Where to stay in Pisa [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Many travelers visit Pisa Italy as a day trip from Florence, which means those who choose to stay in Pisa are rewarded with fewer crowds and lines as the day trip crowds leave for the day. Pisa is relatively small, but you’ll find plenty of things to do besides the famous leaning tower.

The city has many cathedrals, a historic centre and the Arno River running through town. Whether you are looking for where to stay in Pisa for one night, or several nights, our neighborhood guide to Pisa will help you find the best location for your needs.

PISA, ITALY - Tourist sightseeing Pisa Cathedral, Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Mary and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, bell tower of cathedral in Pisa, Italy.

We will cover off all types of Pisa accommodation options from Hostels to luxury hotels in Pisa as well as how to decide where to stay in Pisa Italy 2024.

This guide shows the best Pisa hotels, best places in Pisa to visit, the best places to stay in Pisa, hotels near Pisa attractions, Pisa neighborhood guide and many more.

Wondering which are the best places to stay in Pisa Italy? Below are 7 of the best neighborhoods in Pisa to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best areas to stay in Pisa for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Pisa so you can use this as a go to guide to pick the best accommodation in Pisa for you.

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Pisa City Centre – Where to stay in Pisa for First timer visitors

The Pisa City Centre is the heart of the city and offers a variety of attractions for first-time visitors.

One of the most popular places to visit in this area is Piazza dei Cavalieri, which houses some of the city’s most beautiful historic buildings, including the Palazzo della Carovana, home to the Knights of Saint Stephen.

Visitors can also explore Porta a Lucca, a medieval gate that links Pisa with Lucca, or take in a performance at Teatro Verdi.

The National Museum of San Matteo is also located nearby, where travellers can view some of Italy’s finest paintings and sculptures.

Of course, no trip to Pisa would be complete without a visit to its iconic Leaning Tower which overlooks all these attractions from nearby.

Best places to stay in Pisa City Centre

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Pisa City Centre

Budget accommodation in Pisa City Centre

Mid range accommodation in Pisa City Centre

Family Friendly accommodation in Pisa City Centre

PISA, ITALY - ancient Palazzo della Carovana, built in 1562-1564 by Giorgio Vasari, and church Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri in Piazza dei Cavalieri (Knight's Square).

Santa Maria – Where to stay in Pisa for tourists

Santa Maria is the historic heart of Pisa and the best area for tourists due to the very central location near the Pisa tower and other attractions such as the Piazza dei Miracoli.

In addition to the famous tower, there are so many things to do in central Pisa; 16th-century botanical gardens, National Museum of the Royal Palace, the Cathedral Museum, and the riverfront promenade.

With so many tourist attractions, Santa Maria is very family-friendly and you won’t have any trouble finding restaurants, hotels or shopping during your stay.

Best places to stay in Santa Maria

Budget accommodation in Santa Maria

Mid range accommodation in Santa Maria

Family Friendly accommodation in Santa Maria

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Santa Maria

Medieval Pisan Gothic Santa Maria della Spina church on Arno River embankment, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

San Francesco – Where to stay in Pisa with family

Just east of Santa Maria is the quieter area of San Francesco. This neighborhood is also a historic quarter and in easy walking distance of everything in Pisa, including the tower which is just ten minutes on foot.

Being just outside of Santa Maria means you can find budget-friendly accommodations without sacrificing on location.

San Francesco is filled with historic churches and squares, including Piazza Martiri della Libertà, which is one of the largest parks in Pisa.

The Church of Santa Caterina is one of the oldest in Pisa, dating back to 1250 and the Church of San Zena was built prior to the year 1000. At Piazza San Paolo all’Orto, you’ll find the largest cinema in Pisa as well as many authentic restaurants.

Best places to stay in San Francesco

Budget accommodation in San Francesco

Mid range accommodation in San Francesco

Family Friendly accommodation in San Francesco

PISA, ITALY - Mosaics in the lunette of the church San Paolo all'Orto in Pisa, Italy

Sant’Antonio – Where to stay in Pisa on a budget

Across the Arno River from Santa Maria is the historic area known as Sant’Antonio. This is a good area to stay in Pisa if you plan to take several day trips as it’s near the central train station and the airport.

The public transportation to Santa Maria is not great, but it’s only a 20-minute walk to the tower.

At the church of Sant’Antonio, you can see one of the last murals done by American artist Keith Haring. There are also some excellent samples of medieval architecture throughout this district.

This is a great place to stay for travelers who just like to wander historic streets without spending too much time at the big tourist attractions.

Best places to stay in Sant’Antonio

Budget accommodation in Sant’Antonio

Mid range accommodation in Sant’Antonio

Family Friendly accommodation in Sant’Antonio

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Sant’Antonio

Sant'Antonio abate steeple in Pisa under clouds

San Martino – Where to stay in Pisa for Nightlife

San Martino is the best area to stay in Pisa for nightlife for young travelers looking for a unique experience in Pisa. With a number of cocktail bars and nightclubs keeping things lively after dark.

From the vibrant streets of Corso Italia, to the outdoor cinema at Giardino Scotto, this area offers something for everyone.

Plus, the Graphics Museum showcases amazing contemporary drawings and prints that are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a bite, get drinks with friends, or just explore this beautiful city, San Martino is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Best places to stay in San Martino

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in San Martino

Budget accommodation in San Martino

Mid range accommodation in San Martino

Family Friendly accommodation in San Martino

Pisa Italy - Corso Italia with unidentified people. It is the high and shopping street in the heart of the city center

Lucca – Where to stay near Pisa Italy

Just 25 minutes by train from Pisa is the medieval walled town of Lucca, which makes a nice alternative to Pisa.

Lucca sits on the Serchio River and makes a nice home base for visitors who want to explore several areas of Tuscany, including Pisa.

Florence or La Spezia are each just one hour from Lucca, while Viareggio is only 25 minutes away. Lucca itself offers several attractions, such as the medieval Guinigi Tower topped with oak trees.

Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is a central hub of Lucca, with more historic buildings, a market, and many cafes.

Best places to stay in Lucca

Budget accommodation in Lucca

Mid range accommodation in Lucca

Family Friendly accommodation in Lucca

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Lucca

Medicean Aqueduct of Pisa, construction of pillars and arches, Tuscany

Pisa Airport – Where to stay in Pisa near the Airport

At Pisa Airport, travellers can find a good selection of nearby accommodations that are all within easy reach of the airport. From budget-friendly options to high-end hotels, there is something for everyone.

Most hotels are located within walking distance of the airport and provide convenient access for those arriving or departing from the airport. The majority of these accommodations also offer services such as free shuttle buses and shuttle services to nearby destinations.

Additionally, they provide amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and cafes so travellers can make the most of their time in Pisa.

Whether you stay for just one night or longer, near Pisa Airport you will find all that you need to make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable.

Best places to stay near the Pisa Airport

Budget accommodation near the Pisa Airport

Mid range accommodation near the Pisa Airport

Family Friendly accommodation near the Pisa Airport

Pisa international airport Galileo Galilei  named after the famous scientist from Pisa is the main airport in Tuscany. No People

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Pisa

❤️ Best Area first timersPisa City Centre
💸 Best Luxury HotelPisa Tower Plaza
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesHotel Di Stefano
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelGrand Hotel Duomo
🛏️ Best Budget HotelHotel Milano
✨ Best HostelSafestay Pisa Centrale

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