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Connectivity is a game changer for digital nomads and travellers. We rely heavily on technology when we travel; from transportation to translation, currency to communication, travellers use WiFi more than ever before. Many of us rely on having internet access to continue our jobs while we travel. It can be stressful trying to figure out the wireless situation when you’re travelling which is why Pocket WiFi from TEP Wireless is so amazing.

We aren’t sure how we ever travelled without this mobile hotspot, to be honest. The portable WiFi market is full of products promising the best mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel, and it can be hard to determine which features are most important for your type of travel. So, we’re going to break it down for you and tell you why TEP Wireless Pocket WiFi is the best portable WiFi for travel. From how it works, where it works, and why you need it, this is everything you ever wanted to know about Tep Wireless pocket WiFi.

Plan your trip

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What is Pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi is just what it sounds like. It’s a WiFi router that fits in your pocket (or handbag.) These devices are also sometimes called a WiFi hotspot, MiFi, wireless dongle, or mobile hotspot. Pocket Wi-Fi works much like your cell phone does, without the costly data charges of tethering devices to your phone. It is safer and more secure than connecting to public WiFi connections, and more reliable when there aren’t many free WiFi options. With pocket WiFi, you never have to wander around searching for free WiFi hotspots again.

How Does Tep Connect to WiFi?

Unlike most cell phones, which require a SIM card to connect to local networks, Tep has a bank of virtual SIM cards it can draw on for connectivity. This is known as virtual SIM technology, and makes travelling between countries and cities seamless for the user. (More on that later!) Tep Wireless uses data connectivity to provide a wireless signal through the device, which users connect into just like any other wireless signal. It’s just like your wireless router at home, minus all the cables and antennas!

How many Devices can Tep Connect?

The ability to connect multiple devices is what makes Pocket WiFi so incredible. Just like your wireless router at home, several devices can connect at the same time. Up to five wireless devices can connect to your Tep Wireless at once. Travellers should know that connecting several devices can result in slower speeds for everyone, so plan your usage carefully to maximize data speeds. If you are travelling as a couple or with friends, and want to stay in touch via email and social media, sharing the cost of this fast pocket WiFi is a great way to stay connected without breaking your travel budget.

Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

Locked or Unlocked Devices?

Since Tep Pocket WiFi doesn’t use a SIM Card, it doesn’t matter if your phone is locked or unlocked. If a device can connect to WiFi, it will work with this mobile hotspot. That means your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, or any phone with internet capabilities, with work with Tep Wireless. Yes, you can connect tablets and laptop computers using Tep wireless as well.


One of the reasons that Tep makes the best pocket WiFi for 2019 is that travellers get unlimited data. Of course, there are caveats, but Tep makes it easy to monitor your usage to ensure you obtain optimal 4G pocket WiFi at all times. Some plans allow up to 1GB per day before the speed is slowed to 256kbps, which still gives you unlimited access to email and social media. The Tep website FAQ page has tons of info on data usage, which can help you choose the best plan. They can help you estimate how much data you’ll need for web browsing, emails, Skype, and gaming so that you’re never surprised by data overages while you travel.

What WiFi Speeds Should You Expect from Tep?

The WiFi speeds you get with this mobile hotspot will vary based on several factors. Weather and coverage can impact your data speeds, and it can change based on location and the number of users connected to your device. Tep offers a 4G upgrade option for travellers who need the fastest WiFi connection and are willing to pay for it.

Battery Life

The battery life of your WiFi hotspot will also vary on a few factors. The 3G Teppy promises eight hours of usage time, with 120 hours of standby time. The 4G Teppy offers at least six hours of service. The battery life can decrease if you connect multiple devices at once. It’s easy to re-charge using either a USB or electrical outlet, meaning you can also charge from an external battery pack if you’re not near a power supply. Tep provides charging cables so that’s one less thing to worry about!

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It’s the extra things that make Tep the best mobile hotspot for travellers. Before you finalize your rental or purchase, study up on the extras you will be adding to your cart.


If you don’t want to pay for unlimited access, you can purchase day passes for as many days as you’ll need the hotspot. Each day-pass you purchase is good for 24 hours of unlimited data as described above. If you are going to be off the grid for part of your travels, or you know you’ll have free WiFi in some spots, there’s no need to purchase a Day-Pass for every single day. Keep this in mind when calculating your trip costs; don’t pay for what you don’t need!

Power Bank

Add a power bank on to your Tep purchase or rental, and make charging on the go easy. As an added bonus, the power bank isn’t specific to your Tep hotspot, so you can charge multiple devices given you bring the proper cables.
Car Charger – will you be driving during your travels abroad? Make sure to throw a car charger in your cart so you can charge your Tep hotspot on the go and arrive at your destination with a full battery.

Smart Luggage tag

Never wonder about lost luggage again. With the Smart Luggage tag add-on, you can follow your luggage around the globe, whether it’s on your plane or halfway to the wrong destination. Don’t rely on the airlines to keep track of your luggage. The added peace of mind will eliminate stress with delayed or lost luggage.


This free safety tool makes Tep the best pocket WiFi for solo travellers. Tep acquired Kitestring in 2017, and offers a free plan plus upgrade options for keeping travellers safe. It’s based on SMS, and the user sets up a trip by texting Kitestring a duration of time. The Kitestring system will then check up on you while you’re out and about, wait for a response and then initiate an alert to your pre-set emergency contacts if you don’t respond.

This tool is invaluable, whether you are out on a blind date, or out hiking in the woods, and you don’t have to worry anyone ahead of time by asking them to check up on you. Kitestring does it all for you. Just don’t forget to respond before the alerts go out! The free plan allows you up to three trips per month and one emergency contact, while the paid plan has unlimited trips and contacts.

Local Concierge

Another added benefit of renting a mobile hotspot from Tep Wireless is the local concierge feature. You will have a local concierge at your service each day. They will start the day with a hidden gem for the area where you are travelling, and can help answer questions and make recommendations for local attractions. You can communicate with your concierge through the Tep app, or WhatsApp, and they are on call from 9am to 8pm each day.

These locals can give you the inside scoop you won’t get from a “top ten” list or tourism board itinerary. As you travel to new cities, you’ll have a new concierge at your disposal. There is a local concierge in over 200 cities across the world; there are over 50 cities in Italy alone that are covered by a local concierge!

Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

What do you do if you are travelling to more than one city – eg: going to Europe for a month?

Roughly each continent has its own Teppy, so the best WiFi for Europe is the European Teppy, the best pocket WiFi for Asia is the Aisan Teppy, and so on. If your travels include multiple regions across Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, North America and Oceania, then you may want to consider the Global pocket Wifi from seamless portable WiFi around the globe. As you travel from country to country, you may experience a small delay as you leave one network and arrive at another, but within each region, your coverage will be seamless.

Pick up and delivery

Sometimes the hardest part of constant travel is receiving deliveries. Fortunately, Tep offers several options for receiving your Pocket WiFi. You can ship Teppy to your home before your trip, or meet it somewhere along the way. This is a great option if you have free WiFi for part of your trip and won’t need the Tep until later on.

Even better, Tep is London-based, so you can visit a collection point at Paddington Station or London Heathrow to pick up a Teppy, or receive same-day delivery within London. When you are finished with the Pocket WiFi, you can return it to the pickup point, use the included pre-paid envelope in the US or UK, or arrange a FedEx pickup from anywhere in the world.

Rent or Buy?

Teppy offers rental and purchase options for travellers. The route you choose will be based on how often you travel, and your portable WiFi needs. For casual travellers with one or two international trips per year, rental is probably the best option. First time users should consider renting first to see how well it works, and if you like it, you can keep the Teppy and purchase it at the end of your rental.

Countries covered:

The Tep Pocket WiFi has coverage in nearly every country in the world. As mentioned above, there are different Teppys for Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America, or there is the Global pocket WiFi option to include all of these areas.

Coverage will of course vary by region and the most remote areas may not have WiFi. Fortunately, Tep will help you with this before you commit to a rental contract so you can be assured of getting the best coverage around the world. The mobile routers use data networks, not cellular networks, so be sure to ask Tep about your specific destination. If for some reason, you don’t receive coverage at your destination, Tep will work with you to cancel your rental.

With all of these options for seamless wireless coverage across the globe, there’s no reason for international travellers to go without connectivity unless they want to. With emergency safety services like Kitestring, a local concierge looking out for you and coverage in over 110 countries, this is without a doubt the best mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel. Where will Tep take you?

Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

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Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

Best Pocket Wifi for Travellers - Tep Wireless

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