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Strange Sights of Bangkok

CHINA TOWN, BANGKOK THAILAND - Sunset at Yaowarat road with Tuk Tuk Taxi, Yaowarat is one of the famous landmark of Chinese Arts and Buildings in Bangkok

Bangkok is full of wonderful sights, it is rich with interesting culture but little is advertised about the strange sights of Bangkok.

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Phallic Shrine

So, most people don’t come to Bangkok to see a bunch of dicks – lets face it, you can probably see that all at home…. but here lays hundreds of penises, made of wood and stone.

Women will often visit this shrine when they are trying to conceive, leaving offerings of lotus and jasmine and if rumours are true, the shrine has a very good success rate. It stands on the grounds of the Swissotel Nai Lert Hotel in the heart of Bangkok.

This sight is kind of funny as the Thai people are usually so conservative with what they wear and how they act, they are also very polite. Conservative other than the sex trade and Ladyboys…. But you can’t judge a culture based on these small parts.

You can get here via the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS), get off of the Chitlom stop.

The Bangkok Phallic Shrine with lotz of wooden Penis at Pratunam in the city of Bangkok on 7. 12. 2016 in Thailand

Erawan Museum

It is well known for the giant Three-headed Elephant on the roof, measuring at 29 metres high and 39 metres long. Construction was started in 1994 but it has only recently been completed.

The three stories inside the elephant contain antiquities and priceless collections of ancient religious objects belonging to Khun Lek Viriyapant who is the museum owner.

Bangkok, Thailand - Interior of the Erawan Museum in Bangkok, Thailand. The Museum is one of the most unique and fascinating temples in Bangkok.

Forensic Museum

“Located inside the Siriraj Hospital on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river. The hospital actually features six distinct museums within two separate buildings, but only three of them seem to be of interest – obviously the creepiest ones: The pathology, anatomic forensic museums.”

This museum is for the morbid… or the people with a fascination for the weird.  It has actual bodies (including babies) in jars and skulls with bullet holes. As stated by Lonely planet “a bloodied T-shirt from a victim stabbed to death with a dildo” Read more.

They have the bodies of accident and murder victims on display. The Anatomical Museum shows dissected bodies, both adult and babies in jars and display cabinets.Needless to say this place is not for the faint hearted.

Hours of Operation (and I don’t mean the medical kind): Monday to Saturday – 09:00 to 16:00
Cost: 40 baht – free for children ( I wouldn’t take your kids there, they’d be scared for life!)

Reconstrution of roman burial, skull detail

‘Sathorn Unique’ 50-Storey Ghost Skyscraper

We noticed this building while stay at the Shangri-La hotel, It was just behind it. We were told by locals that the owner of the building is not able to be located and that it has sat vacant for 15 years.

Apparently no one is able to finish the building until the owner is located – true or not … who knows?

It is interesting that in this day and age some investor hasn’t taken it and finished it off. The construction stop in 1997 when the Asian Financial Crisis hit.

We didn’t think to go adventuring in this building but others have. Sab from “Justonewayticket.com”  write a great article about this building including some fantastic pictures!

BANGKOK, THAILAND - : View of the abandoned skyscraper of Sathorn Unique Tower from the Buddhist temple Wat Yannava

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  1. Hi Sam,

    Great post on Bangkok. That one city I am eager to go to explore Thai Culture. Should find sometime to visit since it’s just a neighboring country.

  2. Hey Farah!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂
    Bangkok is a world of its own. I would highly highly recommend you visit it at least once in your life!!
    It is an amazing place, temples right in the middle of the city. Everywhere is a buzz no matter the time and it really is the land of smiles!

  3. Wow! I never thought Thailand would have something so out there!
    I’ve recently experienced Thailand myself and I really don’t like it that much but I’m sure there is much more to the place than meets the eye!

    Is there any way I could convince you to to write something for my blog?
    Or some tips on setting up my blog better as I have just started and there is just so much out there?

  4. Hey Judy!
    Bangkok does have some stuff things as im sure many places do. These places are worth a visit, you are in a foreign country, why not try or see something crazy!
    Oh no! What was it that you didnt enjoy about your trip? I know that Koh Samui was ruined for us by the Mantra but I guess that’s hardly Koh Samui’s fault.

    Contact me via my contact page or travelling_king @ hotmail dot com (just remove the places and change the dot to a .) we can discuss things to help out with your blog.


  5. We loved the Phallic Shrine 🙂 Very unique place.
    The only question is: Is there similar temple for the men, where they would go to
    worship the vagina? 🙂

  6. We’ve been to Bangkok 3 times so far and I cannot believe we missed the Phallic Shrine and the 50-Storey Ghost Skyscraper 🙁
    I have the feeling that one day we will return to BK and we’ll make sure not to miss them, especially the ghostly skyscraper. Thanks for sharing guys! 🙂

  7. I’m kind of obsessed with the penis forest. It’s the home of Chao Mae Tuptin, the goddess who lives in that big ficus tree, the one with all the ribbons. I visit whenever I’m in Bangkok. The forensic museum, however, gives me the creeps. I got really sick after visiting there and blame it entirely. Great obscure sights and a fun post. Thanks.

  8. Hahaha, thats not something i often hear 🙂 haha!
    It is a very cool collection though!

    The forensic museum isnt for the weak willed, thats for sure. Its pretty sick and twisted

  9. I wish I would of known about these places before I visited. I ended up having a difficult time in Bangkok, when/if I go back I’ll try and find some of them.

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