The Top Secret Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, and some would say in the world! Pattaya Beach is of course a great beach to start, but some travelers may want to find a location less crowded and more relaxing. Luckily, Pattaya is full of secluded beach havens.

Whether you’re exploring Pattaya by car, bus, or tuk-tuk, you’ll be able to discovery a number of secret gem beaches that you never knew existed.

The Top Secret Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

If you opt for a car rental in Pattaya, you’ll find traveling to be much easier and breezier.  And while Pattaya city itself offers some fun and popular beach hotspots, the road less travelled in surrounding areas offers exciting hidden locations that are begging to be found.

With a car, you can pick your favourite music to listen to, while cruising along the beautiful coastlines of Pattaya.  So why not enjoy some exploratory driving and check-out our recommendations for must see hidden beaches!

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The Top Secret Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

1. Coral Island

If you’re a fan of crystal clear water views, long sandy beaches, and uncrowded beach spots, Coral Island is the beach you need to find.

Otherwise known as Koh Larn and located in South Pattaya, Coral Island only is a seven kilometer boat ride from Bali Hai Pier (Pattaya Harbour). Simply drive to the harbour and park for the day, or if you don’t want to think about parking, leave your car and venture to the harbor by tuk-tuk!

Once you’re on the boat (either by public ferry or private charter), enjoy a quick scenic ride to one of the most secluded, luxurious, and pristine beaches in the country.

There’s a wide range of activities for kids, parents, single travellers, or groups, so if you’re into kayaking, snorkelling or group sports, be sure to get involved!

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be happy to find lots of friendly faces offering convenient services such as ready hire-for-use paddles, snorkels, beach chairs and umbrellas, and nets for games!

2. Na Jomtien Beach

Na Jomtien Beach is just a fifteen to twenty minute drive from Pattaya which makes it the perfect secret destination to find at any stage of holiday or adventure.

Easy to locate and even easier to enjoy, this beach boasts the most blissful seafood restaurants nearby, like Rimpa Lapin.

Quiet, unassuming, and sparsely populated, visit with your family or special one for gentle waves, serene atmosphere, and wonderful dining options.

This destination is also a very special place, for very special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, and more.

The Top Secret Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

3. Wong Amat Beach

This beach is a wonderful recovery option for those long haul flights, big nights out, or just a bit of relaxation. Currently rated Number 33 in Attractions to see in Pattaya, it’s a secret sensation that more are coming to know about.

For this one you can leave the car, tuk-tuk, and bus by the wayside. Simply get your sandals, towel, and a sandwich and take a stroll from the North End of Pattaya Beach toward Wong Amat Beach.

Despite its proximity to a very well-known and popular prime beach, this area remains largely unknown to many travellers. With many nearby cafes and restaurants to enjoy sunsets from, it’s a wonderful location for long lazy lunches, decadent dinners, and brilliant breakfasts.

The Top Secret Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

Runner ups:

Bang Saen Beach: At this quiet, romantic beach, you can find that little bit of seclusion and tranquility that you’ve been looking for. The public park called Laem Taen Cape is the perfect place for a stroll and a little bit of kitesurfing.

Naklua Beach: This beach is a great location for fishers and surfers, but you can also find enough places on the white sand to lounge on. Stay for the evening sunset and you’ll be in for a real treat.


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