8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city on the west coast of The United States, filled with many attractions and museums the glamorous city can be quite expensive.

In the fast paced metropolitan it is difficult to know where to begin when wanting to enjoy the sights without spending too much.

However, there are ways to stay within your budget while exploring the famous city. Here is the list of 8 free things to do in Los Angeles.

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1. Griffith Observatory & Griffith Park

This iconic observatory site sits on the top of Mount Hollywood and offers stunning views over Los Angeles.

Not only is it beautiful building to explore, but it is an educational center for visitors interested in learning about astronomy and the planets.

From the observatory, visitors can take part in the breathtaking activity of watching the  sunset over the city and then see how it becomes illuminated with lights as the sky turns to night.

Surrounding the observatory is the Griffith Park, which is a nature lovers paradise. The large park has more than 50 miles of trails, which lead to lagoons and waterfalls.

Griffith Observatory & Griffith Park - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

2. Venice Beach

The unique corner of the city that was modeled after a city in Italy is the artistic Venice Beach. Complete with canals, boutiques, restaurants, and its famous boardwalk filled with buskers and artists, it is a beloved part of Los Angeles.

Visitors are able to walk along the promenade, work out at the open-air gym on Muscle Beach, photograph the graffitied walls, bike throughout the district and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Venice Beach - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

3. Runyon Canyon Park

Capture some of the best views in Los Angeles while hiking throughout trails that twist around the Santa Monica Mountains.

There are countless stunning views looking across the urban landscape and it is a great way to get exercise while exploring the city.

Runyon Canyon Park - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

4. Rodeo Drive

Located in Beverly Hills is the upscale shopping street that is filled with boutiques and designer stores.

It is an iconic area to stroll along due to Julia Roberts’ scene in the film Pretty Woman, and it is beautiful section of the city to leisurely window shop.

Shopping at Rodeo Drive - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

5. Santa Monica Pier

The lively environment of Santa Monica hosts a variety of restaurants and nightlife hotspots along the coast.

There is over 3 miles of shoreline touching the Pacific Ocean and this attracts many people to walk throughout the district. It is also home to the famous Santa Monica Pier that has a large ferris wheel and roller coaster.

Throughout the promenade there are often street performers and food vendors, which add to the energetic ambience.

Santa Monica Pier - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

6. The Getty Center

This art museum is fantastic place to experience culture, art, and architecture within the busy city. It is housed in an impressive building that has a circular steel-concrete structure.

Within the museum there are many paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs, including works of art from renowned artists such as Claude Monet.

From the beautiful gardens, which are designed to be an outdoor continuation of art, visitors are able to take in panoramic views of Los Angeles. Not only is it a fantastic place to visit but admission to the museum is always free.

The Getty Center - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

7. The Original Farmers Market and the Grove

Founded in 1934, the historic farmers market has become a favourite landmark in the city. Open throughout the week there is a wide variety of shops selling produce, meats, breads, sweets, and international foods.

It is a lively area to visit and during holidays such as Christmas it is beautifully decorated.

Just outside of the market is the Grove, which is an entertainment complex and is popular due to its large spread of retail stores, restaurants, and things to do.

The Original Farmers Market and the Grove - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

8. Hollywood Boulevard  

Stroll through the heart of Hollywood by checking out your favourite celebrities stars along Hollywood Boulevard.

This is a bustling part of the city and it is filled with attractions and landmarks that celebrate the entertainment and film history.

Many people flock to this area to see the cultural icons and are met with countless things to see such as talented street performers and buskers.

Hollywood Boulevard - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

9. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The cemetery is an unique section in Los Angeles, this cultural hub within the city is the final resting place for many famous actors and influential members of Hollywood.

Visitors are able to explore the grounds for free and it is popular due to its scenic background and buildings from the early 1900s.

Hollywood Forever strives to invite the community to its location by hosting events and offering outdoor movie screenings in the summers.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

10. Zuma Beach

Found in the northwest coast of Los Angeles is Zuma Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in the Golden State because of its long coast that stretches along the Pacific Ocean.

It is an ideal spot to catch waves, to hike the ridge, swim, sunbathe, or watch as Dolphins and Seals play in the ocean.

Zuma Beach - 8 FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

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