Is the Philippines a dangerous place to travel to?

So the question is, Is the Philippines a dangerous place to travel too?


There is no right answer here, everywhere you travel has its good and bad “features”, there are scary places and safe places you just need to use your common sense and not go wandering down a black alley in the middle of the night.

It seems that the past incidents in the Philippines might be an isolated incident and the 4 people were targeted as opposed to this being a random attack.

When things like this happen people instantly get scared of travelling to that destination. But this is the same as the crisis in Greece, just because one bad thing happens, doesn’t mean the whole country stops running and tourist stop visiting.

The Philippines is an absolutely beautiful place! I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance. The beaches are clean and well-kept and the people are so so friendly and everyone speaks English!

I did not feel threatened or unsafe anywhere I went while travelling in the Philippines. It reminded me of Thailand but not nearly as commercialised and people genuinely seemed happier.

Not only is the Philippines beautiful and the people are super friendly, but it is also very cheap to travel within, accommodation, food, beverages, activities etc are all very affordable making your experience in the Philippines that much better.

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I have never seen so much greenery as I did in the Philippines, as far as the eye can see, with a few buildings dotted in here and there.

Oh and I shouldn’t forget to mention it is a tropical paradise, summery and warm all year round, however there are a few “typoony” months… but don’t let that put you off its only a bit of rain for a few days here and there.

One last thing, the sunsets here are incredible! They are completely different everyday!

The reasons TO visit the Philippines far out weight the reasons not to.

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  1. I haven’t been there yet, but will go there soon. I think it’s the same with bombings in Bangkok – yes, it was awful and scary, but thta doesn’t mean that it is unsafe here. I know a couple of people, who cancelled their travel plans because of what happend in Bangkok. I think people don’t really understand that it’s not Afghanistan 🙂

  2. You had me at clean beaches, lol. I would love to go to the Philippines. You are right about traveling anywhere. You definitely need to use common sense, no matter where you travel. Anyway, my niece is dating a guy whose family is from the Philippines and they are all planning a trip, and bringing her too. I am SO jealous, lol. Thanks for your post and the great pictures. Will make it one day 🙂

  3. Thank you for leaving a positive impressions! I am a Filipino and I am very happy to know that our country leaves a great experience to everyone who visits.Yes, Philippines is really beautiful, specially the people living here are very hospitable ,when you go back , try to visit Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, this is known to be the City of Golden Friendship. I am looking forward!

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