Your Guide To Visiting Pattaya, Thailand In Style!

Everyone knows that Thailand is a popular location for backpackers and folks travelling on a tight budget. However, what often gets less coverage is the fact that there are some genuinely luxurious places in Thailand to visit as well. One of these is the stunning coastal city of Pattaya. A place you can find out all about by reading my post below.

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Your Guide To Visiting Pattaya, Thailand In Style!

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First thing first, on your trip to Pattaya you will need to find the right accommodation. Of course, backpacker hotels and cheap, dingy rooms are out and instead some of the more high-end accommodation offerings that are located in this areas are in.

One that you could consider is the Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa located just off the waterfront in Jomtien. Luxury barely even describes this place as it has stunning rooms with wide window or balcony views and even suits that open directly onto the large modern and stylish outdoor pool.

They have many of the other, luxury facilities you would expect of such a high-end place, including an on-site spa, and some fabulous restaurants including a deli and BBQ grill.

Of course, the Renaissance is not the only high-end hotel to choose from in this location. In fact, there are a whole range including the Grand Siam Villa which is a super crisp, light, and modern space, and then there is the Royal Wing Suites & Spa.

A venue that combines some more traditionally Thai decorative features with a high quality of service.


Once you have your accommodation sorted, I’m sure you will be eager to get out and explore all the wonders that await you in Pattaya. It is worth bearing in mind though, that while you may enjoying the high life not everything in this locale is of the same standard.

Therefore you may like to skip such places as Walking Street, where the nightlife is somewhat diverse. Instead, why not visit one of the quiet, more hidden beaches that you can read about in my post here?

Alternatively, why not take the time to soak up some of the rich cultural experience that Pattaya and the surrounding area have to offer? You can do this by visiting places like the Sanctuary of Truth, Mini Siam, and a little further out in Na Chom Thian, the Khao Chi Chan Buddha.

Your Guide To Visiting Pattaya, Thailand In Style!


All that sightseeing, will no doubt, mean you work up quite an appetite, but luckily those in the Pattaya region will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat.

Be sure to sample some of the delicious food on offer in Pattaya.

Of course, there are many small stalls and street food places to grab a bite, but if you are looking for a more elegant experience why not pay a visit to Caprice Restaurant & Bar. There you will find such delicacies as herb coated tuna loin, and braised oxtail and celeriac pyramids to sample.

Alternatively, if you are looking for somewhere to dine that is elegant but also offers a more traditional sain menu why not eat at Flare instead.

Try the Kurobuta pork belly wraps that are made from lettuce, cucumber, and ssamjang chili sauce. The lobster with tamarind sauce that comes with crispy shallots and coriander is a real treat too? In fact, I cant think of a more stylish dish to try, can you?


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