Leophile – A comparison between the ZERO and the EEL Wireless Headphones

Leophile prides themselves on making some of the best headphone some the market, below we have reviewed the EEL (waterproof) and the ZERO (noise cancelling).

Leophile EEL

ThLeophile EEL headphones are the best budget waterproof wireless headphones i’ve found online. The EEL are not designed like the usual headphones, the neckband is made of a flexible silicone meaning, it won’t be easily damaged by tangling it up and putting them in your pocket or handbag. The EEL is very light weight making it perfect to use in the gym! I used these headphones while running on the treadmill and didnt have the usual issues of having the neckband counting up and down or coming off mid run. They were also great when i went for a run in the rain, i didn’t have to worry about the water damaging them!

On the left side of this device are three control buttons, two buttons that control the volume and skipping songs, and one button, which is multifunctional in the middle for pairing, and turning the device on and off, answering phone calls and also activating Siri (on your iPhone) by double pressing it. Next to these buttons is a small LED light that will indicate the devices status. On the back side of the EEL is a mini USB charging port.

The EEL isn’t sold as noise cancelling headphones however with the ear tips (buds), they do seem to keep a lot of noise out and produce decent sound given their price!

The Leophile EEL has a pretty decent battery life of about 10 hours on a single charge, with a charge time of 2 hours.

What’s in the Box of the EEL:

  • The USB charging cable
  • The EEL Headphones (including pre-installed tips)
  • Some extra ear tips

The EEL is available in 3 colours – Black, Red and Green. Personally I’m a fan of the black because it goes with everything.

RRP: $49.99 via Amazon

Leophile ZERO

The Leophile ZERO Active Noise Cancelling wireless headphones is basically a premium version of the EEL, they look high end (which if you’re fashion, this is obviously important!) and the sound they play is also high end given the fairly reasonable price of these headphones.

The Leophile ZERO neckband style is the one of most convenient designs when it comes to wireless headphones, as it moves the weight from your ears to your neck, the strap feels comfortable on your neck. The metallic sides add looks and not weight, they are just made to look like they are heavy.

On the left hand side of the device, you’ll find buttons for powering the device, skipping songs, changing the volume and picking up calls, the buttons are very easy to use when you’re earring the device as you can easily feel their shapes without having to look and try to find the right button.

The Micro USB port for charging the battery and plugging the audio AUX cable is on the bottom, along with a switch for turning ON and OFF the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature. We tested both the ZERO and the EEL on a few different flights (to and from Japan and to and from Phuket) and the ANC worked really well – maybe not as well as my overeat headphones but it still worked very well.

The Leophile ZERO has a really strong battery life, easily lasting for 20 hours on a single charge (which took 2 hours charging time).

What’s in the Box of the ZERO:

  • You get the usual extra ear tips as well as the pre installed ones (were fine for me)
  • The ZERO Headphones
  • The USB charging cable
  • An Audio USB to Jack cable (just in case your battery goes flat)
  • A really soft leather bag to carry the device along with accessories – which was perfect to pop into my handbag or my carry on luggage.

The Zero is available in 2 colours – Black and White. Personally i think black is better as white products always seem to get dirty!

RRP :$99.99 via Amazon

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