem in the Andaman Sea, with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets. There’s so much to explore in Koh Lanta, and the best way to do it is staying at one of the small resorts that dot the island.

Whether you want a private villa or a cozy hostel, there’s something to meet your budget and travel style in Koh Lanta.

With food and activities for everyone’s taste, and some of the friendliest locals around, you’re guaranteed an amazing time while visiting this paradise. So if you’re looking for a place to stay during your trip to Thailand, be sure to check out Koh Lanta – you won’t regret it!

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