Eureka – A safe way to get High – Melbourne Skydeck

Melbourne Skydeck at Night

The Eureka Skydeck is the tallest building in Melbourne at 297 metre or 975 ft. It took 4 years to complete construction and is said to be the tallest public viewing platform in the southern hemisphere, but we will see how long that record stands for.

The building has a total of 13 lifts which operate at up to 9m/s. The building itself houses approx. 556 apartments with full floors 82-87 selling for upwards of $7 million dollars each!

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Melbourne Skydeck at Night
Melbourne Skydeck at Night

 The Observation deck aka Melbournes Eureka skydeck takes up the entire 88th floor.  The views from here are spectacular. Melbourne goes as far as the eye can see and at each turn there is something completely different to see; the ocean, the city, parks, airports, hills etc

Melbourne Skydeck at Night
Melbourne Skydeck at Night

Pete thought that the Eureka skydeck was a bit of a waste of money but he does appreciate the engineering that went into it.

We decided to head to the skydeck in the evening as we thought Melbourne would be really pretty at night but the view was spoilt by  all the video screens and lights on the Eureka skydeck floor  made really horrible reflections on the windows and ruined the view and most of our photos.  

Sadly out of the 148 photos we took at the Eureka skydeck we ended up with 46 usable photos.

Pete also prefers more “extreme” activities (but tends to get stuck going along to things I like) and although we were almost 300m in the air, Pete preferred to be out on the balcony where the wind was so strong that it felt like it was going to carry you away.

Melbourne Skydeck at Night
Melbourne Skydeck at Night

 The edge is also another “experience” you can have while up there. It is basically a giant glass box (glass walls, floor and ceiling) that’s connected to the edge of the tower.

While we did not participate in this activities we have spoken to people that did and they weren’t that impressed as you go into the box, it extends out on rollers, you stand there and have a photo taken and then go out again…. that is it.

We saw the quality of pictures and you can hardly tell that the photo has been taken 300m in the air, they are usually fairly over exposed and it just looks like the photo is taken in a see through box. You are also no allowed to take your camera in with you, unsure why?

Melbourne Skydeck at Night

You can get a few different passes, a day pass or night pass or a day and night pass (sun and stars pass).


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  1. I’m heading to Melbourne later this week. After reading this, I’m not sure whether I’ll bother with the Eureka Skydeck; I’ve been up tall buildings before and my money could be better spent elsewhere – like at a rooftop bar!

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