What’s Hot In Hawaii: Say Aloha To These Intoxicating Islands

Dreaming of making footsteps in powdery white sands? And indulging in just-caught seafood and swimming in cerulean seas?

If your idea of a spectacular vacation is laid back chic, then Hawaii is the answer. It seamlessly blends captivating scenery with electrifying watersports. And gorgeous beaches with verdant rainforest.

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This dreamy destination is an archipelago of eight major islands which are all unique in their own right. Today we’re going to take a deeper look into three of those intoxicating islands that certainly make the trip worthwhile.

No matter where you land on Hawaii, you’re guaranteed a soul inspiring journey. You’ll receive a wonderful welcome and a vacation abundant in hospitality, nature, and relaxation.

Magnificent Maui

The island of Maui will certainly take your breath away. It comes in as the second largest island of Hawaii. Maui is home to 30 miles of magnificent beaches, plus pools, waterfalls and the rising slopes of the volcanic peak of Haleakala. Expect sumptuous hotels such as The Four Seasons Maui at Wailea and the Ritz Carlton Kapalua.

Oceanfront resorts offer incredible panoramic views of The Pacific Ocean. And luxury hotels feature everything from scrumptious spas to championship golf. You’ll indulge in world-class cuisine and bask in glorious sunshine amongst myriad design-led swimming pools. Maui is the ultimate Hawaiian destination for sun surf.

But can we tear you away for a day of activity and adventure too? If so, there’s kite boarding beaches, coves for snorkeling and an array of hiking trails. The 10,000-foot summit of Haleakala is also worthy of the hair-raising drive. The sunrise here is spellbinding and perfect for breathtaking photo opportunities.

On days when the water is deemed safe by the park rangers, you’ll also be able to swim in The Seven Sacred Pools. And a day trip to the privately owned island of Lanai is a must. Here there is a good chance of seeing the captivating pod of Spinner dolphins that frequently make an appearance.


Cool Kauai

Picture postcard views, a laid-back lifestyle and bewitching beaches all greet you on the island of Kauai. This is the oldest and northernmost island of Hawaii and is home to stunning scenery.

Visit Koloa Landing in Kauai for blissful accommodation in spacious and elegant villas that are the epitome of luxury. Other hotels include the Grand Hyatt which features 24-hour swimming pools and dining in suspended huts over a koi pond.

And the Koa Kea Hotel and Resort is one of the most romantic, with an intimate feel far away from the crowds. Kauai is known as The Garden Isle. It’s home to the most beautiful sunsets, myriad great water sports, and incredible wildlife.

A magical boat trip around the Na Pali coast gives you a high chance of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. And in winter it’s a super spot for whale watching too. Because Kauai was a sugar plantation until some 30 years ago, it has been far less populated, and therefore wildlife is still abundant. And if you love the beauty of botany you’ll be privy to four magnificent botanical gardens and numerous verdant parks too.

If you love hiking, the trails on offer are stupendous, with emerald mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and amazing red rivers. And with such mesmerizing scenery, of course, Hollywood has taken note. Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park have all shot scenes on this captivating island. Kauai is over five million years old, and it knows a thing or two about beauty.


The Big Island

The Big Island’s official name is Hawaii, and it is, of course, the largest island in the archipelago. Here you’ll find Kilauea, the most active of the five volcanoes that form Hawaii. It is always at the point of near-eruption, and you can visit this volcano by air, land or sea.

On a boat tour you can see red lava flowing into the ocean and by land be prepared to reach great heights as you journey to the summit. The Big Island is also home to fantastic wildlife including sea turtles, dolphins, and exotic fish. Winter season also brings the opportunity for humpback whale watching.

The island is also a culture lover’s paradise. There are myriad chances to dance the hula, make leis and enjoy authentic dinners and evening activities. If you just want to lay back and bask in the beauty, then you’ll be surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

For those that want to go hiking, you’ll be met with ravishing rainforest and waterfalls to explore.  Luxury hotels include The Four Seasons Hualalai Kona and the Fairmont Orchid. Of course, if you want to see more than one island, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy an island hopping vacation amongst them all.


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  1. Last year I spent two weeks staying on the Northshore of Oahu. It was a fantastic base for a fantastic holiday. The island is small enough to drive around so that nothing was really too far away. Snorkelling with fish and coral, seeing seals and turtles close up was amazing. I ate so much food from food trucks and ate so much pie! Hawaii is a great holiday destination.

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