Where to stay in Granada

Granada, Andalusia, Spain, Europe Overview of the Alhambra

Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain’s Andalusia region is the city of Granada. Known best for Alhambra Palace and other stunning example of medieval Moorish architecture, Granada is a must for any southern Spain itinerary.

With this guide, we can help you find the best neighborhood to stay in Granada Spain, with Granada hotels for every budget. Check out these places to stay in Granada Spain, and choose the best location to stay in Granada for you!

Remember, Granada is a fairly small city, so once you have decided where to stay in Granada, make your hotel reservations as soon as possible, as the best hotels in Granada Spain tend to fill up quickly. No matter where you choose to stay in Granada Spain, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

We will cover off all types of Granada accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Granada hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Granada Spain 2023, the best Granada hotels, best places in Granada to visit, the best places to stay in Granada, hotels near Granada attractions, Granada neighborhood guide and many more. 

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Alhambra – Where to stay in Granada for first timers

The Alhambra Palace complex dominates Granada’s Old Town, and is one of the main attractions for tourists visiting Granada.

If you only have one night in Granada, then you should stay as close to Alhambra as you can in order to maximize your time in the palace. The Palace is made up of three areas: the Alcazaba Fortress, the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife Palace and gardens.

Reservations are strongly recommend to visit Alhambra Palace, otherwise plan to queue up early in the morning for tickets.

Many visitors to Granada are surprised to find that you can stay within the walls of the Alhambra Palace; a unique experience for sure!

Best places to stay in Alhambra

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Alhambra:
White Nest Hostel Granada
Rooms VITA & BAR
Makuto Guesthouse Hostel
Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Granada

Budget Hotels in Alhambra:
Apartamentos Huerta Abililla
Apartamento Gomerez 39
Hotel Molinos
Pension Landazuri

Mid range Hotels in Alhambra:
Hotel America
Oro del Darro Suites
Hotel Casa Morisca
Carmen Real Del Realejo

Family Friendly Hotels in Alhambra:
Eurostars Washington Irving
Paseo de los Tristes
Shine Albayzin
Alhambra Apartamentos Turisticos

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Alhambra:
Parador de Granada
Alhambra Palace Hotel
Carmen de los Chapiteles
Shine Alcaiceria

El Partal in Alhambra of Granada, Unesco Heritage Site, Andalusia, Spain. A large central pond faces the arched portico which stands behind the Tower of the Ladies reflecting in the water.

El Centro – Where to stay in Granada with family

If you are looking for the most central location, then you will want to stay in El Centro, Granada. This Granada neighborhood includes the city centre, and what is considered downtown Granada.

Here you’ll find the largest selection of Granada hotels, plus many bars and restaurants to choose from.

While you may pay a premium to stay in the city centre, if you anticipate a lot of late nights and clubs, you might make up the difference in cab fares that you would spend by staying in other neighborhoods.

The Centro of Granada is also a multicultural hub, so you will have a more international experience than if you were to stay in one of the more “Spanish” neighborhoods. At the edge of El Centro is Plaza Nueva, Granada’s oldest square, and a hub of activity for visitors and residents alike.

Best places to stay in El Centro

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Centro:
Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Granada
Hostel Casa Mercader De Sedas
Rooms VITA & BAR
Makuto Guesthouse Hostel

Budget Hotels in El Centro:
AMC Granada
Pension Venecia Gomerez
Pension Boutique Gomerez-Gallegos
Apartamentos Medina Reyes Catolicos

Mid range Hotels in El Centro:
Hotel Macia Plaza
Plaza Nueva Hotel
Palacio Mariana Pineda
Casa Palacio Pilar del Toro Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in El Centro:
Pension Venecia Gomerez
Zahira Suites
Casa Miravalle Apartamentos
Apartamentos Muralla Ziri

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Centro:
Hotel Palacio De Santa Paula, Autograph Collection
Hospes Palacio de los Patos
Alhambra Palace Hotel
Casa Morisca

GRANADA, SPAIN - Architectural and Park complex of the Alhambra in Granada Alhambra is the last Moorish Moslem Palace that was conquered by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492.

El Albaicín – Where to stay in Granada on a budget

For a more “local” feel to your Granada visit, consider staying in El Albaicín, a hilly residential area that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This neighborhood offers winding cobblestone streets, stunning views of Granada’s historic center, and quaint boutique hotels to choose from.

With the quiet, narrow streets, this is the best place to stay for couples in Granada seeking a romantic escape, with the convenience of the city centre nearby.

Beware, though, the entire neighborhood is on a slope, so any walking to or from your hotel will involve hills. Staying in Albaicín inevitably means your legs will get a great workout!

Best places to stay in El Albaicín

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Albaicín:
Pension San Joaquin
White Nest Hostel Granada
Cathedral Rooms and Houses
ECO Hostel

Budget Hotels in El Albaicín:
Pension Olympia
Hostal Atenas
Cedran Hotel

Mid range Hotels in El Albaicín:
Smart Suites Albaicin
Posada de Quijada
Conde de Cabra Suites
Elvira Suites

Family Friendly Hotels in El Albaicín:
Apartamentos Muralla Ziri
Casa Cuesta del Agua
Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites
Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Albaicín:
Hotel Palacio De Santa Paula, Autograph Collection
Carmen de los Chapiteles
Eurostars Washington Irving
Alhambra Palace Hotel

GRANADA, SPAIN- : El Albaicin, traditional neighborhood in Granada, Spain.

El Realejo – Where to stay in Granada for nightlife

The former Jewish Quarter of Granada, El Realejo is now a vibrant young neighborhood known for the nightlife.

From tapas bars, cocktail bars, and restaurants, El Realejo is the best neighborhood for travelers who want to stay up late and experience Spanish nightlife.

The neighborhood is popular with students and expats, so it has a multicultural feel with a whole lot of Spanish influence.

Like Albaicín, this Granada district has narrow, winding streets to explore, and even lays claim to the world’s most narrow hotel, Hotel Molinos.

At the center of this lively neighborhood is Campo del Principe, a central square surrounded by bars and restaurants. If you are looking for street art in Granada, El Realejo is a great place to wander and observe various murals.

Best places to stay in El Realejo

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Realejo:
Hostal Bocanegra
Oh! My Hostel
Hostel Princesa
Hostal Suizo

Budget Hotels in El Realejo:
Apartamentos Huerta Abililla
Las Golondrinas de la Alhambra
Hotel Molinos
Pension Suecia

Mid range Hotels in El Realejo:
Carmen Real Del Realejo
Apartamentos Casa de la Alberca
Marquis Urban
Hotel America

Family Friendly Hotels in El Realejo:
Apartamentos Resorts Alhacaba
Hotel Los Angeles &Spa
Arte Vida Suites & Spa
Vincci Albayzin

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Realejo:
Alhambra Palace Hotel
Eurostars Washington Irving
Carmen de los Chapiteles
Parador de Granada

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Where to stay in Granada
Where to stay in Granada
Where to stay in Granada

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