5 of the Most Beautiful Sightseeing Spots in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist cities in Spain and when you visit, it’s almost impossible not to fall for its charms. With beauty and culture at every turn, millions of visitors each year leaver the city head over heels for the Catalonian capital’s way of life.

Whether you love eating your way around a new city or finding the perfect location to take that all-important Instagram snap, Barcelona has you covered with incredible eats, nightlife and art. So sit back and relax while I share some of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Barcelona.

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Sagrada Familia

The still-unfinished building designed by Antoni Gaudí is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and so different to how you’d imagine the inside of a religious building.

Think geometric trickery, cartoon-like sculptures and amazing colours when the sunlight floods in through the stained glass windows. In my opinion, it’s honestly one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and no visit to Barcelona is complete without going inside.

Park Guell

Park Guell

Okay, so it’s more Gaudí but who can resist when his work is this amazing? Visiting Park Guell is like stepping into a fairytale filled with mythical sights and gingerbread cottages.

Parts of the park are free to enter but a few years ago they brought in an entrance charge for the ‘Monumental Zone’ which includes the famous Nature Square where you’ll almost certainly have seen pictures of the wavy benches and incredibly views across the whole city of Barcelona.

There are so many photogenic spots in this park that you won’t regret hopping on the Metro to get here.

Park Guell

Las Ramblas

It’s the most famous street in Barcelona and for good reason. While Las Ramblas is tourist central with market stalls peddling their wares and cafes selling Sangria at vastly inflated prices, you can’t miss out on a stroll down the iconic boulevard.

The wide streets are lined with trees and gorgeous buildings while you can find unexpected joys around every corner while exploring the side streets.

There are some really stunning squares in the vicinity and you’ll also find La Boquería market here which specializes in selling fresh produce including the most amazing fruit smoothies and some very tempting sweet treats.

Las Ramblas

The Gothic Quarter

Wandering around the Gothic Quarter is a complete dream and it’s got to be one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Barcelona.

The style of architecture is unmistakable with tiny balconies and narrow streets that you can get lost in for hours.

It’s the perfect place to find a cafe and sit outside with churros and a cup of thick, warm dipping chocolate to watch the world go by.

Gothic Quarter

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

This isn’t your ordinary fountain. Each year 2.5 million visitors flock to Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina to watch the unique light and water show.

This is also where the official Barcelona New Years Eve celebration is held and when I celebrated there to kick off 2016, there were thousands of people crowded in front of the fountain for an evening of fireworks, music and general merriment.

On the twelve strokes of midnight, everybody eats grapes and shouts in congratulation before heading off to party into the night – now that’s my kind of celebration!

So there we have it – five beautiful places that you don’t want to miss on your city break to Barcelona! Is there anywhere else you feel should be on the list? Let’s chat in the comments.

Gothic Quarter

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