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A view from up high at Sydney Tower Eye

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

The “Sydney tower eye” better known to locals as the Sydney Tower or the Westfield Centrepoint Tower, is Sydney’s tallest building sitting at 309m high (up to the top spire) and the best spot to take in views of Sydney from up high!

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A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney tower eye reminds me of a Lollipop as it’s tall and skinny at the bottom and large at the top with all the “good stuff” at the top. The Golden turret of the tower is 25m wide and as big as a 9-storey office block.  The shaft is secured by 56 cables, each of the cables is 182m long and made up of 235 high tensile wires no wider than your fingernail!!!

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower eye weights a whopping 2.239 Tonnes. The construction of this giant building was completed in 1981 and in total took 6 years to build, costing over 36 million dollars.  When it opened in 1981, it was the 4th tallest building in the world! (Sadly it can’t compare to the Burj Khalifa In Dubai these days).

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

When you arrive you line up to pay and collect your tickets from there, you are then led into a 4D cinema. You pop your very stylish 3D glasses on (which you are provided when you purchase your ticket) and watch a short film about the tower and things to see and do in Sydney. Once we had finished the short film we jumped into the very small elevator (aka lift) that took us up to the observation deck which is 250m in the above Sydney city. If you had to take the stairs up or down you would have to take a whopping 1504 steps! I’m glad we had the lift!

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

Initially, I felt bad for the window washers as there are a total of 420 windows! But I found out there is a little machine called “Charlie” who does all the hard work!

I was a little hesitant to come to the Sydney tower eye due to our previous experience at the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne but the Sydney tower Eye was a lot better, maybe it was because we went during the day and had a nice clear day. We cannot really give a sufficient reason why the Sydney tower eye was so much better than the Eureka Tower, maybe we will have to go back to the Melbourne tower and visit it during the day to do a real comparison.

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye offers quite an astonishing 360degree view of Sydney city, the harbour and the surrounding suburbs. Every now and then the staff offers a short guided tour where they point out all the tourist attractions and give a bit of history about the surrounding areas, definitely worth tagging along on if you are there at the right time.

A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye A View from up High at Sydney Tower Eye


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    Stunning views of Sydney! Would you believe I’ve never been to the Sydney Tower!! LOL! need to explore more locally 🙂

  2. Travelling King

    Thanks Jean!
    Get out there and check it out your local goodies!
    Its really interesting what you can see from the Sydney Eye

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