7 Best Places in America for Destination Weddings

7 Best Places in America for Destination Weddings

Every wedding deserves to be beautiful, but the fact remains that not every town in the United States boasts picturesque landscapes or refined ballrooms that suit the style of a marital celebration. That’s why so many modern American couples are turning to the destination wedding as a cost-effective — and assuredly stunning — solution. By traveling to a more gorgeous location, couples can create the nuptials of their dreams without much hassle or expense.

While it may be romantic to recite vows on an isolated tropical island, it isn’t practical or convenient. A far better solution is to plan a destination wedding inside the United States near a metropolitan area that can provide the amenities an event of this importance needs.

Bonus tip: I would highly recommend trying New England romantic getaways to start out on your search for the perfect destination wedding!

Couples-to-be need as much help as they can get during the planning stage, especially when it comes to destination weddings in unfamiliar places. The following cities were selected not just for their innate beauty but also for their wealth of wedding services.

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1. Los Angeles, CA

Setting aside the pleasures of the climate and landscape, the wedding venues in Southern California make a destination wedding in this city utterly enviable.

Because high-caliber parties are common in this region, caterers are experienced and professional. Plus, spaces and decorations are inherently as glamorous and luxurious as Hollywood.

2. Tucson, AZ

Warm and sunny year-round, with a funky desert landscape that adds fascination to any event, Arizona is an atypical but excellent destination wedding option.

In recent years, the southern city of Tucson has become the art center of the state, with dozens of creative local vendors eager to demonstrate their talents. Plus, Tucson still retains many of its Old West roots, for a more rugged feel to an affair.

3. Charleston, SC

The South is and always will be quaintly romantic, with its grand, old manor houses and endless gardens. Even the cuisine is alluring, drawing inspiration from several cultures and thus bursting with flavor.

Charleston is regarded as one of the best examples of Southern charm for its commitment to its old architectural style. Dozens of antebellum mansions welcome weddings for both ceremonies and receptions — and basically no extra adornment is necessary in these enchanting spaces.

4. Key West, FL

Nestled comfortably in the Caribbean — but far cheaper and easier to reach — the Florida Keys are warm, sunny, and relaxing. With a laid-back atmosphere, the region provides everything couples-to-be need to soothe pre-wedding jitters and enjoy a beautiful event.

In fact, many newlyweds jump straight into their honeymoons in this exotic yet domestic destination. Guests can also take advantage the beauty of the tropical sand and surf before, during, and after the wedding.

5. Las Vegas, NV

Though Sin City isn’t necessarily every couple’s picture of true romance, Las Vegas’s commitment to hitching couples fast and easy is abundantly appealing to some.

Plus, besides the drive-through chapels and kitschy officiants, Las Vegas offers some truly elegant venues full of sophistication and style. The opulence of the city allows event planners to create luxurious affairs far disparate from the flashing neon and EDM music of the Strip.

Las Vegas from the Eiffel Tower Experience Paris Hotel and Casino-2

6. Kauai, HI

Kauai is known nationally as the most romantic of Hawaii’s island chain, which makes it an ideal place to celebrate a couple’s, eternal love.

Indeed, Kauai is one of the least developed Hawaiian island, which means its pristine beaches and forests remain supremely beautiful, however, it has some of Hawaii’s most luxurious home rentals

Nearly every day, couples fly in to be wed on Kawai’s immaculate coast, so brides and grooms can expect to work with well-versed island-based wedding planners.”

Na Pali coast, Kauai, Hawaii view from sea sunset cruise tour. Nature coastline landscape in Kauai island, Hawaii, USA. Hawaii travel.

7. Aspen, CO

Rustic weddings are still very much in vogue, and the best place to get a natural, outdoorsy feel for a destination wedding is Aspen.

The stark white of the snowy mountains contrasts stunningly with the bright green of the lush forest below, providing a fantastic backdrop for any nuptials. Plus, the summer is actually a less-popular season for weddings here, so warm-weather weddings may actually be cheaper in this gorgeous location.

Bonus: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Though Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory since the turn of the century, not many Americans realize that they can get to Puerto Rico without even flashing their passports.

Though it may take time and energy to get there, San Juan offers unique delights to thrill-seeking couples-to-be. With the sand and sun of the Keys or Hawaii, Puerto Rico also boasts rainforest adventures.


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