Long-Term Accommodation in Melbourne – What are my Options?

All too often, your well-earned holiday is just a week, maybe a fortnight – perhaps, once in a blue moon. It may be longer for a really special long-haul trip or, say, a cruise. 

How wonderful it would be then, to really kick-back and do it properly. Perhaps, taking time out from a hectic and demanding lifestyle to enjoy a long honeymoon travelling for a year before setting up home and really settling down might just be what the doctor ordered!

If there are kids in the picture, why not take the children on a long, educational trip.

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How to choose a base for a long-term stay

We all know that travel broadens the mind as well as the horizons, and the benefits of recharging your batteries are well catalogued – from reducing stress and improving health and well-being to simply just being a nicer person to be around…

Now, close your eyes and clear your mind; imagine the sound of the waves and the feel of the warm sand… Ready to get away?

Melbourne has everything you could possibly wish for, from several safe and sandy bay beaches; art, theatre and culture; history and heritage; parks, botanical gardens and zoos; an incredibly broad range of restaurants, clubs, casinos, cinemas and an amazing music scene.

Boating and water sports and, almost going without saying, a vibrant and friendly city boasting anything that you could possibly need for your stay. 

But when you’re normally used to booking a quick trip, and now your student backpacking and hostelling days are behind you, what exactly are your options for a long-term stay?

Serviced apartments

Melbourne serviced apartments are ideal for those who want to be free and independent but with access to all the comforts of a hotel and, as well as being fully serviced and smartly and comfortably furnished.

The benefits would usually include Wi-Fi, free parking, television, washing machine and dryer, and air-con and more.  There are plenty of options out there such as studio, one- and two-bed apartments, within walking distance of the world-renowned Melbourne CBD. 

Maybe you’d prefer to be closer to the mountains or wine country – there’s something for everyone and it really is the ideal solution for a restful and relaxing long-term stay.


Potentially a more expensive option, but if you’re not searching for a home away from home, it’s worth looking into. 

Hotels will have onsite restaurants and bars, breakfast can be provided and many will boast a gym, swimming pool and a spa.  Other than that, most of the home comforts are a little different from good serviced apartments.

Rent a House

To really live in Melbourne, you could rent a fully furnished house.  Although you’re completely free to live like a local this way, there are quite a few downsides – how relaxing is it going to be to live like a local?  Cleaning, gardening, making sure the kids don’t damage anything.

The list goes on. There’s also a burgeoning demand for house swaps, but would you be happy letting someone else use YOUR home? 

Do you live somewhere where someone would actually WANT to?  House shares are also an option if you’re on a particularly tight budget but that’s taking us back to those student days again!

Campervan rental

Again, we’re heading a little away from the whole recharging of the batteries here, but there are relatively high-end campervans available, and several suppliers in and around Melbourne.  Maybe one to avoid if you’re travelling with the kids…

Whatever your preferences, whatever your budget, there’s an option for the perfect long-term accommodation for you.  Enjoy your holiday of a lifetime in Melbourne!


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