Travelling to and around Lembang – Where to stay and what to do!

Travelling to and around Lembang - Where to stay and what to do!

Nestled in central highlands in the heart of West Java, Lembang sits just above and intermingled with the region’s capital, Bandung. It is a beautiful region with much to see and do, including volcanic craters and hot springs, observatories and museums.

If you are travelling to Lembang then “all roads lead to” Bandung and from there you can take a taxi, angkot or hire a car to take you the rest of the way.

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If you are flying: the nearest airport is Bandung. The airport’s size is restricted by the mountains that surround it, and because of this there are a limited number of flights each day. However, the good news is that it is only four kilometres from the centre of Bandung.

Getting to the centre by taxi is not what many might expect; rather than using a meter the airport taxis will need to see a taxi ticket, which is sold from the taxi booth near the arrivals gate. The cost of a taxi ticket to the centre is usually somewhere around $5. Alternatively, most of the city’s hotels offer a free airport transfer service for guests.

If you are opting to drive then Lembang is just over two hours away from Jakarta, the nation’s capital, and, thanks to the recent improvements in the roads of Indonesia, it is often faster to drive than catch a train.

Not only that, but public transport in Indonesia can be a bit frustrating for many tourists so if you have your own method of transport getting around is often easier. If you are worried about driving in an unknown country you can hire a car with a chauffeur, and many tourists opt for this.

There are also regular shuttle buses between the Jakarta and Bandung. The route from Jakarta involves toll roads.

Travelling to and around Lembang - Where to stay and what to do!

Finally there is the train, which takes around three hours, and as with the shuttle buses there is a regular service between Jakarta and Bandung.

The train might not be as fast as driving, but it is a great way to see Indonesia and takes the scenic route as it makes its way through the mountains, past terraces of padi fields and through jungle. Tickets for the train can be purchased online and if you want to be as comfortable as possible then make sure that you book an air conditioned carriage.

Once you have made it to Bandung there are a couple of ways to make it to your destination of Lembang. If you have your own car or have hired one it is easy, but if you have used public transport then there are: minibuses, or angkots, often with the doors removed (so do not be perturbed by this).

The routes of the angkots can be quite hard to work out, although the routes often have a two colour scheme, and they are often crammed with people. Taxis are another good option, unlike the airport cabs most taxis in the city use a meter (although watch out for drivers trying to charge a flat fee).

Travelling to and around Lembang - Where to stay and what to do!

One of the best places to stay in Lembang is Villa Istana Bunga. Nestled within the green landscape of Cisarua, Bandung, Villa Istana Bunga boasts an outdoor swimming pool and an easy access to the area’s tea plantation. The accommodation provides spacious rooms with air-conditioning.

All villas in Istana Bunga come with a garden and a terrace, where guests can relax and enjoy the views of nature. A living area and a kitchenette are available in each unit, which also provides a private bathroom with shower facilities and free toiletries.

Istana Bunga provides several options for indoor and outdoor activities. Guests can choose to go fishing, or just relax at the spa & wellness centre. Meeting/banquet facilities and children’s playground are also provided.

Travelling to and around Lembang - Where to stay and what to do!


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